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Young Arnold Stressed Symmetry In His Physique Got a Question for The Frugal Fitness Guru? For Relaxation! If you have never had a reflexology session, the relaxation that comes from a healing session is absolutely incredible.
A feeling of well being! We swear that reflexology helps to quiet the brain and eliminate the constant worries.
Reflexology will support all three by filtering (liver, spleen and kidney) and eliminating organs (intestines) and encourage the elimination of toxins. If you have a strong immunity foundation, you will have more of chance to fight off pathogens that find their way into your body. Hand reflexology is administered by applying thumb and finger pressure to specific points on the hand. Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system. This protocol includes working the reflexes for the liver, spleen, kidney, gastrointestinal, esophagus, large and small intestine and colon.
This treatment emphasizes working with the nervous system to help reduce pain and inflammation resulting from different forms of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc. The goal is to promote balanced hormone secretion in order to boost the body’s natural weight loss capabilities and encourage appropriate diet.

Seems either no one is talking about louis daguerre at this moment on GOOGLE-PLUS or the GOOGLE-PLUS service is congested. One of the wonders of reflexology is that by working the reflexes for all of the organs, endocrine, spine and back reflexes, endorphins are created and somehow the stress just melts away. This stress relieving therapy promotes the alpha state of relaxation, which in turn improves circulation and restores balance, enabling the body to heal itself.
Each specific point corresponds to an internal organ and other structure of the body and allows for the release of energy blocks and toxic build-up.
Ear Reflexology is based on zones and points in the ears which relate to energy centers known as a meridian. By working the reflexology intestinal reflexes in the direction of peristalsis can help move contents through the gastrointestinal tract. Sessions can be used as a complement to assisted reproductive technologies (ART), such as IVF, IUI, and ICSI. For men, the hormonal balancing reflexology treatments help increase testosterone levels by stimulating the endocrine and reproductive glands reflexes. Through the application of pressure using specific thumb and finger techniques, reflexology works with the peripheral nervous system and encourages the body to relax. It is recommended that male partners also participate in fertility reflexology to aid in sperm and testosterone production and to create balance and harmony in the body.

While your baby is sleeping we will work on mommy to help her to balance the energy in all of her organs, glands and address any hormonal issues. To help clients to find relief of the pain, the Healing Place has made a thirteen minute video (below) on how to relax the body and quiet the headache through some simple Reflexology techniques and using light pressing on pressure points on the head, face, jaw and neck to relieve tension and pain. Reflexology promotes the reduction of stress, reinforcing the body’s ability to stay healthy and vital. Reflexology also can unblock congested energy, promoting a free flow of energy through all channels so that the digestive process from the mouth to the anus can work effectively. This preventative modality encourages wellness through empowerment, education, relaxation, and homeostasis. Most importantly, it stimulates the energy pathways to allow the digestive system to work optimally (as reflexology does for all bodily systems).

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