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TUBERCULOSIS IN CHILDREN It is commonly asked why young children with tb are not infectious. TB Diagnosis in children & value of score charts In some countries, score charts are used for the diagnosis of TB in children but have rarely been evaluated or validated against a gold standard Marais BJ.
TB-HIV COINFECTION Manifestations of co-existent HIV-infection: – Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy, respiratory illnesses like pharyngotonsilitis, otitis media, mastoiditis, pneumonias, painless parotid enlargement. Dermatomal Herpes zoster Clinical features of HIV infection and associated conditions cont….

Tuberculin Skin Testing (TST) TST is the method used for detecting whether an individual has come in contact with the TB bacilli. Chest Radiograph as a diagnostic tool of TB Spectrum of radiolographic changes depends on the stage of the disease & the nature of the intrathoracic complications There are no pathognomonic radiological signs of tuberculosis; other lung lesions (viral, bacterial & fungal LIP & IPH) can mimic those of pulmonary TB. Arch Dis child 2005;90:1166-70 Score charts also perform poorly in PTB and HIV infected children! The TST used is the Mantoux test, containing 5 tuberculin units administered intradermally.

Sputum : - 10 years or older who can expectorate an on the spot specimen, an early morning specimen and another on the spot specimen 2. Gastric aspiration (fasting, early morning) - Aspiration of gastric contents should be performed fasting, ideally while still recumbent after overnight sleep.

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