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830,000 babies worldwide could be saved every hour if mothers started breastfeeding newborns within the first hour of birth! INFANT FEEDING for the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV See the introduction to this subject of how to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV and also know what is PMTCT? HALA is your FREE one-stop entertaining health and lifestyle information portal dishing out free doctors' and experts' opinion with practical tips for healthy living.
The information contained in this web site is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. With the single-visit approach for cervical cancer prevention, women with positive “visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid wash” test results receive immediate treatment of the precancerous lesion with cryotherapy. This practical guide presents evidence and example activities that serve as a resource for program implementers and planners working to prevent HIV among female sex workers (FSWs), men who have sex with men (MSM), and people who inject drugs (PWID).

Pathfinder International works to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, men and young people in developing countries.
In a latest study, researchers have discovered that a drug used to avoid HIV transmission from mother to child could have small but notable effects on infant development.
Harvard University researchers have found in a study of HIV-positive expectant women that one of many drugs provided to them may affect their child’s development. The drug named atazanavir is used along with one or more other drugs as part of anti-retroviral regimens used not just for the treatment of HIV patients, but also to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease.
A past study at Harvard suggested that the drug could have some developmental effects, but at that time, researchers said that the risk was low and didn’t suggest alterations in patient's treatment plans. To conduct the new study that appeared in the journal AIDS, the researchers selected 167 women who received atazanavir at the time of their pregnancy, and 750 who didn’t. For the children whose mothers received the drug during anti-retroviral treatment, language and social-emotional development scores were less in comparison to children exposed to the drug when they were in womb than the ones who weren’t.

Lower language development scores were discovered, no matter in which trimester they were exposed to the drug, though social-emotional scores were just affected in the ones whose mothers began taking drug in the second or third trimester. In the case of cognitive, motor and adaptive behavioral development, children whose mothers got the drug all left behind the ones who didn’t have the exposure. A new report captioned ‘Superfood for Babies’ was released a few days ago by an NGO, Save the Children. The approach worked successfully for women with HIV in Ethiopia in secondary and tertiary health facilities, with high screening and cryotherapy treatment rates.
The researchers compared the effects of the drug on the basis of developmental baselines when their children turned one year old.

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