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This wonder machine is able to make choices about the best grasp for the object it has been told to pick up, and it doesn't have to be re-trained each time the object changes. Ita€™s AeroForce Cleaning System with Carpet Boost automatically increases power on carpets where it's needed most.
Know as Boris, this robot has enough intelligence to work out how to grip any single item put in front of it.
Interestingly, it comes up with nearly 1,000 different grasps in its head in mere 10 seconds.
But Japan-based Seven Dreamers has come out with a prototype of a wonder robotic tool known as a€?Laundroida€™ that fold your crumpled clothes after a user inserts it in the machine, which looks like a refrigerator.
This robot easily navigates under furniture and around clutter to give you cleaner floors, throughout your entire home, all at the push of a button. Operating WINBOT is quite simple as you just need to spray the front cleaning pad with the WINBOT Professional Cleaning Solution, switch the power ON, place WINBOT on the glass and press START. It has been paired RF remote control that allows you to control and navigate the WINBOT from a distance.
The robot, which weighs 130 kilograms and is 1.5 meter tall, can mop the kitchen, arrange the table, loading the dishwasher, and do the laundry. What Is It Running shoes made from a new material called Boost, as opposed to the traditional EVA foam, which Adidas claims transfers more energy to your legs as you run.

Design A light, open-air mesh upper (Tech Fit) and a sole made of Boost foam that sort of resembles styrofoam.
The sole picks up dirt in a hurry, which is a non-issue for running shoes, but something to consider if you're just looking for ultra-comfy walking around shoes.
The midsole portion of the shoe squeezes your foot a bit, keeping the fit snug even if you screw up your lacing.
Before I had a chance to really put them through their paces on a longer run, I had to run off to a foreign city to cover a conference, and then spent the next few days exploring many, many miles on foot. No doubt, that will be enough to scare some people off, but the sheerness and relative lack of support was never an issue. Test Notes This is a few-week test for shoes you'll presumably be using for much longer than that. We can't speak to actual scientific bearing out of energy consumption while running, or more importantly, long term injury risks that might be associated with the way the new material affects your body. For what it's worth, though, I am an ankle roller, and have not rolled my ankles while running in these.
I've been running in minimalist shoes for a little over a year, so coming back to padded shoes was a bit of a jump. The thing that seemed exaggerated by the Boosts was a little extra fatigue in the toes and through the ankle and interior calf as the foam gave way much more than a thinner sole.

I used them during a cold spell in New York and they definitely felt softer than I'm used to shoes feeling when it's that cold (~20F). Adidas also claims the foam lasts longer than EVA (and by association, Nike's relatively short-lasting Lunar foam), but we can't really speak to that after a month. Clearly not the fairest test, but this goes out to people who tend to buy one pair of trainers and use them for every sport they play: Don't. These are great for general comfort and going on runs, but the Boost material, as it's deployed here, made cuts feel a little more sluggish than in even other non-turf running shoes.
Everyone I talked to who got a pair had to go a half size larger than they typically do to get a good fit.
The Boosts are comfortable, perform well, and don't appear to suffer from any major defect. But if you're up for trying something new for your next pair of shoes, especially if you're a heel striker, these are a really nice choice. At the very least, go try them for yourself, since Adidas is practically begging people to take test runs in them.

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