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To design and create a multimedia product presentation of the most favorite Czech non-alcoholic beer aimed at bikers and biking within the context of design and general brand communication changes. The website is aimed not only at non-alcoholic beer connoisseurs but also, and primarily, at bikers. The website contained a database of all official 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class bike trails, trails in Prague and its vicinity as well as more than 100 bike trip hints on the day of its launching. Another important part of the web is a junior world cross country champion Jarda KulhavA?a€™s video school for bikers where he gives advice to amateur bikers how to go in for this more and more popular hobby in the best possible way. Radegast Birell has been supporting biking for several years and wants to keep on this activity into the future.

Vodafone Launched a New Responsive Design Website as the First Operator in the Czech Republic.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged apple, billion, million, presentation, product, pronounciation, school, thousand by Manu. The website offers bike trail maps, biking video courses and other biking-related topics that can be co-created also by the bikers themselves. The database will be constantly extended by the bikers who can add their own favourite trails and suggest them to their friends. We came with the idea of using biking as an inspiring basis when we reflected on a new website.

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Apart from standard marketing information about the product, the fans of biking will be able to plan their own route on the new website, even with regard to a weather forecast and many points of interest along the route like castles, observation towers or restaurants with Birell on their beverage menu. On our website, we want to offer bikers a perfect service plus extensive services and applications they cannot find anywhere else.

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