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To receive a FREE ebook on forgiveness by the author of this site, enter your email address in the box below. Qigong self healing and spirituality share the same qualities as follows:All of us have Qi(Goda€™s Spirit). To buy the Qigong CD or DVD, or to learn more about Qigong UK Classes, go to Chinese Heritage, Qigong UK.(APOLOGIES THE CD no longer seems to be on sale here. Gigong Energy Healing - Offers distant healing for people and pets through various practices like yoga. Michael found he had a gift for distant energy healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury. Most of us have at one point in our lives, most probably online or on the television,  witnessed the unbelievable strength of Tibetan Gongfu Monks, and the incredible healing abilities that Qigong medical practitioners possess, but not many have really wondered how these seemingly impossible feats are made possible by these maestros. How can an individual literally hold himself vertically up in the air with two fingers alone?
The answers all lie in understanding how bio-electric energy (Qi) in the body works and functions, and practicing age old methods to allow the Qi (Electricity) to circulate to all areas of the human body using the power of the mind and intent. It is unfortunate, that when we speak about electricity in the human body there seems to be a blank space in most of our minds, due to the current education system not even acknowledging that it exists. We share an innate relationship with the planet, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the food we eat literally become us, the planet provides us with all the energy we need to survive optimally & infinitely, given that we live the natural way and that Earth is in a state of harmony. From now onwards I will use the word Qi to refer to energy, electricity, bio-electricity etc., in our bodies.
One type used by Confucians and Daoist scholars, who used it to maintain health and another type was for medical purposes, using needles or exercises to adjust the Qi or to cure illness. While the scholarly and medical Qigong had been concerned with maintaining & improving health, the newly imported religious Qigong was concerned with far more. Chinese medical Qigong practice goes back more than 4,000 years ago, it is the oldest known medical understanding of how the human body functions, and most of it is based on the understanding of Qi in the human body.
Energy is distributed in a series of complex pathways sourced from a few different origins. For instance, if a patient had difficulty urinating or voiding, the culprit would be the kidneys, and an experienced Qigong practitioner will look to restore full functionality to the root of the problem, the kidneys. In order to achieve the healing diagnosis, a few methods other methods are also highlighted for a patient seeking a healing response from their body, massage with intent, herbal supplementary diet, diet changes and specific exercises.
Energy in the human body is derived from mainly two sources, pre-birth Qi and post-birth Qi. Air is also a form of energy, and good clean air is vital in cooling the fire in your solar plexus resulting from the food you eat and the exercise you do. With enough practice, water Qi is led from the lower dan tian to the solar plexus to cool the fire Qi to prevent the body from becoming too positive (Yang) – which is the single reason aging takes place. Different organs need different levels of Qi, in the same way that different machines or appliances need different levels of electrical power to function normally and prevent damage. Because Qi struggles to go through it, stagnation takes place, and imbalances of Qi in the body results.
Emotion, especially negative emotions have a detrimental effect on your mind being able to administer the correct Qi amounts to each organ, which is why it is so important to be the ruler of your emotional mind(body). I are not implying to become apathetic, on the contrary, emotions associated with love is the chosen feelings you need to aim for to achieve even more benefits for your physical and spiritual health. The reason Buddhist or Taoist monks practice fasting, is mainly to subdue the emotional mind.
Understanding Jing (essence) also pre-birth Qi, internal Qi energy and shen(spirit) is one of the most important requirements for effective Qigong training. It is believed that Qi provides the energy for the blood cells to keep them alive, as a matter of fact, it is believed that blood is able to store Qi.
Have you ever captured the phrase referring to sexual energy being used to energize the spirit or abstinence being practiced to offer all available energy including sexual energy towards spiritual development with the sole aim of attaining enlightenment? These are the kind of paths many dedicated monks follow, and active practitioners of various incredible feats, unexplainable by western science. Monks would seclude themselves in the mountains for very long periods away from all civilisation and distractions at attain enlightenment. Abdominal exercises are a good starting point to leading water Qi into the solar plexus from the kidneys which stores it from the conversion of original qi or essence.
If a practitioner ignores abdominal exercise altogether, he stands a higher chance of Qi stagnation which leads to all sorts of health problems. Physical confirmation of the sound which you’ll hear internally of water being squirted from the navel area up into the lower chest wil be evidence that you are practicing correctly. The trick is to visualise new energy from the breathe revitalising the inside of your body, and with the outbreathe, sending old stagnant energy weighing you down outwards. According to Chinese medicine, you probably cannot increase the amount of Jing you have but it is highlighted that you can improve its quality with Qigong training.
Remember that this energy is what cools the fire resulting from food and possibly air, so if it is depleted, degeneration of the body is allowed to carry on uncontested… Conserving and firming your Jing is the 1st step for any serious Qigong practitioner. Please understand that in order to conserve your Jing does not mean to completely stop all sexual activity, as a matter of fact they are encouraging the right amount of sexual activity, believing that it will energize and activate the Jing, which makes the Jing-Qi conversion more efficient! Does your immune system have to be functioning optimally before you are even able to get the correct amounts of different nutrients? The flow from the umbilical cord is not strong enough, and needs the extra pull from the baby to draw the nutrients inward. Once we start getting older though, you start taking in oxygen through your nose and food through your mouth. To resume gaining full benefits you should regain a practice of abdominal breathing to draw this energy into the circulation.
A certain practice called Wuji involves guided visualisations combined with synchronising the breathe with slow movements. Upon first practice you may be demotivated at first, due to being unable to hold it tight for long enough for proper practice.
When it is held tight, energy may be drawn up from gaia in the circulation from abdominal breathing which stimulates the kidneys to draw up extra available energy reserves.

This very act is what completes the circuit around the body allowing for free continued flow. A very good reason why some people take very long to recover from a cold or flu is because during blocked-nose episodes the breathing takes place through the mouth with the tongue resting like a baby in a cottage in the underworld of the mouth. All the cells in the body are energized if practiced correctly, the trick is to meditate on the visualisation of energy following the breath to the inside & out.
In this chapter I would like to highlight firstly the direction of the EMF Energy flowing through & around the earth, and how this direction affects us from different sides on the poles. It is important to note that magnetic south is situated in geographic north, this means that the EMF of the Earth flows from geographic north through to geographic south , exits the planet and makes an oval loop to enter enter the planet from above the sky through the heavens back into magnetic south. Take note that the energy at the top of Earth enters from above, and at the bottom of earth, from underneath entering the feet first. Due to it entering from below in the southern hemisphere, this flow naturally will make your lower dan tian (root chakra) the magnetic south pole of the body, which in turn will determine the direction of the EMF flow of the human body.
I believe this means if you live in the southern hemisphere, your root chakra will naturally always be stronger, and naturally, sexual energy and physical power will also be paramount. On the other hand, in the Northern hemisphere the head would be the south-pole of the body and would be constantly nourished with energy from the heavens. Are the prophets of the southern hemisphere just unrecorded in our history, or were the people only too concerned with their root chakra needs? Or interestingly, was the knowledge the South had about tales of Gods from much further back in history, debilitating to the agenda the Northern nations had to control through new age religioun. I am myself a South African and have noticed the physical dominance of South over North in plenty of olympic sports but especially Rugby-Union, where teams from the Southern Hemisphere beat those from the North, in the North, on an annual basis rather convincingly. Many players from the south that play in the north for a few years, do not portray the same athleticism once they’ve returned back South.
The depopulation agenda by the ruling elite becomes obvious when we realize that mother earth is being targeted and not ourselves directly, yet we fail to acknowledge that something which degenerates mother-nature is indirectly also degenerating ourselves. They serve an agenda for the elite, which is not only about money but more importantly for them, is responsible for millions of deaths annually.
The tense situation in Ukraine has sparked a new Cold War, and the United States are directly responsible for it. In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. As you relax and enjoy the comfortable sensation of your body filled with energy, contemplate the nature of energy itself.  What types of energy can you think of? How can you observe energy?  You can see light all around you, you can feel warmth, you can both feel and hear vibration.  How do you obtain information? Consider the energy within your own body.  What can you feel?  Heat from your muscles contracting and burning fuel, movement from circulating blood and small shifts in balance and posture as you breathe and your organs function, electricity and magnetism from the firing of your nerves as they conduct information around your body and the internal workings of each individual cell. Within your body there are approximately 10 trillion cells each moving, vibrating, generating electromagnetic energy, sending and receiving information.
Within each cell there are about 200 trillion atoms each moving, vibrating, emitting and taking in particles and interacting with the atoms around it.
Energy permeates through everything we experience in life.  At the smallest level those things that we think are solid, maybe immovable, even our own bodies are made up purely of energy.
Instead we have to know our entitlement enough to seek to undo the patterns in us which restrict it from flowing in our life.
Katherine's small beautiful collection of poems take the reader with her as she journeys to know both self love andGod's love.
Sessions by Michael Mohoric , former Secretary and Executive Committee Leader of the International Tibetan Qigong Association, Professional Member of NQA, National Qigong Association and Certified Qigong Instructor. He was on the program of the 13th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine and conducted a distant healing session for the attendees.
How does a Chinese Qigong practitioner transfer bio-electricity from his hands to a specific organ of a patient, and even more confusing to the western mind, how does one create such incredible heat emanating from the palm that a potential spark is enabled to be produced. You should know by now that everything is energy and where there is no energy, there is no life -- energy is everything. Your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual states determines the strength of your EMF (aura).
Qigong can be roughly classified into five major categories namely, Maintaining health, Curing Sickness, Prolonging life, Martial Skill, Enlightenment.
Ailments are treated on the basis of the understanding of the Qi pathways in the human body. When Chinese medicine relates to an organ, such as the spleen, kidney or bladder, they are not necessarily relating to the physical organ but rather to a system of functions which are related to the organ. This involves methods to manipulate the flow of energy to them, either stimulating the body to send more, or less( Acu-pressure or Acu-puncture at the correct meridians). Your vehicle carrying your soul needs also to be clear for allowed energy flow through the whole system uninterrupted, The Life force the Earth naturally provides for you!
When the Qi running to the organs is either too positive or negative, they will be damaged and more rapid degeneration results. It is believed that Emotions arise from the food you eat, remember, the food you eat has a specific vibrational rate, and your body takes on the vibration of the food you eat. In this state the emotions are easily controlled and one can work on his wisdom mind which is related to the Original Jing. You can probably guess by this information why so many practitioners altogether avoid meat in their diets.
Jing may be considered the primal sunstance or original source from which a thing is made and which exhibits the true nature of that thing, ironically also, sperm in Chinese means sons-of-essense. Perhaps mainly because western science do not want to let us know that we are potentially all capable of reaching higher energy states using life energy cultivation (Qigong). Some of the most important abdominal exercise involve simple breathing exercises like abdominal breathing and reverse abdominal breathing. To conserve means to refrain from abusing your Original Jing(sons of essense) through overuse. Original Jing is like the principal in your savings account in that it is an original investment which will continue to return interest as long as it is conserved.

After birth a baby still carries on exaggerated abdominal breathing to stimulate all the organs with energy to help them become bigger and stronger. Since you don’t need the abdominal movement anymore to pump in nutrients, it gradually stops, and finally you forget how to use it.
You may experience an internal giggle when you find out that the anal sphincture is called upon to be held tightly during practice, a simple act it seems at first, only to realize its also a muscle im sure of nobody ever exercises, unless of course you are attracted to the same sex. The reason this muscle needs to be tensed is to ground the root chakra to the Earth, and to create a solid platform for energy that will be travelling up the spine to the top of the crown from the huyin cavity (area inbetween anal & genital area)which is the lowest point in the circulation around the body.
Another important point is to hold the tongue to the roof of the mouth, with teeth partly clenched, but not hard and fully.
How else will energy from the crown revolve back down again from the skull to the jaw which is unattached to it- teeth are conductive, and your tongue(called the Yin vessel) is believed to be specially made for this simple role to link the energy flow from the crown. Another important point to think about is why all major technology was invented and developed in the Northern Hemisphere? I do not remember any so called enlightened prophets from the southern hemisphere in our recent history?
On the one hand yes, all these divisions are highly profitable industries, but on the other hand, they all form part of the depopulation agenda of 21. Listening to this Qigong CD removed a long-standing and very painful knee problem which I had been told I would just have to live with.
And, at the time of writing, I have been back out in the world for two years, and have only met another two people who have studied Qigong with Zhixing Wang.The Qigong CD really changed my life, and I feel Goda€™s guidance was at work. He specializes in distant energy healing and has studied with healers of various energy healing traditions, including yoga, for over 25 years. Pre-birth Qi is used to counter the potential overwhelming effects from post-birth Qi (post-birth Qi is the energy you absorb from the air you breathe and the food you eat).
That means that when the organs are supplied with the proper amount of Qi, they will not be overheated and on fire. Fire Qi brings the body into a positive (Yang) state, which stimulates the emotions and scatters and confuses the mind. Generally speaking, it does not matter how much original Jing you have carried over from your parents. For example, if you overindulge in sexual activity you will lose original jing faster than other people and your body will degenerate faster. In Qigong your abdomen is still considered your original Qi source because it is here that Qi is made from the original Jing you received from your parents. New Zealand are the furthest South of the equater Nation in the sport, and if you know anything about rugby, you’ll also be aware they are the world champions, and tear teams apart with their athleticism combined with power.
I was not well enough to do the physical movements, yet I did them in my mind and still experienced the benefits.
Something that significantly contributes to overheating in the body is fat, simply because fat is not a very good conductor of Qi whatsoever.
Together they circulate down into the governing vessel, from where they are distributed to the rest of the body. If you are sitting, you should be upright, with your feet flat on the floor, sitting forward enough so your genitals are off the chair. Listening to this Qigong CD greatly enhanced my creativity; my ability to hear Goda€™s voice.
You will need to send a cheque to a UK address so this may not be viable for those in the USA. Focus your attention on your Dan Tien (just below your navel and above the Du Qi), and visualize a small ball of energy, a ball of golden or white light, bright and pure. The first time I listened to the Qigong meditation CD I fell asleep, which was so very unusual. But I know that Qigong (or Hua Gong - the healing component) has worked to heal CFS for some.
This breathing method starts when you inhale through your nose and your abdomen expands, not your chest. Qigong is certainly part of my healing journey whilst living with CFS.How often did I listen to the Qigong CD?I listened to this Qigong energy healing CD 3 times a day for many years. Exhale through your slightly opened mouth, keeping your tongue lightly touching your palate just behind your upper front teeth. Inhale and visualize or imagine this small ball of Qi passing down from the Dan Tien, past the Hui Yin, up through the coccyx. Then visualize or imagine the Qi ball rising up to the Ming Men and then to where the ribs meet the spine, then going through this area and right on up to the back of the head, where it joins the neck.5. Then visualize or imagine this Qi ball in the center of your brain, taking in healing energy through the Bai Hui point on the top of your head.6. Next, focus your attention on the Yin Tang point between and just above the eyebrows and draw energy into the ball of Qi from this point as the ball passes and goes to the roof of your mouth. You may wish to stay and work with this Qi for a few minutes, before letting Qi sink down through the palate and tongue (which you still have lightly pressed onto your palate), into the throat to the heart (Shan Zhong point). From the heart, draw it down through the middle Dan Tien at your solar plexus, past your navel, and down into the lower Dan Tien, where energy gathers, mixes, and is reserved for internal circulation. Then begin another cycle.Once the Qi is circulating, your breath will naturally become fine. Dona€™t do this while driving or operating machinery!If you have trouble visualizing or imagining the flow, you can think of a golf ball or ping-pong ball.
You can even use one hand to trace the flow when you are sitting or standing.Site is under construction.

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