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Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. While information technology like electronic medical records software and electronic health records systems hold great potential for healthcare, they cannot be used to their full potential if the information they contain cannot be accessed by more than one health provider or facility. While the benefits to interoperability are clear, the survey showed that the vast majority of healthcare providers have serious doubts regarding the ability for this goal to be completed in 10 years. While 17 percent expressed strong confidence that the goal would be met, 46 percent said that they were somewhat confident and 23 percent said that they were not confident at all.
The survey also reported that providers believe staff or human error is the biggest threat to HIPAA privacy, with 76 percent expressing concern. Despite this lack of confidence, ONC is pushing forward with its efforts towards nation-wide interoperability with an agenda tightly focused on the topic this week, Healthcare IT News reported. An avid traveler and news junkie, Kevin covers a range of topics from healthcare technology to policy and regulations. Medical billing can be a complicated and drawn out process, especially without medical office software.
Researchers have found that social physician networks may be more influential than traditional medical journals. The recording from our free webinar, Achieving Compliance: How to Prevent a Security Breach is now available. Health officials said further investigation determined the photo was lifted from an unrelated Florida news story and falsely represented as food served at Kauffman Stadium. Health department officials said food inspectors have responded to two fraudulent food safety complaints made at Kauffman Stadium within the last week."Kansas City's Health Department performs thousands of inspections each year, and each complaint is taken seriously," said Naser Jouhari, environmental health services division manager. School’s Director of Health Sector Programs to Business Leaders in Puerto Rico: Much More Controversy over Health Care Reform AheadFebruary 16, 2012We will see much more controversy over health care reform as new provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act move closer to enactment in 2014.
Ullmann, who also served as the conference’s vice chairman, noted that court challenges to the law, particularly related to the individual mandate, as well as the results of the fall elections may change the dynamics of the debate over reform. Ullmann said the requirement that organizations with 50 or more employees provide affordable coverage to their workers or pay a fee, may limit their hiring.

On the bright side, health care spending growth was at its lowest level in 50 years between 2009 and 2010. Carlos de Jesus, a 2011 graduate of the School’s Puerto Rico Executive MBA program, served as the conference master of ceremonies. Ullmann was joined at the conference by more than a dozen other expert speakers and panelists including the regional director of the U.S. In conjunction with the 2012 health and insurance conference, the School hosted a networking reception for its alumni and friends in Puerto Rico. Reynolds, who has not done much on-screen work in recent years, lives in Florida and gives acting classes. While many facilities and practices are implementing health information exchange systems into patient care, the benefits can be limited when patients are treated outside of their usual hospital or office. This fear of improper use could be a reason that many physicians are hesitant to implement ehr and emr software in their practices.
As a former journalism student, he enjoys finding stories relevant to small practices and is passionate about keeping them informed. Hear Jason Karn of Total HIPAA Compliance and Dan Brown of Taylor English as they discuss helpful tips for preventing a breach in your medical practice or billing company.
That is what Steven Ullmann, director of the School’s programs in health sector management and policy, told some 300 industry leaders in Puerto Rico in February. If the 2014 reforms are enacted as set out in the law, Ullmann said, there may be a number of unintended implications. He noted that the increased costs of covering adult children under the 2011 provisions may already be having an impact. In citing the just-released data, Ullmann said this might have a positive impact on costs for employers. Department of Health and Human Services, the secretary of the Puerto Rico Health Department, and numerous business leaders. The event, which was held immediately following the conference, drew nearly 50 people including the graduates of the first Executive MBA program there, as well as students in the new class, which began in October. For example, a recent list of HIE recommendations by emergency doctors reported that 25 percent of patients who are treated at the ER more than once a year visit multiple facilities.

Like any mass effort across a number of diverse regions, even just coordinating the implementation of the technology will be a large challenge. Before joining NueMD, Kevin worked for Turner Broadcasting as a Programming Intern where he conducted legal research and contributed to editorial content development.
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For example, even though those without insurance from their employers must pay a fine if they do not buy it, many may still refuse. The School has been working closely with Puerto Rico’s business community in recent years as part of its commitment to the Caribbean and Latin American regions.
Interoperability between emergency departments would allow physicians to have faster and more complete access to their patients' medical records, allowing for the best possible care.
He received his bachelor's degree in Communication from Kennesaw State University and currently serves as the Industry News Editor at NueMD. Here are some headlines to get your day started as we head into the Memorial Day weekend.  Hello and happy Friday, Tucson! The School launched an Executive MBA program in Puerto Rico in 2009 and also works with local firms to develop custom executive education programs.
This was the second year in a row that the School of Business co-hosted the health and insurance conference with the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. Scary moments for a young Salem woman, who came face to face with burglars who broke into her Salem home Wednesday. They're pretty rampant right now with the end of the school year at hand. We've all heard of senior pranks, right? However, we find the nature and timing of multiple attempts to undermine our efforts to be very troubling.

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