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After the recent ban that the European Union placed on incandescent light bulbs, a statistics report, formulated by the Worldwatch Institute, shows that the electricity consumption could indeed decrease by more than 40 percent Union-wide, if conventional bulbs are eliminated altogether and carbon fluorescent light (CFL) is used exclusively. Completely replacing the lighting in my apartment is on sale on LED light bulbs, writing on topics of business and Economics journalist Guntis Rozenbergs reached reduce electricity consumption by half, saving money for other expenses and purchases. For the first time, the possibility to save on electricity bills he thought a few years ago, when I started actively use social networks.
From August 1, will come into force changes in tariffs for services of electricity distribution, so customers AS "Sadales tA«kls" are interested not only calculators to compare rates, but also how to choose the best power connection. Ukrainska pilots Hope Savchenko, recently released from a Russian prison, announced its readiness to become President of Ukraine, reports "Interfax". British singer Adele forgot words to own songs for the concert in Portugal, The Mirror reports.
Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, found in the use of Meldonium, will be included in the national team for the 2016 Olympic games in Rio da Janeiro.
By 2030, these savings would translate into about 16.6 billion tons of carbon kept out of the atmosphere. When he first learned about the so-called energy conserving light bulbs that consume less electricity.
At the same time the head of the anti-Doping Agency of the USA (USADA) has called on the world to disqualify Russian athletes from all international competitions.

However, scientists argue that the levels of this dangerous chemical are less likely to surpass the current mercury output, coming from coal-powered power plants, which are still primarily used to generate electricity.
Virtually anywhere in the world, collecting points will have to be set up, which may prove to be a daunting task, both from an economic and an infrastructural perspective. How did we do?"A A "What are your thoughts on these new ways of; 'All-Green', All-Sustainable', and 'All-Climate' Community Living Styles? And so in a variety of lighting fixtures was a large consumption of electricity", - says G. While in developed countries, such as the US or Canada, the incentive for change is the concern for the environment, in developing countries the situation is very different.
Rozenbergs.He decided to replace in the apartment of bulbs at economical to reduce the expense. And was unpleasantly surprised when, after six months comparing the use of economical light bulbs electricity bills, found that really a lot to save not able to the same amount of light from these bulbs was poor.
Their long life (compared to that of a conventional incandescent bulb) and low-energy consumption levels mean less costs for electrical power, which, in a short period of time, can easily offset the initial cost of the investment. Had no savings, no light.LED light bulbs in Latvia then just began to appear on the market and were very expensive, and G. Rozenbergs again changed all economic light bulb on incandescent bulbs, while continuing to consume electricity in the same volume.

However, after some time the rotation was caused by the article of the colleague-the journalist, in which she told about her experience: she began to use it in my apartment with LED bulbs, and immediately felt the reduction of energy consumption. For replacement of bulbs in March-may 2014, I paid only 150 Euro, replacing all 23 bulbs, including 6 special halogen bulbs in the kitchen. This time I felt the results as early as next month, when the flow rate decreased by 120 kWh", -says G. He calculated that with such a difference spent on the LED bulbs money paid off in 10 months. For example, it is now important to focus not only on the power of a particular light bulb in kilowatts, but also on its brightness in lumens - the main indicator will not cause a new and economical light bulb at the end of the frustration, as it appears that the electricity it saves, but the brightness of the light as a result decreased, and the joy of saving no.
As positive aspect he mentions the fact that in case an LED bulb burns out faster than the manufacturer's warranty, the buyer has the opportunity to take it back to the store and exchange it for a new one.
Consumption 140 kWh of electricity in a one bedroom apartment instead of the previous 270 kW-h he considered a good achievement.

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