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CPCC has reduced its energy consumption 15% since 2006 while at the same time, the square footage of the college has grown by 33%.  Let’s get EXCITED and keep up the GREAT WORK!
The project faces the challenge of reducing energy consumption to make our cities more sustainable.
The E?STORMED Decision Support Tool is a software set to support the decision-making process in urban stormwater management. The partnership, composed by local authorities and research organizations, has been selected on the basis of competences and implementation capacity. A massive population growth combined with exponential consumption of resources with the added turmoil of natural disasters, places greater demands on what is already a diminishing resource condition. The single largest use of energy in both residential and commercial buildings is space heating. Even more importantly, the Transport sector accounted for 39.9% of the total – and this includes the journeys we make by car, bus, train and plane.
If you are wondering how big the total pie is, it’s about the equivalent of 200 Million tonnes of oil per annum. This system will be biggest on any Australian airport and will produce sufficient electrical energy to power the equivalent of over 300 households.Approximately 4,500 new PV panels will be installed in December 2015, with the project expected to be completed by April 2016. Managing Director of Adelaide Airport, Mark Young, noted that the solar system would significantly cut the electricity consumption at the airport, while helping the territory government to reach its renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction targets. The computational images represent a single flow simulation around a typical on-the-road heavy vehicle at highway speed from different viewpoints.

Each year, the more than 2 million tractor-trailer trucks that cruise America's highways consume about 36 billion gallons of diesel fuel, representing more than 10 percent of the nation's entire petroleum use. The findings will be described today in a talk at the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics (DFD) meeting in San Francisco, Calif. Salari and Ortega found that adding both of the devicesa€”which are currently used in combination on about three to four percent of the nation's semi-trucksa€”reduced the aerodynamic drag by as much as 25 percent, which represents about a 13 percent decrease in fuel consumption. Creating an improved aerodynamic shape for truck trailers by mounting sideskirts can lead to a cut in fuel consumption and emissions of up to as much as 15%. In the early 1970s, in the basement of Clark Hall, the Cornell team of professors David Lee and Robert Richardson, along with then-graduate student Douglas Osheroff, first observed superfluid helium-3.
Yale physicists have given SchrA¶dinger's famous cat a second box to play in, and the result may help further the quest for reliable quantum computing. Imagine a device that is selectively transparent to various wavelengths of light at one moment, and opaque to them the next, following a minute adjustment. The idea of a pump is at least as old as the ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Archimedes. Magnetic skyrmions, or noncoplanar swirling spin textures, are particle-like spin configurations with an integer topological charge that promise faster, denser memory storage. E?STORMED aims to improve energy efficiency in the urban water cycle and in buildings by promoting the use of innovative storm water solutions such as Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in MED cities. It can be used in one of the 6 supported languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Montenegrin and Greek) and can be freely downloaded from the results page.

For years, we've been living like there is no tomorrow tapping the Earth's finite resources to fulfill our energy desires. Herein lies the biggest room for improvement and we have to start by considering the types of building approaches being used.
That fuel consumption could be reduced by billions of gallons a year through the use of drag-reducing devices on trucks, according to studies by researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. BONST focuses on the allocation of those resources based on demand requirements, specifically within our living and working environments.
In some, it was outfitted with trailer skirts, which are panels affixed along the lower side edges of a trailer that reduce drag resulting from airflow interacting with wheels and other structures under the body of the trailer; in others, a boat tail fairing, a device affixed to the back of the trailer that decreases drag by reducing the trailer wake size, was added. The flow field around the vehicle is highlighted by streamlines which are colored by velocity magnitude. In still other tests, the truck was rigged with both of the drag-reducing devices (or with neither one).

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