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Little Epiphany Reflexology Chart by Stacy Simone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The creator of this foot reflexology map is the director of the American Academy of Reflexology in Burbank, California.
This ear reflexology chart will help you to determine the correct points of the ear on which to apply pressure.
When we experience stress, illness or injury, our body becomes out of balance and vital energy flow becomes blocked.
Practice & expects to go full time again when he retires from his venture into the Holistic Agricultural business in which he seeks to replace chemical insecticidal use. According to theĀ American Reflexology Certification BoardĀ “Reflexology is an art of stress reduction based on the work of two American physicians, Dr. During my second pregnancy, I worked with Amy Kreydin of The Barefoot Dragonfly, Stoneham, MA.

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It differs from an ordinary foot massage in that rather than just working on the muscles, tendons, facia and circulation, it actually addresses other areas of the body. Go here for a great at-home reflexology course, and some tools that will enhance your learning experience and get you going in no time. Massaging adrenal reflex will make it calm, thus helpful in controlling blood pressure variations due to fright. Reflexology is a natural, gentle way to release toxins from our body through pressure pointing reflex pathways in our feet. In a reflexology session tension is released, circulation and elimination improve and pain decreases through the release of endorphins.
I generally like to combine reflexology with a regular foot massage, as reflexology can be a bit 'pokey,' and people often like to have a bit of  'feel-good' stuff mixed in.

These form-fitting reflexology socks and informative reference books will also help get you on your way. Because a different sensation indicates, some minor problem with that organ needs to rectify by stimulating it.
Foot and Hand Reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all body parts. Reflexes that are imbalanced show up as tender to the touch, or have a different texture in the connective tissue.
So no, we don’t diagnose with Reflexology but look for stress cues and imbalanced reflex areas.

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