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Reflexologists usually use an approach where the body is divided into ten equal vertical zones: five zones on the right side of the body + five zones on the left side of the body. However, there is no direct connection between the 10 vertical reflex zones and 12 meridians, nor do these concepts directly relate to the physical nerve system. The word reflexology is derived from the so-called 'reflex arc', which refers to a neural pathway that controls an action reflex. This implicates that foot reflexology should not be associated with casual uses of the terms: 'reflex', 'foot reflex' and 'primitive reflexes'. Unfortunately, there is no consensus among foot reflexologists about how reflexology exactly is supposed to work.
For example: in many foot reflexology charts the heart is located at the radial side of the foot - which sort of represents the opposite of the principle described by the meridian philosophy. NOTICE: likewise principles (+ disputes) are found for the hands in hand reflexology, and for the ears in ear reflexology! If you already know a little about foot reflexology and want to get started there are many useful reflexology foot charts available on the internet. These concern usually printable reflexology charts, but sometimes the charts are available in various formats. While generally the foot reflexology charts tell a likewise story, sometimes an individual chart can show significant differences when compared to other charts. For example, in the first 2 foot reflexology charts below is the liver positioned in the right foot only; but in the third example it is also positioned in a small part of the left foot.
And in the first 2 foot reflexology charts the stomach is positioned in both feet; but in the third example it is positioned only in the left foot.
More fundamentals of foot reflexology are described & discussed inside the section foot reflexology. It is quite hard to answer this question, because usually it is a bit of a mystery how the experts have developed their foot reflexology models! Below follow the high resolution examples of the various foot reflexology charts mentioned. Any reflexology diagram of the foot, hand or ear can show it's very unique characteristics! Reflexologist massage, acupressure chart, and reflexology training - including how to acquire a certification. Little Epiphany Reflexology Chart by Stacy Simone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
The creator of this foot reflexology map is the director of the American Academy of Reflexology in Burbank, California.
This ear reflexology chart will help you to determine the correct points of the ear on which to apply pressure. Whilst the art of Reflexology dates back to Ancient India as Acupressure, it wasn’t until 1913 that Dr William Fitzgerald introduced this therapy to the West as ‘zone therapy’. In the 1930’s Eunice Ingham further developed this zone theory into what is now known as reflexology. This pain is claimed to originate from the deposition of crystals in the reflex zone and, with massage, these crystalline structures can be broken down and the pain relieved. I completely believe in the diagnostic and therapeutic power of reflexology – Deborah Cameron’s intuitive reflexology has been 100% accurate and effective for me in predicting, isolating and treating many physical conditions. Reflexology, as a natural healing therapy, improves circulation, relaxes tension, and promotes the natural function of the body.
Treatments last approximately one hour, and may be necessary on a weekly basis, depending on the health of the individual and upon how chronic an ailment may be.

Deborah through her years of experience with teaching Qi Gong and practicing re?exology has developed a new technique to help you to become Master of your Emotions.
By combining Qi Gong techniques and her 16 years of practical re?exology experience Deborah, through the soles of your feet, can access and identify your in balanced emotions, help you gain mastery over your emotions and teaches you tools on how to better understand the patterns of emotions and how in balanced emotion can affect your health, relationships, career and life’s experience. People of all ages can benefit from reflexology, especially those who suffer from stress, chronic pain, arthritis, fatigue, poor circulation, sore or swollen feet, allergies, asthma, constipation, menstrual and menopausal problems, migraine headaches, liver and kidney disorders, prostate problems, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure. Reflexologist believe that the body is represented on the feet through a system of reflexes mapped out on specific areas around the feet.
This 8.5" X 11" double sided laminated chart shows the reflex zones on the soles and sides of the feet. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Shipped flat, never rolled! This poster shows the main Chinese auriculotherapy points, ear anatomy, NADA addiction pointsmaster control points with indications for the master control points. The olfactory bulb then sends those charged impulses to different parts of the brain, including the limbic system. The limbic system includes parts of the brain that control emotional and psychological responses.
The entire process from inhalation to response from the brain takes place in a matter of seconds![3] The oils also reach the bloodstream during inhalation via the nasal mucosa and the alveoli in the lungs.
Applying diluted essential oil to the skin through a body oil or lotion is also a great way to incorporate the benefits of both inhalation and topical application. Topical application quickly gets the oils into the bloodstream by bypassing the digestive system. For example, if you are nauseous, then apply peppermint to the stomach and intestinal locations on the feet.
To induce sleep and relax your mind, apply lavender to the brain’s location on the big toe.
Applying certain essential oils, such as peppermint, close to the chest or face of a small child is strongly discouraged due to risk of bronchospasm. Using a reflexology or vita flex chart gives you a visual mapping of where to apply the oils on the feet to treat a particular organ. If you are a member of Home Cures That Work, click on the image above to download your monthly issue in pdf format.
It differs from an ordinary foot massage in that rather than just working on the muscles, tendons, facia and circulation, it actually addresses other areas of the body. Go here for a great at-home reflexology course, and some tools that will enhance your learning experience and get you going in no time.
He noted that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone. She observed that congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body. Simultaneously, the pressure applied to the reflex zones by the reflexologist is claimed to pass through the nerves to dissipate energy blocks.
I was not expecting it to disappear as I’ve had it for a very long time, but at least to feel a little better, but it wasn’t working. The principle is based on the theory that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Through her clinical 1 hour treatment, she will give you valuable tools to work with, and further enhance your life, health, career and relationships. By combining treatments with both reflexology and chi kung, she has found that the treatments help calm these exceptional young people, and teaches them valuable techniques to help them with better focus, and higher self esteem.

Reflexology is the practice of stimulating these points and areas to affect changes to the linked organs of the body for better health. Detailed representation of the spine and tissues, organs and glands affected by each spinal nerve. Aromatherapy uses volatile (quick to evaporate) aromatic plant oils to bring about spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Once the charge reaches the limbic region, it stimulates the hypothalamus and continues to the autonomic nervous system or pituitary gland. When applied to the skin, essential oil molecules pass through dermis of the skin, into the capillaries and then into the bloodstream. Applying essential oils (always diluted) to their feet instead is a great, safer way for small children to get the topical benefits of essential oils. Other great application points are:To continue reading the rest of this article, please sign in using your Home Cures That Work login. I generally like to combine reflexology with a regular foot massage, as reflexology can be a bit 'pokey,' and people often like to have a bit of  'feel-good' stuff mixed in.
These form-fitting reflexology socks and informative reference books will also help get you on your way. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. For children, the aged or the extremely ill, pressure used and length of treatments is decreased, while the frequency of treatment is increased. Reflexology is believed to have originated in China 2,000 years ago, although there are some that it's origin is in Egypt or India. Made of hydrocarbons and oxygenated compounds, essential oils have the potential to be as powerful as pharmaceutical drugs.
Once the charge reaches the autonomic nervous system, it can affect body functions such as heart rate and digestion.
These nerve endings act as neuroelectrical pathways to different organs throughout the body. This information and products described are not recommended for pregnant women or children. Whenever this energy is blocked, the zone of blockage will be affected, and the reflex zones can indicate the blockage of energy in different organs. This tenderness is caused by crystalline deposits that denote congested areas in the body and interfere with proper circulation. Applying oils to the corresponding points on the feet allows healing to reach the particular affected organ.
Please note that we have a material financial connection to the provider of the goods and services from links on the website in that we receive payment for each qualified sale or potential customer referral. Therefore, if someone has a problem in a particular organ, a reflexologist will press on the corresponding reflex zone or zones, and the person will experience pain. Once areas of tenderness have been identified, Reflexologists can release tension, encourage full blood circulation to the organs, and breakdown toxic deposits. It revitalizes and energizes the body and also is a very effective form of preventative health care. Reflexology is most effective when combined with a good diet, exercise and a positive outlook.

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