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Everyone, from small children to the elderly, can benefit from a Reflexology session.  It is wonderful for people requiring a general tune-up or for those with health issues, including fibromyalgia, migraines, back pain, PMS, those undergoing chemotherapy or recovering from surgery, and so much more! Step 1: Check reflexology chart ears to find the reflex points to any particular issue you are experiencing so you can be sure to focus on those points during the session. Step 7: Starts at the top of the right ear and slowly make the thumb and index finger is placed along the outer edges, continuing to the end of your ear. Step 9: Work on internal cracks ear, if you wish, as there are many reflex points there too.
Practice & expects to go full time again when he retires from his venture into the Holistic Agricultural business in which he seeks to replace chemical insecticidal use.

Press your lobes and you gently pull them down - only a gentle tug downward, do not pull hard or you may experience pain. Pay attention to any place in the ear more sensitive feel, any irritation or pain when you press or squeeze. Apply pressure to the outside edge of the ear gently press and release each point along the ear.
Reflexologists ear professionals typically use a small stick to work these points because the fingers are too large to detect a reflection. It is ideal to use when other health conditions make the more traditional reflex therapies unsuitable because of cuts, scrapes or other more serious injuries.

Go slow and keep the pressure for at least five seconds before slowly moving down to the next point.

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