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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. July 23, 2012 by RPM-Therapy 2 Comments ShareFoot Reflexology Can Reveal The State Of Our Health. According to the American Medical Association, stress is one of the main causes of “more than 60% of all human illness and disease.” Stress causes the body to become more vulnerable to illness. Physical symptoms can include aches and pains, dizziness, rapid heart beat and increased susceptibility to colds and viruses. Purchase a Gift CertificateShare the gift of health with friends and family by purchasing a massage gift certificate. Follow Us OnlineConnect with us online, see what others are saying and get to know us better. Reflexology is a scientific and perfect system of treatment but like all other established medical systems, Reflexology too has its limitations. Reflex points are indeed mirror to the internal organs and pain on these points indicates the extent of disease. The most important thing to notice in the above reflexology diagrams is that there are different reflexology points on the different feet. Lastly, we have included the Reflexology diagram of the Hand.As you must have noticed, the Reflexology diagram of the left side of the hand has different reflex points from the reflexology diagram given on the right hand. The left hand covers the lumbar region,back, elbow, heart, gland toothache whereas the right hand covers lower back,elbow, lymph glands,spine,heart and many others. To sum up, these reflexology diagrams are very important to understand before a patient jumps in curing their respective disease. Meridian lines on the body are used in acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu (a form of acupressure massage). All painkilling drugs do have a disastrous effect on the intestines, and normally cause chronic constipation.
Used in the control of arthritis, rheumatism, gout and inflammatory conditions of the spine. An extreme reaction indicates that the benefit of the Reflexology treatment has been exceeded, and the body cannot cope. REMEMBER: A Reflexologist who is not a medical professional cannot claim diagnosis, but the beauty of Reflexology is that it works without diagnosis.
Psychic Surgeon Mar 22, 16 02:24 AMIndividual trips to the Philippines to visit a gifted Psychic Surgeon and receive treatments. Philippine Psychic Surgery Feb 26, 16 11:03 PMPhilippine psychic surgery is unique in the world. In this Reflexology post, we have included the Reflexology chart of hand and Reflexology chart of the foot. Reflexology by understanding the theory of ten invisible zones in the body, location of various reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body and the technique of applying pressure on these points. The best thing being, Reflexology treatment can be between two people of any sex and age – men, women, babies, children, young and old, anywhere and at any time. To make the best use of reflexology techniques and to know more about reflexology, it is very important to understand the chart of reflexology. To find the details of the charts and if you wish to view them in HQ which explains the reflex centers on our hand and feet, please buy the Reflexology ebook.
Just be sure to let our front desk or your massage therapist know that you want this wonderful treatment. There is evidence supporting the theory that the method was used as early as 2330 BCE in Egypt. So if you are suffering from a painful condition, reflexology can reduce the pain symptoms by stimulating this natural painkiller.

A reflexologist will use their thumbs, fingers and hands to apply pressure to various areas of the feet and hands. For example, as shown in the Reflexology Diagram of the outside of the foot, the bottom of the feet has reflex points about Buttock, Knee leg, Elbow, Arm and Shoulders.
The above Diagram of Reflexology on the inside of the Foot covers Urinary systems, Lymph Glands on the upper end of the foot.
There is a in-depth study material given on this website about how to cure a certain disease and which reflex point on hand and feet will help in curing the problem. If you find anything helpful or want to know about something in which you are interested, you can download the ebook.
More powerful than any other form of natural healing when combined with my lifestyle recommendations..
Just like the Reflexology chart of the hand, we have included the Reflexology chart of the foot. Take caring of your feet means good health, if you have not had a foot massage or reflexology session, you are missing out! Based on zones, certain places on the feet and hands contain reflexes that are directly related to different parts of the body. As an alternative healing method, reflexology massage techniques can relieve pain and tension as well as improving circulation.
Endorphins are produced the by pituitary gland and are known to be 10 times more powerful than morphine for pain. Just by pressing various reflex areas, one can detect which organ is not functioning properly or where the problem lies. The ancient as well as the modern therapists have cured from minor to so-called incurable diseases with Reflexology. Besides that on the bottom of the foot you will see reflex areas related to the bladder inside the body. A good therapist should be able to warn the customer of forthcoming weaknesses and advise to prevent them. Meridians were talked about as long ago as 2500 BC in a book commonly known as the Nei Ching (The Yellow Emperora€™s classic of Internal Medicine). Over the years, I have seen many cases of clients suffering from headaches who also had ingrown toenails. The pain usually begins at the web between the third and fourth toes and shoots up into the fourth toe.
The gall bladder meridian (see diagram bottom right) also touches the lung area from the side. But to use Reflexology effectively it is very important firstly to understand the Chart of Reflexology and Reflexology diagrams. This includes reflex points on the tip of the fingers which relate to sinuses and reflex points on the thumb which relate to the brain.
The reflex points on the toes relate to the different problems related to the brain, eye, ear and neck.
It is also important to understand the relationship of a hand or foot to the rest of the body.The Reflexology chart given below shows that how referral areas are related to different part of the body. Therefore a massage therapist or a Reflexology should understand these Reflexology charts in detail before practicing Reflexology. Reflexes in the left foot or hand represent the left side of the body and the right foot or hand corresponds to the right side of the body.
Reflexology just like stress is cumulative and as your body continues to take on more and more stress this creates wear and tear on your muscles, organs and your emotional well-being. Although it is not known if the methods practiced were similar to the ones that are used today, many archaeological findings suggest that the massage techniques were based on the same principles.

It is very important for a reflexology therapist to understand where the problem lies in the body. In the middle of the feet you have reflex points which help in curing problems of the back and of the eye. The toes have reflex point covering the problems related to the neck and valvular disorders.
This area includes the reflex points for cold,migraine,chest,headache,throat,shoulder,neck,head,eye and ear.
You will be guided through different processes with the help of reflexology maps and reflexology diagrams. This book is said to have been written by Huang Ti, the yellow emperor who lived between 2696 BC and 2598 BC. The sensations experienced in the toe may vary from slight numbness to intense pain, depending on how severely the nerve is affected. The reason for that is it is on those Reflexology charts that you will find information about the Reflex points. Other than that there are different reflex points on the palm of the hand which relate to different organs of the body like stomach, liver, ear, shoulder, eye, heart, bladder, uterus, prostate, testis, ovary, kidney, penis, spinal cord, intestines, pancreas and many more. The rest of the foot has pressure points for lungs, liver, stomach, nose, thyroid, gall bladder, kidney, transverse colon, ascending colon, intestines, bladder, appendix, sciatic nerve, sex organs, spine and much more.
In order to gain more knowledge about the methods,tools, techniques and a complete understand of Reflexology, we have complied a Reflexology Ebook which will help in understanding these things very easily.
If you wish to get more information about the Reflexology program, i recommend you to buy our Ebook. Reflexology when applied to the sensory receptors of your hands and feet, breaks up this pattern of stress prompting a general relaxation response throughout your whole body. Therefore Reflexology Diagrams always play an essential role in guiding the therapist to correct points and in curing the disease.
One must understand these brief diagrams about the Reflexology before jumping into the process of curing it. When stimulating a meridian point (tsubo), the therapist sends a message to the body to free blocked energies. These Reflex points when given the correct amount of pressure and on the correct point will help in curing the problem related to the body. This Ebook includes Detailed Charts (HQ) explain the reflex Centers on our hand, feet and the body, Special Figures, Charts and diagrams available related only to a certain disease and Detailed explanation of techniques, methods, steps and tools used in order to cure a certain disease. It includes all the charts, methods and the ways to solve various problems through reflexology. In this post we are covering the reflexology diagram of the foot and reflexology diagram of the hand. There are many Reflexology charts given in Detail in the Reflexology Ebook which outlines what points helps in curing which part of body. Everyday the sensory organs of your feet and hands are gathering new information receiving regular reflexology sessions provides an opportunity for a positive stimulus. Plantar digital neuritis is found in many women, and I have witnessed numerous cases where women have this problem around pre-menstrual time when they often crave chocolates, caffeine and other stimulants. This can also be associated with hip trouble and can possibly be seen as a puffy area in line with the fourth toe close to the ankle. The gall bladder meridian runs through the hip region, and swelling here may indicate congestion along the gall bladder meridian.

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