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Whether your focus is stem cell research, cell biology, immunology, drug discovery, or cell therapy - you need the right tools for the job! The therapeutic application of stem cells demands the highest quality, assured reagents for manufacture and processing of the clinical product.
Whether it is a GMP manufactured product off the shelf, modification of an existing product, or a new product, we are able to conduct the quality-assured manufacture and release testing of the product supported by quality-controlled documentation. Akron is a GMP manufacturer and global product supplier of life science tools and technologies.

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry, combined with an extensive reagent portfolio and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, can help you advance your product to market. The purpose of this page is to show you the potential of our idea of combining nanotechnology and stem cells.
We offer reagents that range from research grade, for exploration and optimization experiments, to GMP compliant reagents with full quality-assured documentation for clinical applications.
These nanobots are designed to take stem cells from a "drop off point" and focus them where they are needed.

The overall anatomy of these robots consist of a body which carries the cells and incredibly tiny needles that preform their own task. One for injecting the cells to it's designated area and one for pulling the stem cells from it's drop off point into the body.The goal of this technology is to solve organ shortages by repairing or replacing them when needed.

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