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Reiki is one of the Eastern healing modalities used for relaxation, stress-relief, and to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself.  Originally from ancient Tibet, and re-discovered by Dr.
Often, when we have aches and pains or become ill, we find medicines or methods to relieve the symptoms.  While this may help us to feel better short term, it will not address the actual cause of the illness.  By working with the actual the chi or ki, Reiki (and acupuncture and other modalities) addresses the root of the problem to allow blockages to be removed so that healing may begin! Take a look at our events page to see about upcoming classes, Reiki circles, and other events! Put simply, Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes balance within our whole system a€“ body, mind and soul. Reiki does not discriminate; it just flows through us and helps our bodies to heal themselves in whatever way is best for us at that point in time. You dona€™t need to a€?believea€? in Reiki for it to have a positive effect on your wellbeing. A Reiki session typically involves the recipient either lying on a treatment table or sitting on a chair, whilst remaining fully clothed.
A Reiki treatment is a highly individual experience depending on what is going on for the recipient. This might be something quite dramatic, like realising you are free from pain for the first time in years or feeling like a huge emotional weight has finally been lifted off your shoulders. Although there has not yet been any large scale research into the benefits of Reiki, small but reputable studies have reported positive outcomes. Once you have experienced the benefits of Reiki through receiving treatments from others, you may feel the pull to learn Reiki yourself. For me, self care is about addressing the needs of body, mind and soul through conscious living. Sometimes, however, we are faced with health challenges where finding a cure is not an option. Reiki energy transcends time and space and can be sent or transmitted any where in the world, to anyone at any time. Reiki works from the outside in, addressing disturbances in the subtle energy bodies and moving into the physical body over a four day period. Maybe youa€™ve been interested in trying it out in the past but werena€™t sure what was involved or whether it would be right for you.
Reiki can appear somewhat mysterious to the newcomer and it doesna€™t help matters that it is quite a difficult subject to communicate in words. This means that although we may come to the Reiki table looking for relief from some physical ailment or emotional issue, we may find that we start to reap the benefits on many levels and in unexpected ways. For example, I first came to Reiki looking for relief from chronic pain caused by a spinal injury. In fact, most people are quite skeptical about Reiki when they first see their practitioner. Treatments normally last between 60 and 90 minutes during which time the Reiki practitioner will place their hands gently on the recipienta€™s body, or just above the body.
Or it might be something quite simple like getting a great nighta€™s sleep or an improvement in appetite. My experience of using Reiki is almost as far-reaching, from the emergency room of my local hospital to my local post office.
As well as being a wonderful gift to offer others, Reiki as a practice can be a powerful tool for self care and personal transformation. In such cases, and in the absence of miracles, should we conclude that the healing power of Reiki has fallen short? We may not always have the freedom to choose a cure, but we always have the freedom to choose peace.

Your practitioner will have been attuned, or empowered to use the symbol for distance healing. We will contact you to arrange the first appointment within 24-72 hours of working days of receipt. A delicate and light bell sounds every three minutes to remind practitioners to change hand positions. People are often only convinced of its efficacy when they see and feel noticeable results for themselves. The practitioner will typically change the positioning of their hands several times as the treatment progresses.
Some report feeling heat, coolness or tingling where the practitioner has placed their hands. Such observations, however big or small, can be interpreted as outward effects of your body naturally restoring balance.
Another study using Reiki treatment for heart attack patients has shown an increase in heart rate variability following heart attack, an important indicator of healing and increased resilience. But I also see Reiki as a kind of over-arching support, gently guiding us towards what our body might need at any one time to restore balance and to function optimally. This symbol combined with other Reiki symbols faciliates an energy connection between you both. It is a complement rather than an alternative to the healing qualities of traditional "Western" medicine and is not to be a substitute to medical treatment. Being observant to such changes will help you to measure the impact of Reiki on your personal wellbeing.
That, for me, is the true measure of healing a€“ a feeling of being completely at peace with ourselves, whatever our circumstances, and of knowing our true selves. Reiki fuels the body's homeostatic mechanisms and assists in the restoration of balance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
For more serious or persistent issues (where a series of treatments is normally required), paying attention to such changes will hopefully motivate you to continue with the full course of treatment. Reiki energy naturally seeks out the disturbances in your energy body and works to restore balance and harmony in your energy landscape.
The biological intelligence that uses the body's resources to heal a cut finger or mend a broken bone is amplified by Reiki.Quantum physics tell us that energy exists everywhere, in every aspect of us and everything in our environment. It pains me to see people feeling helpless in the face of suffering, whether that suffering is their own or that of others. The remote treatment is set up at your convenience at a time when you can relax undisturbed for about 50 minutes while the Reiki practitioner sends you Reiki energy. In Eastern medicine, the belief is that life force energy passes through subtle pathways or meridians in the human body.
We can always offer Reiki, even when there are no words of comfort to be spoken or nothing we can otherwise do to help in a practical way.
When these pathways are blocked by stress, diet, environment, or pathogens, the flow of energy can be blocked and illness can result. Since remote or distance treatments require visualization, your Reiki practitioner will most likely request your name, location and even your photo.
Most complementary therapies seek to help the body and mind to re-balance and cleanse these inner energies, permitting the body to heal itself.When an individual receives a Reiki initiation, Universal Life Energy is added to one's innate personal life energy. The individual's personal life energy, or Ki, is amplified and enhanced and there is an open and a direct link to a universal source of Ki. Reiki energy brings vastly increased levels of energy flow transmitted at all times there is a physical contact.

The energy brings alignment and harmony to the body system, which then permits the body to heal itself from within. As it passes through the body, there is a value to the practitioner, but it does not cause fatigue nor is it possible for the client's issues to be transferred back to the practitioner. Anyone can learn Reiki and use it for oneself or help other people on their own healing journeys.The Benefits of ReikiThere is always a value and benefit to Reiki energy, but the results cannot be promised and not assured.
This music is ideal for its intended purpose, although I would not use it for general listening or background ambience.
The amount of energy absorbed by the receiver always depends on his or her need, though it may take time for the body to open up to receive this healing energy.
Reiki treats the spiritual and mental causes of an illness, not merely the physical symptoms.During Reiki sessions, the Reiki practitioner, trained to access and serve as a channel for the life energy, places her hands on the clienta€™s body and uses a passive touch that some clients experience with warmth or tingling. The hands remain in position for 3-5 minutes, alternately covering 10-12 positions over the body.Reiki is not a religion nor is it related to any religion. It assists practitioners in enhancing their spiritual practice however they choose to practice it. This is THE best relaxtion CD in my collection, even beating Liquid Mind’s Serenity, which for me, is saying a lot!
It also is super mellow and relaxing for people who listen to it in his hot tub (me!) I recommend it, You need it, Go buy it!” Colleen P. Each peice is a bit different and the music clearly follows the ebb and flow of a Reiki treatment. There is even a 3 minute bell that sounds very gently and un-obtrusively for the practitioner should they choose to change hand positions at 3 minute intervals. It is also an instrument of world and community service that eventually harmonizes the earth by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy and goodwill. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a noble tool that hopes to raise onea€™s vibrations toward higher states of awareness and expanded levels of consciousness. Presently being practiced globally by tens of thousands of people of different religions and backgrounds, the Meditation on Twin Hearts is extraordinary in its simplicity with amazing and dramatic results. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and the spiritual teacher and spiritual inspiration to millions of people worldwide introduced this meditation as a powerful tool for spiritual development. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. Pranic HealingA® is a simple yet powerful and effective system of no-touch energy healing originated and developed by GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. It is based on the fundamental principle that the body is a self-repairing living entity that possesses the innate ability to heal itself. Pranic HealingA® works on the principle that the healing process is accelerated by increasing the life force or vital energy on the affected part of the physical body.Pranic HealingA® is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura, or energy body, which is a mold or blueprint that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. This energy body absorbs life energy and distributes it throughout the physical body, to the muscles, organs, glands, etc. The reason Pranic HealingA® works on the energy body is that physical ailments first appear as energetic disruptions in the aura before manifesting as problems in the physical body.
You can learn to perform Pranic HealingA® on yourself and your loved ones in these powerful result-oriented workshops.

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