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USUI Mikao Sensei (1865-1926), the founder of Reiki, attained enlightenment, and a healing ability as a godsend was bestowed upon him in 1922 at the age of 57 while he was fasting and meditating on Mt.
The one who provides the Reiki-Energy, the giver, is the cannel for the energy, and through the hand this energy is given to the receiver.Reiki works at a physical level, and is relaxing and pleasant. I think working with you, one on one, or up to three, is the best way to help you on your spiritual development.I work out of my home in Calgary, McKenzie Towne. Music continues at end and increases in tempo to help bring clients to fully awake in a gentle way. And, finally, it works on the mental level too, helping you to cope with everyday stress better. We had a big tree in my front yard, it was really two trees that had grown so close together that they blended into one big tree. It was easy to climb, and had a spot close to the ground for my feet, so I could hoist myself up. I didn't have to climb up that far to be part of the green leaves - there was kind of a built in seat for me. I spent many afternoons either in her branches or at her base sitting on the grass, reading a book, or daydreaming, until a butterfly caught my attention - and I felt close to GOD.
We had an appreciation time andA  sing-a-long group for about a half hourA  every evening, and we also met for a small service on Sunday.
One night I didn't join the group, but watched everything from the hill that overlooked the clearing.
I used to go to the clearing alone to stand among the trees that surrounded it, and I become one with them, and GOD was very close to me then. When the rings are close together, its a fast or even rapid period of growth, and then it may slow down again. One side may be a little lopsided, and grow faster than the other, and in the winter when it is dormant, there is still growth, its just very slow.
And if by chance it gets "knocked down to its knees," it is still able to be useful by providing a home to other animals.

And like the tree that plants deep roots, my feet have been firmly planted on the ground, even though my head may have been in the air, and my leaves may have withered at times. A My introduction to several authors and teachers had a wonderful influence on my metaphysical beliefs that everything in the universe is a living energy. After a car accident and a few other injuries, I experienced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia symptoms. I went on Star Watches with my son, we went searching for screech owls with the Park Ranger at nearby Tyler State Park. I breathed in the fresh air and drank in the beauty of it all, and I found GOD in these places, and they replenished me, and they nurtured me.
Now every-A  thing had escalated into full blown Fibromyalgia with Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and a few other symptoms.
I slowly disengaged from doing the things that I loved to do.A Then came the day when I was looking out at the trees in my back yard, and I was overwhelmed to reach out to GOD for help, to please help me, help myself. Soon, I started to commune with my own Angels and Spirit Guides, I began to pay attention to the messages I was receiving.
A I also had always believed in alternate lifetimes and reincarnation, and I had some unexplained feelings and memories as a child and young teenager.
I also experienced more than one traumatic event as a child, a teen, and a young adult, resulting in my putting up blocks to some of the incoming information at different times. I began seeing my Guides, Angels and Light Beings, as well as people who had crossed over with my physical eyes.A Several years ago, a dear friend of mine developed a tumor on her kidney, that had also invaded the surrounding tissue. With love and Divine Guidance the tumor shrunk substantially in size, and was very easily removed by the doctors, as it was no longer in the surrounding tissue, but remained only a pea size on the kidney.
With her faith in the process and Divine Timing, my friend was ready to experience a healing.A A  A  I began hearing myself addressed as Arianna, when my guides spoke to me. Everything in the Universe is a vibration, and I resonate with the vibration of the name Arianna, as one would resonate to a beautiful piece of music that stirs the soul. So whether I am called Barbara or Arianna, it is my one True Spirit, my Divine Light Within that is making the connection to All That Is.

I also became very interested in Angels in the early 90's.A  So, while I sought out Reiki and IET, the rest has been presented to me in a most synchronistic way without my having to search for it. I was in contact with Madame Helena Blavatsky and the Inner Circle of Twelve and later with Alice Bailey. When severalA  Ascended Masters connected with me, I was given further direction for my life's purpose. I share some of these in my classes and workshops, to let people know what amazing possibilities exist in our Universe.A  A My path has empowered me to help myself to heal and to reach for the stars on this sacred journey of my life.
As I help others, I am learning and growing and helping myself as well.A There are a few trees in Tyler State Park, that I want to paint one day. I am still in awe of this tree every time I walk by.A  A I am fortunate to joyfully work in a beautiful and peaceful healing room on the lower level walk out basement of my house.
The large windows overlook a beautiful wooded area that is often visited by many birds and deer.
I didn't have to climb up that far to be part of the green leaves - there was kind of a built in seat for me.
One night I didn't join the group, but watched everything from the hill that overlooked the clearing. When severalA  Ascended Masters connected with me, I was given further direction for my life's purpose. Arianna has also been trained and initiated into the art of ancient Vedic Wisdom and healing techniques from India.
We will be working with all of the Abraham Hicks teachings, & the Four Agreements books.
What we gain from practicing the processes, we may then pass on to others and in turn helping the planet.Insightful discussions, books, movies, audio books, and the occasional Sunday Brunch meeting.

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