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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the third of three reiki symbols introduced to Reiki practitioners. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is given so that Reiki II practitioners may adminsiter distant healing over space and time. All Reiki Symbols Revealed CEUs Professional Certification Workshop focuses on First, Second and Master Degrees.6 CEUs.
Easily Solve ProblemsBe inspired, motivated and develop creative problem solving.Pain ControlEliminate Pain.
It tells you each month about more Reiki symbols revealed, new massage therapy CEUs, aromatherapy certifications and more.

Basic And Advanced Medical Massage, Whiplash, neck fascia muscle pain, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, low back muscle pain, TMJ Dysfunction, jaw fascia muscle pain, Frozen Shoulder muscle pain. Different Positions For Hips, Abs, Bends, Core Muscles, Inversions, Vinyasa And Meditations. This thorough training includes all Reiki symbols revealed, history of Reiki, how to perform self-healing and distant-healing, clearing the Chakras and Meridians, and how to use Reiki in the students everyday life.Since 1997, Scott has instructed the Advanced Master Bodyworker Massage Program at Florida College of Natural Health. Included in this program is an extensive training in Reiki healing.Scott has a successful massage therapy practice which includes Reiki treatments.
Presented In Florida.Reiki First Degree - 6 CEUs - $180The student will study the history of Reiki and its founders as well as visualize and use the Reiki symbols for self-healing.

They will practice clearing and balancing the Chakra's and meridians as well as a full-body Reiki treatment. The students will also discover how to blend Reiki into a massage therapy session, and how to saturate essential oils with Reiki energy.Reiki Second Degree - 6 CEUs - $180The student will study and review the history of Reiki and its founders as well as visualize and use the Reiki symbols for distant-healing.

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