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The Orange Regional Medical Group Primary Care Office in Monroe is closed today due to a lack of heat.
Drawing from this life force, Orange Regional Medical Center is pleased to offer Reiki Therapy to its patients as a natural approach to healing and wellness by channeling energy. Orange Regional’s Reiki Therapy program was made possible by the Holistic Health Consultants of the Hudson Valley with generous funding from the Corinne Feller Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness. How does Reiki Therapy work? Conducted in a quiet environment, the patient will sit or lie comfortably, fully clothed while a certified Reiki Practitioner conducts a session.
How will I feel after a Reiki Therapy session? Each person responds to Reiki Therapy individually. What are the Benefits of Reiki Therapy? Patients in the hospital setting experience many stressors that can weaken the function of the immune system and interfere with healing. How do I request a session? Patients should notify their physicians to request a Reiki Therapy session. Orange Regional's Reiki Therapy program was made possible through funding from the Corinne Feller Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research and Awareness. Corinne Feller was a life-long Montgomery, New York resident and standout student and athlete at Valley Central High School.
The Pet Therapy Program at Orange Regional was created to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our patients on a daily basis.
A visit by a therapy dog and their handler not only helps brighten the day for our patients but also brings joy to our staff and visitors. AromatherapyAromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses medicinal grade therapeutic essential oils that can be applied alone, in its purest form, or mixed with a carrier oil. Reiki Toronto wellness practitioner Elissa Barclay has a degree in psychology and Counselling she specializes in an ‘Integrated Healing Approach’ (IHA). Elissa’s unique approach to healing recognizes the importance of the traditional medical model when required. While recognizing the importance of medicinal intervention when required, Elissa Barclay attributes the success of her reiki Toronto practice to the belief that an integrated holistic approach to healing recognizes and treats the causes, resulting in long-term benefits and whole body wellness. Physical parts of the body, mental processes, relationships and spiritual connections work together to form an entity.
A spiritual, holistic view of health has gained rapid acceptance and is being applied in clinical settings in modern society. Elissa Barclay’s Integrated Therapy was designed for whole person wellness and most clients see an improvement in their well-being, and notice changes in their mental, spiritual, and physical health within a few sessions.
By considering all aspects of your personal health and well-being, Elissa’s integrated holistic healing practices will help you feel better understood so you come away feeling refreshed and rebalanced. Whether you have just one particular problem or are suffering from both physical and mental ailments, rest assured there are proactive solutions that will provide the treatment you deserve. The key to finding your personal well-being is to work with a professional who really listens to what you have to say and has the expertise to provide an integrated whole body solution.
At Reiki Toronto Barclay brings her education, training and broad experience together to provide the crucial understanding of root issues and therapies. To learn more about how you could benefit from Elissa’s integrated approach, book an introductory Holistic Assessment Consultation today.
For example, Good health is dependent on the physical, the mental, personal relationships and spiritual connections. Elissa’s background in psychology combined with a spiritual and holistic view, has gained rapid acceptance in clinical settings. Trauma, PTSD, Severe Stress, OCD, and other Physical and Mental Disorders will not Solve Themselves. Elissa Barclay brings her diverse education, training and broad personal experience together to help one discover the crucial roots of their dis-ease.
If you suffer from one particular problem or a combination of mental and physical ailments, rest assured at Reiki Toronto there are pro-active solutions Elissa offers to provide the treatment you deserve. By combining holistic assessment, consultation, psychology, Reiki massage you will be steered through your difficult times.
Reiki Toronto – Healing therapy services is open Monday to Friday by appointment only.
Meals to Heal has changed its name to Savor Health because we know cancer patients and their caregivers need more than just meals delivered. New principles and methods that turn off the subconsciously controlling stress in your past. You will not be able to find this information at Reiki training classes or Holistic healing courses!
Try watching these videos before you start looking for Reiki training classes or Reiki masters. What makes Reiki so different from world famous methods like tai chi, reflexology massage and other alternative healing therapies? There are a lot of Reiki classes, training courses, seminars, private lessons and authorized Reiki schools that you can attend to learn about the benefits of Reiki. Most popular schools of Reiki are: Mikao Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Gendai Reiki, these schools take origin in the names of the Reiki masters and teachers that founded them (you can find a bio on each school founder on the internet).
There are Reiki symbols (special signs and hieroglyphs) that are used to speed up the process of connecting a person to higher energies during Reiki degree initiation or attunement. Nevertheless, it is not the goal of this article to describe in details all principles, techniques and benefits of different Reiki schools.
The goal of this article is to go beyond Reiki and show that there is a broader picture of the world. At first, let's take a more detailed look at the limitedness of spiritual energy healing practices as a whole. Let's turn to the physics of higher planes of matter existence and modern scientific research of the energyinformational interaction processes. On video: Vyacheslav Gubanov, President of IISE (International Institute of Social Ecology).
Above human Aura there are three more shells that exist on the higher planes of matter existence: emotional, intellectual and programming shell. Emotional shell is formed in the process of “making the foam” on the surface of the human Aura or the Field.
So, you probably also know (it has been even proved by independent research conducted by psychologists and physiologists) that people with optimistic worldview and those who often feel passion for their life, as a rule, have a lot less chance of catching a cold or getting sick with any other virus type diseases. Now, let's look at this problem through the eyes of Reiki practitioners: if a person is energy-lacking (which results in being tired all the time, chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, catching a cold or flu and so on) then you have to raise the energy level of this person by filling his or her Aura with “pure” cosmic energy that flows through the hands of a Reiki healer. Reiki energy that flows from an external source and channelled by a practitioner is not better than a pill.
If we add 4-th dimension (which is time), to the described above shells, then we will get the following material object that exists on the higher planes of matter existence. The body of memory records all the stress situations that have happened to us throughout the whole life. When the graph of so called "life line" is taken, it can be taken using the methods of «Infosomatics», it is possible to see what stressful situations a person was able to correctly recover from and what stress still has influence on the psyche.
So, if someone has a lot of stressful situations in the past that he or she didn’t correct, then a rather big amount of energy is “leaking” from the present into these holes in the past to cover for energy-informational debts. Now, let's once again look at the possible deformations of the human Aura shown on the picture 1 at the beginning of this article and on the picture 11 below.
Such deformations of human Aura could be caused not only by the nondischarged stresses from the past. So if certain techniques are not used to protect oneself from such energy vampires in the close zone, one quickly starts to “fall apart”. It can be done as follows: just click on this link and you will find a special Infosomatic technique that helps you disconnect from energyinformational parasites (vampires). At the place of a human figure imagine the one who you think might be “sucking” on you (the one who you think might be the energy vampire). You will notice a reaction in your body: if you feel a wave of warmth after or during the process of the technique, if your mood gets better, if you feel the tingling sensation in your body, your feet or palms get a little sweaty then you hit the right target and just got rid of one parasite connection that was causing the leakage of your life energy!
Don’t be surprised if after this very simple technique some of your sicknesses will start to disappear!
As the research of Masaru Emoto shows, water saves the information about the trajectory of its movement and after it goes through the water pipes it dramatically changes its energyinformational characteristics. You have to take into account the fact that everyone is being watched by the Higher forces. Before we finish, we would like to warn all healers, Reiki masters and practitioners of Reiki treatment methods about the safety measures that have to be followed during the healing sessions. A very strong energy informational connection is created between the client and the healer during such sessions! From the standpoint of Nature the safe time period for practicing Reiki healing massage is not more than 5 years! If people would allow themselves to identify and shake off all those “free riders” as well as eliminate main subconscious controlling stresses in their past, then there will be no need to practice Reiki healing.
At the end, we would like to point out the most important thing: from the standpoint of Nature, the only correct way of assistance or help is the one where the work in fixing the mistakes is done by the person independently!

It is true, because any problem (with health, in business or in personal relationships) is given by the higher forces to someone as a lesson that he or she has to learn and stop repeating the mistakes of the past in the future! If a healer is offering to take the responsibility for the mistakes of the client by going over the head and giving unauthorized healing stimulant instead of letting the client learn the lesson, then this healer invades the territory of Higher forces.
You can learn new ways of how to stay healthy and successful that are beyond Reiki healing!
Though mostly invisible to the naked eye, it is keenly felt through the positive balancing sensations physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki is a complementary healing therapy that, when combined with traditional therapy as prescribed by a physician, promotes relaxation and comfort. Corinne touched many lives with her generosity of spirit, commitment to fairness, and social consciousness. With the understanding that some patients have health restrictions that prevent them from being visited, the Pet Therapy Program works in collaboration with the hospital’s departments, excluding the Intensive and Progressive Care Units. Essential oils are highly fragrant natural extracts taken from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant.
But restoring your natural health and prevention of recurrences are not the only benefits – holistic therapies can also be extremely effective in delivering immediate relief of pain. Parts of the body are not segregated from one another nor do they work independently of each other. With her grounding of knowledge in psychology, Elissa Barclay is able to see first-hand the science that goes hand in hand with the field of psychosomatic maladies and illnesses. By taking the first steps towards full body and mind health you will be ready, willing and able to take on life’s challenges.
By combining holistic assessment, consultation, Reiki massage and personalized counselling, you will be well on your way to getting through your most difficult times. Elissa’s approach is an extension of the current recognition that a person is the sum of all these parts. This allows her to see that science goes hand in hand with the field of psychosomatic maladies and illnesses. Elissa’s Integrated Holistic Healing Practices will help you better understand these connections and leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. One does not need to be ill to benefit from these therapies as they are excellent preventative measures for all disease.
You told us that you wanted a personal nutrition concierge to provide you with the right resources at every point in your cancer journey so that you can savor everything in your life - your family, your friends and, of course, your food! Reiki (from Japanese words: Rei – spirit, soul, Ki – energy, mind) is one of the most popular energy healing practices in the world. Most major cities have at least one Reiki school where people can receieve Reiki massage or get initiated (or attunement) to one of the Reiki levels.
In our search for the answer, let's skip popular opinions of different Reiki therapy schools, subjective valuations of the Power of Reiki described in the reports on Reiki healing sessions. Method of taking characteristics of each Chakra of a human using the methods of "Infosomatics". We have a very positive attitude towards Reiki as a whole and towards all Reiki masters, teachers, healers and professionals that help people using methods of energy healing. This research has been carried out in the field of the new spiritual science "Infosomatics" by the International Institute of Social Ecology. It is created by the energyinformational radiation of human organs and systems as well as by the movement of the controlling signals in the brain that go through active biological points of the body. It happens when people have positive feelings of joy, happiness or pleasure from any process that happens in their life.
However, those who are constantly in the state of depression or resentment get sick more often! The way that shells on the higher planes are formed and configured (as well as the physical shell) is far from being static. It is possible to track them by analyzing the deformed configurations of shells during certain periods of time. Mental body with deformed configurations of higher plane shells during the flow of time all the way to total disappearance of all the shells (shells are being «eaten») accept for the physical shell (areas of red color). It means that those holes are the “F's” in the school of life and that you will need to retake the exams in order to correct your mistakes. This can be done only through working with the person’s past and helping him or her discover, re-write and eliminate main subconscious controlling stresses that are causing such energy leakage from the present.
Deformation of donor's Aura in times of energy vampirism and increase in the size of the acceptor's Aura in the consumed energy spectrum. In Reiki or other energy healing practices there is no place for the concepts of parasites and donors.
It could be your boss or subordinate or maybe your relative that constantly spoils your life and makes you feel discomfort. It will happen by itself and without a need to refill your Aura from an external source or conduct Reiki healing sessions!
Flat-parallel cosmic rays (that are shown by the wavy lines at the top) are called the channel of pure energy in the Reiki healing schools.
The channel of attracted Reiki healing energy most certainly has to go through the programming, intellectual and emotional shell of the healer. You also have to agree that people living on our planet need to realize and take responsibility for violating the Laws of Nature.
We were able to reach very high level in energy healing practices and Reiki treatment techniques. During this period, the Higher forces “clean up and fix” all the mistakes and incorrect behavior that was done by the one who is being guided.
However, Nature intended for people to live and be healthy without the need to forcefully attract large amounts of energy for personal use! It is the level of informational help and not the level of energy healing or Reiki treatments. An expert can only help by showing the areas that need correction, by diagnosing the bodies of higher planes, by showing techniques and worldview models that help quickly correct and re-write mistakes of the past, present and possible future!
This method guarantees the absence of the energyinformational connections on any higher plane of existence after the work is done. It is the call to change your own worldview in regards to certain events in life and become more powerful in that new quality! The Higher forces are just like strict schoolteachers, they can give an “F” and this can mean more troubled karma and worse state of health. Maybe it is better to learn the laws and just stop making the same mistakes on the road of life?
Learn more about Reiki by reading the FAQ, or if you have a specific question regarding the use of Reiki, please email me.
A number of oils can be blended together and tailored to a patient’s individualized needs. Elissa takes the time to understand your personal needs be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It often brings about more problems due to uncontrollable side effects from prescribed medications and invasive techniques. Rather, the human body is an orchestrated machinery that constantly is affected by various organs and their vitality. Clients leave sessions with the feeling that they have a renewed sense of overall well-being and hope.
IHA was designed for the whole person wellness where most clients notice changes in their mental, spiritual and physical health within a few sessions.
It is considered to be a “fact” that Reiki masters and practitioners use «pure» (in theory O) spiritual energy of cosmos. Can spiritual energy that is channelled through the hands of a Reiki healing practitioner be pure for the sole reason of it being originated from Cosmos? We will just give some details on the physical, energy and emotional shells of a person and ways they interact with each other. It means that when people experience positive emotions in their life, their emotional shell becomes bigger (the shell actually becomes bigger in size).
The unhappy ones just don’t have enough "air" in their emotional shell or the shell could be missing altogether. It consists of different configurations of a human Aura and other shells at any given quant of time. It is caused by the stress or when someone is in the area that is influenced by an energy vampire. The Nature will just continue taking the energy to cover the debt until you start to clean up your own “Augean stables” and correct your lifeline!
The work should be carried out by the client him or herself together with an expert who will be facilitating the whole process. Holes in the barrel (which is a human Aura) that cause the uncontrolled energy leakage, are not being fixed and they can’t just disappear.
To keep a healthy state, a person with “the holes” has to attract more and more energy from the surrounding environment.

However, you will not find this information at any Reiki class, training, course or any Reiki healing related book! It also could be you sexual partner that constantly harasses you by his or her jealous fits and tries to have total control of your life.
This energy channel most definitely goes through the programming, intellectual and emotional shells of a healer before it reaches recipient's Aura. If someone creates a channel for sublimation of the energy stream and directs it toward any specific point using his or her will, then this person creates the pump as well as the pipeline.
So if you don’t remove these connections using special methods or if you don’t care about their existence, then in a very short period of time the health of the healer starts to get worse and worse. The higher-self and spiritual Guides do it so the person can get valuable experience and learn about the Field, consciousness and the need in spirituality.
As our research showed, many people use Reiki techniques daily to increase their own wellbeing and to heal themselves. It's “Infosomatics” – the new science field that allows you to solve the problems with the body and with the worldview independently without the use of external energy sources or outside intrusions. There is no mixing of human Auras and creation of karmic connections that occurs during ANY type of help provided by an energy healer or Reiki practitioner.
The expert in this case just uses his or her experience, knowledge and techniques, the expert just tries to deliver the core lesson using the language that can be easily understood! Both good and bad students can get a bad grade, especially when it becomes known that the last test was given to the bad student but the good student was the one who wrote the test and signed the exam with the bad student’s name and all of it is happening in the school of life of that bad student. You have to realize, that’s only then you will have strong health, success in business, harmony in your family and true joy and passion in your eyes. It is a relaxation technique that releases and restores energy flow, allowing the body’s own natural healing ability to work. Her untimely death brought to light the need for heightened awareness about ovarian cancer and increased funding for research to find a cure. The oils are absorbed by the body through the skin or through inhalation, promoting a healing energy.
Elissa provides support and integrates a personalized treatment to help heal the whole person. Most physical and mental problems are a result of an imbalance caused by more than one factor such as Nutrition, exercise, social interactions and peace of mind. Elissa Barclay’s IHA combines the holistic factors of nutrition, body wellness and healthy social interaction. The main idea of Reiki is that all sicknesses are related to the lack of energy or excess of it in certain organs and systems of our body.
Supposedly this energy is easily consumed by a human body mainly because it is «pure», which implies that it is not colored or polarized by the Reiki practitioner in any way.
What are the long-term consequences of practicing this type of "hands on healing" for the clients, Reiki masters and healers? However, after we mastered those therapies, we had to go higher and become professionals on those levels.
The main function of the emotional shell is to collect flat-parallel cosmic rays (on the picture – the wavy lines on the top) on the crown of a recipient's head. In the case when the human Aura is not getting needed amount of energy from above (from the emotional shell) it becomes smaller in size.
By getting a boost from the outside stimulant during the Reiki treatment session, you do not solve the main problem that is related to the worldview. They are constantly changing depending on the stress that people feel in the difficult situations they encounter. When stress is eliminated, it no longer has controlling subconscious programming influence on present or possible future. Someone with a big number of blockages or stress in the past turns into an energy vampire, especially, if those situations were incorrectly dealt with.
It happens when people are effected by the subconscious controlling stresses on their lifeline.
You can carry out this technique by playing the cartoon from the link on the website or just play it in your imagination! From their own energy shell (to be more precise, only from the level of 5th chakra) a Reiki healer or practitioner can create an energy channel directed to the subject he or she is trying to help.
Healers and Reiki therapists “expiate the sins” that were intended for the patients by the Higher forces without the right to do so! In this case the healer turns from someone who gives energy into the one who now needs to receive the energy of others. It is done with the help of Infosomatic techniques, knowledge of Nature's laws and the physics of higher planes of matter existence! The expert helps the one to go through the lesson quickly, using the fastest way possible and pass the exam that was given by the Higher forces.
You will finally find out and realize how to use the magic of the “philosophical stone” (your own brain) in practice!
When receiving a session from an accredited Orange Regional Reiki Practitioner, these energy centers return to a more balanced state. Aromatherapy is a complementary healing therapy that, when combined with traditional therapy as prescribed by a physician, promotes relaxation and comfort.
In treating the root causes of disease the long-term benefits of whole body and mind wellness includes relief from physical or mental pain as well as side effects from prescribed medications, surgeries and other traditional medical practices. When there is a distortion in human Aura, a Reiki practitioner uses his or her hands (that's why it is also called "healing hands" or "hands on healing") to fill that specific zone with the life energy - «Ki». In this article we will explain why it is impossible for Reiki energy to be absolutely pure after it goes through hands of a Reiki master or practitioner.
You can easily find feedback from people who had Reiki massage or attended one of the Reiki classes. How effective and stable are the results from Reiki massage or so called "hands on healing treatment"? Now, we hold the firm position of “no interference” in energy fields of others, no matter what method is used or what is the reason for the interference.
Incorrect interaction on the higher planes can be the true cause of the problem or a blockage. That is when human Aura stops protecting the physical body from the programming influences of different types of viruses. Own energy reserves of a human Aura that are being generated in the present are often depleted and are not enough to cover the holes in the past.
They should not compensate the patient’s debts through their actions (this is by the way, the main conceptual mistakes in all types of energy therapy). This kind of Reiki treatment therapists begin to consume the energy not only from their current clients, but also (which is quite interesting) from all the previous clients as well. So why the resources that are given by Nature are not enough and one has to apply additional force to be in the normal state?! And by the way, the effect from this type of help is much more powerful and stable when compared to the described above healing practices like Reiki! This energy is synthesized and then channelled by a Reiki practitioner from the surrounding environment (Cosmos).
We will use laws of physics that work on the higher planes of matter existence to prove it. We saw the side effects, violation of the safety measures and laws of Nature as well as limitedness of Reiki and other energy healing practices.
Human Aura can be compared to the atmosphere of the Planet Earth that protects our planet from the sun radiation and meteorites. If you don’t know who is “stealing” your life energy, allow your subconscious mind to make the choice for you: just close your eyes and try to see the image of that someone.
That is why the declaration that Reiki healing energy stream is “pure” is a myth that can be perceived as truth only by amateurs and simpletons. The healer has access to those energyinformational connections that were established earlier in the process of the previous sessions. It is because there is only one “master” who does the work, but there are seven parasites that take the pickings and hang on the neck, body, brains and the bodies of higher planes of the practitioner. It is commonly accepted that Reiki massage helps to create a channel of «pure» Reiki energy, which may be used to fill the injured organs and systems of the patient with Rei-ki. The help that was received against Nature will be quickly wasted since you don't know the way to independently replenish your own energy.
Through "healing hands" a Reiki practitioner recovers all the distortions in patient's Aura.
You can just stop talking to the people who cause the bad mood or simply change the place of work if it causes depression or resentment! Thus, as soon as the energy level drops down to the level that you had before, the sickness or problem comes back again!

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