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Total Reiki Mastery – Discussions on the Spiritual Practice of Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Reiki History, Reiki Theory and Reiki Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Tips and Techniques.
I can already hear some of the same grunts and groans I heard when my The Dark Side of Reiki post went live, so let me start off with a quick, but gentle, admonition that things may not be what they seem.
Which, I think, is exactly the point… the word occult, does not mean what most people believe it to mean.
So, looking at Reiki as something hidden, or obscured, while still not totally factual… adds a bit of a twist to it that explains a lot. First, I think the only real obscuring or hiding of Reiki comes from the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the organization started by Dr. Diane Stein, in her Essential Reiki guide was perhaps the first to take the coveted Reiki symbols and put them into print. For further explanation or discussion, your thoughts are most welcome and highly encouraged, please feel free to comment below!!! Very good point, it annoys me when people immediately assume and connect the word occult with evil and Satanism which is entirely not the case, they also do the same thing with the pentagram symbol which simply represents the 5 elements of fire, air, water, earth and spirit. The word “reiki” in Japanese translates roughly as “universal life force energy.” Reiki is a specific form of energetic healing that is becoming increasingly well known for the array of outcomes it can facilitate. One of the aims of Reiki is to break down old and habitual patterns of being and perceiving to clear obscurations. Reiki 2 or Reiki Master may also be used as an elective option for the Diploma of Energy Healing. Develop greater awareness of the Oneness of being, our connection with All that is, in a profound space of unconditional love.
Learning how to work with clients and their presenting issues is part of effective healing practice. We used a recorded sound healing session from my amazing sound healing teacher Christo Pellani (seriously one of the best Sound Healers in the world) during your attunement. So, not only are you receiving your Reiki Master attunement, you get a sound healing session as well!
The Reiki Master Course Training is designed for the Reiki practitioner who is ready to take his or her Reiki practice to the next level. The Reiki Master Teacher online course costs $400 and is taught over Skype in one-on-one sessions until we are both confident you’re ready to attune others to this powerful ancient Japanese healing modality. The beautiful Reiki Master Certificate that will be mailed to you upon completion of the Reiki training.
I would also want to send you my Reiki I and II manuals, so that you would know what I cover in those classes and so you would have an idea of how you could structure your own Reiki I & II trainings if teaching is something you want to do.
So, yes, if you took the Reiki Master Class, I would attune you to all the symbols I know (except for one that is personal for me right now!
We haven’t quite figured out the dates and prices for this year’s upcoming Sedona Reiki Retreat. The price will probably be around $1200 – which will include lodging, all meals, Reiki I and II certification and training, yoga classes, sound healing, hikes and more – but we are definitely still figuring it all out!
We are having a Reiki I retreat in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego) in April as well, which will be a Fri-Sun and will probably be around $750. The best way to let you know about exact dates and prices would be for you to sign up for the Reiki Training Classes newsletter, since we’ll tell everyone about early bird discounts and special rates and everything. So I think it would be too much to do all in one week, but you actually gave me a great idea – why not have a Reiki Master Training Retreat in Sedona! To answer your questions, yes, you would want to take the Reiki I and Reiki II courses before you can take the Reiki Master Class. For example, in Reiki I you learn how to give a complete Reiki session to yourself and to another person.
I am actually putting the finishing touches on the Reiki Master Teacher video course that I filmed in Sedona, AZ.
But when the Master Class is ready, I would like to see copies of your certificates if you have them.
Yes, you can definitely send Reiki to yourself and the time you spent in your mother’s uterus.
I often recommend to people who take my Reiki II class online to use the Distance Healing Symbol to send Reiki to themselves and their moms when they were first born and came into this particular existence.
I would see people that I practiced on feeling the Reiki, either by falling asleep or having powerful experiences.

Over the last few years, my Reiki practice has been more about me really working with myself and sending Reiki to myself. When I offer Reiki healing sessions to people in-person or long-distance, my experience is usually feeling very meditative and relaxed. But overall, my experience really has been a deepening of my relationship with Reiki over time. Complete guide to both, Reiki as a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment and Reiki as a healing art. Reiki is performed by a practitioner channelling and directing Universal energy through their hands which may be placed lightly on the body or held slightly above it, in different positions.
The Reiki Circle is for anyone who’s completed a minimum of Reiki 1 and is held one Sat each term. The healing art of Reiki teaches us to work in balance and harmony with the Universal Life force, allowing energy to flow through us and be of benefit unconditionally to self, others, animals and our environment. Further enhance your Reiki skills for yourself or within a therapeutic setting and as a path of spiritual development.
In this subject you will learn about the basic theory and frameworks of soul centred counselling and practise the fundamental mind-body skills and methods in a supportive environment.
Working with Reiki is a spiritual practice which assists us in developing greater compassion and acknowledging our oneness with all.
In this advanced level III Reiki class, you will become a Reiki Master, receiving thirty-plus additional symbols, a Reiki Master Manual and a Reiki Master Certificate upon completion. Let’s see, the Reiki Master class training usually lasts about eight weeks, and we meet once a week for an hour over Skype for a total of eight sessions.
I’m sure you would be fine as long as you know the basics, like The Power Symbol, The Mental Emotional Symbol, the Distance Healing Symbol, etc. The 2014 Retreat was a full seven days, but this year I think we might have it from Thurs-Sun, since a lot of people wanted to go, but taking off a full week was just too much for them.
I would be happy to attune you to the Reiki Master Level as long as you’ve already taken Reiki I and Reiki II elsewhere. After each Reiki attunement, you go through a restructuring of your energy for a few weeks afterward, as you adjust to being able to hold more healing Reiki light energy in your body. The online Reiki classes I teach are certified, and you do receive Reiki certificates for each level.
I would love to attune you to Reiki if that is the right decision for you, I know how much it has really helped me in my life. The only thing is that I am focusing on getting my online Reiki video courses ready (they will be available August 13th), so I’m not teaching any one-on-one online Reiki classes until then so I can get everything ready. I’ve put the one-on-one, private Reiki classes on hold for the time being while I finish the rest of the video classes unfortunately.
You can also send distance Reiki back into time to your ancestors and those that walked before you in your familial line. In the beginning, when I first started out with taking my Reiki training, I couldn’t feel anything at all in my hands for about six months. Reiki really brings me into the present moment in a way that I haven’t really experienced apart from meditation. I use it every day – on my food, in the morning and at night with the five Reiki principles and also turning my Reiki on as I fall asleep. Over time, I think you will start to feel more and more as you become accustomed to the subtle vibrations and energy in general. Send me email announcements, notices, special offers and other information that may be of interest to me from Canadian Immigrant. Methods for developing your Reiki Practice and learning to master the awesome Reiki Energies.
We almost need a degree in psychology to get an understanding of the people we are explaining Reiki to in order to understand the best way to explain it to them! Clients may experience a range of sensations during a treatment along with a deep sense of relaxation.
Reiki is much more than a therapeutic tool, it is a path of self empowerment, a spiritual journey inviting us to be deeply centred in the heart. In this course we explore the meaning and application of the traditional Reiki symbols, as taught by Mikao Usui.
You will learn how to be with, hold and support the integration of a client’s process to enable them to connect with a different level of their experience.

Connecting closely with the original philosophy of Dr Mikao Usui this workshop incorporates meditation, energetic healing practices and chi moving exercises. However, I really want people in the Master class to feel comfortable attuning other people and also teaching their own Reiki classes if they so desire, so if need be we have held an extra class or two, just to make sure! As long as you know those and also how to give a Reiki treatment to another person, that’s just fine. You would also learn how to give attunements all the way up to the Reiki Master level, and we would also talk about creating your own classes if you were interested in that. I’d like to possibly join the Sedona trip this year but would like more information on dates and prices. I would want to go over what I personally cover in those online classes with you, just to make sure that we are on the same page, especially since I would be attuning you to the Master Level. I actually never planned on teaching Reiki, I just wanted to use it to heal myself, but life had other ideas apparently! In Reiki II, you learn additional Reiki symbols, and you also learn how to send Reiki long distance, back into the past and forward into the future. Basically, you’re becoming a better channel for the Reiki energy with each attunement. If you buy the Reiki I, II and Master Classes all together (and you can wait until after a couple of our Reiki I classes to make sure it’s a great fit), the price is $700.
I just finished Reiki I, and am working on Reiki II, the Master Class and Animal Reiki now. I use the Long-Distance Reiki Healing Symbol on myself almost every day, and to all situations including memories from other lives. But even though I didn’t feel anything physically, I knew that something was happening because of the non-physical effects, like unresolved emotions coming up, or having a stomachache and sending Reiki to myself and feeling better in less than five minutes. It usually energizes me, although sometimes afterward I do feel like I have lower energy while I integrate things within myself. I use it during the day if I go into a room that feels off or when I meditate, practice yoga or write. Perhaps it’s not in the explanation, but in the way we deliver the explanation that is responsible for this. I would also want to make sure that you have already been attuned to certain Reiki symbols and so forth.
You also receive a Reiki attunement (kind of like an initiation or a ceremony introducing you to the Reiki energy) for each level. We also go into the chakras in detail, talk about protecting yourself from unwanted energies, how to use a Reiki pendulum in your sessions, how to manifest with Reiki, and so on.
The journey of Reiki is definitely one of self-healing above all else, a spiritual healing practice you do to honor your soul and your true nature, so it’s nice to learn it a little more gradually.
With the Distance Healing Symbol, we have free reign to send Reiki in any direction we feel is best, as long as our intention is to send healing for the highest good of everyone involved.
With self-Reiki, it’s more something that I do in my head without moving a muscle, so that feels different to me. As you radiate love and joy, it allows others to connect with their own love, joy and healing. Through practical experience, meditation and chi moving exercises, participants will learn about distant healing for self, others, situations, ‘space clearing’ and continue their ‘hands-on’ healing work.
You will learn and practice the Reiki attunement process, understanding the effect of conferring attunements for self and others and supporting its integration. In the Reiki Master Course, you learn about 33 new Reiki symbols, and we also really talk about how to attune other people and teach Reiki classes of your own if you so desire. Also, if you plan to teach classes, it’s nice to have personal experiences of your own that you can add into the classes, which often come over time.
Sometimes my hands get really hot, and feel like they are on fire, but other times I don’t feel the transference of energy. The same holds true with scientific explanations,A  artsy-fartsy (as my grandfather put it) explanations, new age mumbo jumbo laced explanations, etc.
Usui charged anything at all for this knowledge, those who sought it were welcomed with open arms… their turning around and selling it was perhaps a bit less cricket, although details of the day are sketchy at best.

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