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Fever blisters are also known as cold sores and is one of the common skin problems in USA affecting millions of people each year. Generally, the intensity of first time infection caused by herpes simplex is more severe than recurrent attacks. If the person is getting affected with fever blisters for first time, he or she would display prominent symptoms. If the person is infected recurrently, then he may have symptoms of sores on the lips and vesicles. Fever blisters are epidemic and it passes on easily from the salivary droplets of the affected person to another. Blisters last for 7-10 days in an individual, depending on his immunity and health condition. This is a type of blister which develops when blood vessels as well as tissues of the dermis become injured minus the epidermis being punctured.
Blood blisters normally develop following a sudden force that is intense for example hard pinch of the skin instead of the slow application of friction that creates normal blisters. If or when blisters get punctured, make certain to keep the skin flap above this raw area in place so this serves as protection.
Blood blisters can be very painful, but ice or ice packs on the area can help with the pain. If the areas about these blisters are red and swollen, soak in Epsom salts as it will offer some relief.
This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The virus of herpes simplex can cause potential danger to people with lowered immunity level.

Your doctor will find and identify lip blisters on physical examination of the lips and mouth cavity. Since it spreads from skin contact, do not allow anyone who is infected to kiss your child. You can try over the counter topical ointments like lidocaine and benzocaine for treating lip blisters. You can also add lysine supplement in your diet and include vitamin C and E for getting protection against herpes simplex virus.
It starts occurring in the mouth and spreads to throat causing painful blisters and difficulty in swallowing.
The blister can be helped with drying by applying zinc cream to the area and it also helps speed the healing.
It may occur due to emotional stress or trauma on the lips or due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. The symptoms and pain may last for two weeks and takes around 10 days for complete healing.
This virus infection affects almost 80% of the worlda€™s population at least once in lifetime. The rate of first time infection is the highest in childhood and is more particular in 1-6 months baby. He would have fever accompanied by burning or tickling sensation in the throat and mouth area. Generally the virus remains active on the nerve cells and starts attacking the person if the situations are favorable. The exact rate of attack is unknown but the symptoms will be severe for first outbreak and moderate during successive outbreaks.

He would prescribe topical ointments like lidocaine or apply benzyl alcohol on the affected area for getting quick relief.
Do not touch moist areas of your body since infection may spread from eyes to genitals and even to other parts.
A lip blister occurs in groups on the upper part of lips and is caused by herpes simplex virus-1.
Some of the other symptoms of fever blisters are fever, swelling in lymph nodes, difficulty in swallowing and pain in the mouth. Depending on the intensity of infection your doctor would prescribe antiviral drugs for destroying virus. Generally the virus attacks your body and remains inactive inside and develops further when you have some infection or fever or weakened immunity due to other reasons. It is very much essential to keep the baby hydrated, since it may refuse to drink or eat anything due to pain and discomfort in throat. However for controlling mild to moderate types of infection, homemade remedies are sufficient. It remains inactive on the nerves of the face and slowly becomes active when the right time comes.
Sometimes, if a person gets overly emotional, he may get infected with virus resulting in fever blisters.

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