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Logos on white or transparent backgrounds (does not include title cards or other title images). Performance:Call quality on both handsets isn't going to give you any trouble, with loud and clean voices in the earpiece, and well-filtered background noise when you are talking, thanks to the noise-canceling mics. 1) Did you notice any dust being trapped underneath the glass in either the One X or One S? Love my HTC Inspire but noticed that most HTC phones overall are great but is supported by a battery that can't match up to the power of the product. Later this year, Tesla Motors will fire up a second production line at its factory in Fremont, California.  This second line will accommodate production of the Tesla Model X. Since both the current Tesla Model S and upcoming Model X share most components, the vehicles will theoretically be able to roll off either of the two lines.  This will provide Tesla with flexibility to produce as demand dictates, meaning that if the automaker needs to manufacture say 70% Model X SUVs and 30% Model S EVs it will have that ability.
Do we know how much production space at Fremont will be used if we add 60,000 gen 3’s to the production rate? I remember Elon being more optimistic, at one point he expected to be making 100,000 Model S and X cars a year, then I also remember him mentioning 70 and now 50 thousand cars. If demand justifies, they can hire and train more workers for a swing shift from say 4pm to midnight. If Elon’s goal is to provide EVs for the masses, today is the day to start building them. I thought Tesla said they were already using the new line to make the RHD cars for England, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

In any case, unless there is a component shortage (batteries), Tesla will make as many cars as there is demand — with a lag of a few months, at the most. I think we’ll have to see to what level Model X sales level out after about a year or so of global production.
The CHAdeMO Adapter will be out by the time the X is out, and that will give you both Super Chargers (For Free) and 50 kW Quick Chargers in places without Super Chargers to select from, and anyway – what is Soccer Mom doing going on Safari with the Car? Henry Ford had the same issue when he realized he could not achieve the goal of being a mass market car manufacturer without building the massive Rouge River complex which was needed to process raw iron into cast engine blocks. It’s certainly a common occurrence for a model to take off in the marketplace and companies to hustle to meet demand. B) If it is indeed a production capacity issue then they will need to spend billions to expand capacity. Either scenario is worrisome financially since it means they will need to yet again take on more debt.
Deliveries are down in USA due to capacity, diverting supply elsewhere and recently to some cannibalization due to Model X. B) Hiring and training more workers for a 2nd swing shift or a 3rd graveyard shift will not cost billions.
Every 100,000 cars a car company wants to build takes about $10 billion in total build out capex and opex. If a production line has a 500 car per week limit and there are 13 weeks in a quarder, Q4 could have seen at most 6900 Model S sales.

Q1 figures are in: almost 7500 cars were built in Q1, so we can safely forget the supposed 1000 car per week limit. Changed name to Sneak Preview after Kirk Henderson left and finally to King's X in the mid 80s. As mentioned, the loudspeaker is more powerful on the One X, so you are less likely to miss a call with it than with the One S.In our usage of the HTC One X and One S we didn't notice any unusual drain of the batteries. I would personally get the One X, but that's because nothing about the One S makes me regret buying my GNex like the One X does.
Hence the intense focus on the battery gigafactory, which is needed to ramp up volume on this key component. Listen, if 100,000 people are knocking at the door to buy a Model X, Tesla will find a way to fill those orders. A steady sales rate of 5-10k combined units of Model S and X are easily achievable here if there is consistent supply.
If intensive browsing is involved, though, expect it to tire much faster than the One X, which doesn't consume more energy when displaying white backgrounds as the One S does. It helps that we're getting the S4 version here in Canada which has proven to be superior to the Tegra 3, so the difference in performance may prove to be practically null.

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