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This intelligent technology monitors the temperature in your kitchen, the humidity level inside the fridge, and even your usage patterns - and then makes the appropriate adjustments. Samsung's Digital Inverter Compressor (DIC) intelligently varies its power and running speed as per the immediate cooling requirement of the refrigerator. With the innovative LCD touch screen on the fridge door, you can use apps to keep your family kitchen organized. The Flex Zone mid-convertible drawer with adjustable Smart Divider is a convenient counter-level height fourth drawer. With the Ice Master, you can produce enough ice for any occasion, from an impromptu gathering with friends to your next dinner party. Thaw, chill, or store specific items that require different temperatures from the rest of your food with the CoolSelect Pantry® drawer.
Freezer doors often stick and are difficult to open, but Samsung's EZ-Open Handle makes opening the freezer door a breeze.
Make sure the floor is level and choose a location with sufficient space for air circulation and easy access in case the refrigerator needs maintenance. Samsung refrigerators come in a range of sizes so you must measure your kitchen location to ensure a proper fit. Samsung refrigerators with water and ice dispensers enable families to enjoy freshly chilled water whenever they want.
Samsung refrigerators with ice and water dispensers enable large and small families alike to enjoy fresh water whenever they want. Samsung's Triple & Metal Cooling is a powerful cooling system that includes a stainless steel interior. Open the showcase door for quick access to frequently used items and minimize cold air loss.

The EcoSlim™ technology allows for ultra thin interior walls that increase inside capacity.
The flexible bottom-right door can be a fridge or a freezer, maximizing fresh food storage. Unlike a conventional compressor, DIC does not abruptly start and stop, ensuring consistent, uniform cooling and consuming less energy. Leave notes for your loved ones and display photos from your Picasa library, mobile phone, or SD card. Twin Cooling Plus® technology uses two evaporators with only one compressor to separately control the temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This advanced design creates up to four size adjustable compartments within the drawer for the ultimate in organization. Now you can easily adjust the carbonation levels and switch between chilled still or sparkling water with the touch of a button. Samsung refrigerators feature sophisticated, eco-friendly lighting throughout the interior that illuminates every corner. This fridge within a fridge gives you control of the temperature in one compartment so there's no need to change the temperature of the entire fridge. If you're purchasing a Samsung refrigerator with a water and ice dispenser, ensure that the location has easy access to a water supply.
Measure the amount of space between your counters and under the overhead cabinets in multiple places and use the smallest measurement, as kitchens are never perfectly square.
These dispensers not only save you money, but the convenience of having cool, fresh water and enough ice for almost any occasion is always a handy convenience. These dispensers not only save you money, but the convenience of having cool, fresh water and enough ice for almost any occasion is always a good thing.

By independently controlling the temperature of the fresh food and freezer compartments, the unit maintains high-energy efficiency with faster cooling and higher humidity levels, so the natural moisture in foods is preserved for longer.
Choose between four customizable temperature settings, rangingfrom 5 to -22 degrees Celsius. Less start and stop also means low noise and less wear and tear of internal components, elongating refrigerator life. Stay up to date with all your family activities using Google Calendar, and even get the latest weather and news via Weather Bug and Associated Press or Twitter.
This allows you to maintain humidity at optimal levels so your fresh food will last longer. The Sparkling Water option powered by SodaStream®, coupled with the convenience of a built-in dispenser, saves you from having to buy and store large bottles. LED lighting uses less energy and emits less heat, so it won't affect the temperature of your fridge.
Counter-depth fridges are usually between 25"-27" deep, compared to the traditional 30"-32" depths of other fridges. It also prevents unwanted frost buildup and stops food odour transfer so your food smells and tastes the way nature intended.
Review your home's entry to the kitchen and measure all doorways the refrigerator must pass through.
If you let the app know what ingredients are in your fridge, Epicurious will suggest recipes for amazing meals.

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