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PV panels directly produce electricity from sunlight, while SHC technologies use thermal (heat) energy to change the temperature of water and air.
Most concentrating solar power systems use concentrated sunlight to drive a traditional steam turbine, creating electricity on a large scale. Visit SEIA's solar technology section to learn more about the various types and applications for solar energy systems.
Offices today use large amounts of energy, especially electricity, for heating, air conditioning, lighting, lifts and escalators, automatic doors, computers, photocopiers, fax machines and much more, quite apart from all the energy used in manufacturing industry. For advice on greener careful car use, on alternative fuels and on alternatives to the car, see the Green Choices transport section. The Energy Saving Trust has a section on vehicle and fuel efficiency, with much useful advice, while Freight Best Practice provides advice and information, including on saving fuel, for the freight transport industry. Naturesave commercial insurance for UK based companies, charities and voluntary organisations only includes a free Environmental Performance Review and an Environmental Information and Advice Service throughout the policy period.
We don’t really need an excuse to drink more tea but drinking warm drinks is a great way to keep your hands from getting frosty and warming up your tummy. The fabrics you wear play an important role in your body temperature too. Cotton absorbs moisture from the body so can make you feel colder while wool will trap the heat against your body and keep you warm. Invest in some decent socks like these cosy bamboo socks from Nigel’s Eco Store – it makes a big difference if you can keep your feet warm so layer up a few pairs in needs be!

Check out all our tips for Turning Up The Style and Turning Down The Heat this winter here!
Homeowners and businesses interested in going solar are primarily interested in the first two technologies, while utilities and large-scale energy project developers primarily utilize the latter. PV panels have no moving parts, and use an inverter to change the direct current (DC) power they produce to usable alternating current (AC) power. There are also concentrating solar technologies that use photovoltaic technology to produce electricity without a thermal process. Green Transport Plans provide a way for organisations and companies to manage the transport needs of their employees and visitors.
With each commercial policy, Naturesave will arrange and pay for, if requested, a free Environmental Performance Review of the business’s trading practices. Bundle up in long sleeved tees under jumpers and always keep a chunky cardigan under your desk to throw on if you get chilly.
SHC technologies are often used to heat water for domestic or commercial use, but can also be used to heat or cool the air in buildings.
See the Bright Ideas tipsheet from the Centre for Alternative Technology for details; or use low energy or long life bulbs wherever possible.
Water bills could be costing your company over 1 per cent of business turnover, and many organisations are paying more in water and associated costs than they need to.

See the Green Choices section on cleaning for information on the impacts of cleaning products and alternative brands.
They are not anti-car but they encourage employees to use cars more wisely whilst providing employees with incentives to use alternative modes of transport.
This will assess the potential environmental effects of your company’s commercial activity and the degree to which your company is responding to the demand for environmental accountability. Some office supply companies, for example the Green Stationery Company may be able to supply these or try the Centre for Alternative Technology.
Investing a little time and money in implementing a simple water management plan could reduce water consumption releasing money to be invested in other parts of your business. The list of cleaning product suppliers includes Green Depot, which aims to help businesses become greener and is one of the first companies to wholesale eco goods online.
As well as benefiting the environment this could reduce your exposure to liabilities by identifying and taking action to pre-empt environmental risks and improve your public image. When it comes to buying new office equipment it makes sense to choose the most energy efficient models to save money and reduce CO2, see sust-it’s business section.

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