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Description: This coloring page for kids focuses on saving energy by turning off lights when you leave the room and remembering to turn off the tv when you've finished watching it. Printable Save Energy Coloring Page - Click this link for a printable version of the coloring picture (opens in a new window). When trying to lower your energy use, a good place to start is getting a picture of the many ways you use energy now. An average American uses more than four times as much energy per year than the global average, 308 million British thermal units (Btu) annually, compared to 73 million Btu per person per year globally,according to recent U.S. The most straightforward uses that you can measure and control are probably in the home and through transportation.
Reducing energy use in transportation is guaranteed by replacing car, truck, or motorcycle trips with biking or walking. Nonetheless, social customs, transportation infrastructure, suburban development, weather, and promotion of driving over other forms of transportation make it inconvenient and sometimes impossible to change Americans’ driving habits, at least without changing jobs or moving to a new city.
Other alternatives include public transit, ridesharing, and smaller transportation modes like skateboards, scooters, Segways and even electric bikes. In China, the low-speed electric bicycle is extremely popular and far more efficient than driving or even taking the bus.
Estimating home energy use is getting easier now that utilities have installed smart meters that display electricity demand moment-to-moment.
For devices that cycle on and off, like refrigerators and air conditioners, you’ll divide the resulting number by three. You’ll also want to examine how much natural gas, propane, or other fuels you use for heating and cooling space, heating water, and cooking.
If you’re in the market for replacing you refrigerator or other appliance, and want to find out more about efficient options, a good resource for information is the Energy Star program.
Another detailed resource for tracking your energy-related emissions of greenhouse gas is the Home Energy Saver, built by the U.S.
You can improve your efficiency by replacing appliances and redoing construction, but you can also conserve energy by using less demanding settings, adjusting the thermostat, and turning items like computers and televisions off when they’re unused.
Unlike the days of candles and whale oil lamps, today we have many electrical lighting options. Instead, that type of bulb will be replaced by lower wattage incandescent bulbs, as well as compact fluorescent bulbs and even light-emitting diodes. The standard light bulb has a tungsten filament that exhibits incandescence when electric current travels through it. Compact fluorescent bulbs, the sometimes spiral-looking bulbs, fluoresce instead of incandesce. However, today, a wide array of tools and professionals are available to assess the efficiency of heating and cooling and put it into perspective with cost. Blower door tests change the air pressure inside a building relative to the outside to measure how quickly the air pressure returns to normal. The invention of new electricity-dependent devices outstrips the speed that we are making our homes more efficient. Fuels are often measured in Btu to show how much potential they have to heat water into steam or provide energy in other ways, like to engines. The copy of Siliconeer that you have in your hands has a completely new feel in both content and look.
The argument made to us was simple: There are specialty periodicals to cater to the needs of those interested in technology and science, while the growing community deserves our full attention. While we are at it, we have done a complete revamp of the layout of the magazine (pending some tweaking and fine-tuning).
At Siliconeer we continue to change and evolve and seek new ways to make our magazine a better read and a more satisfying aesthetic experience. Although we have become a general interest magazine, we will continue to keep a keen eye on science and technology, it’ll just be part of a much larger pie. The unassuming Indian scientist, whose research and grassroots work have helped fishery output skyrocket in countries like Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Laos, has won the World Food Prize. He’s an unassuming scientist, but his work has changed the lives of millions in some of the poorest parts of the world. This year, he has been named winner of the $250,000 World Food Prize for his work to enhance nutrition for over one million people, mostly very poor women, through the expansion of aquaculture and fish farming in South and Southeast Asia and Africa. Quinn said Gupta had been selected for this honor based on his work over three decades at the World Fish Center, a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research of the World Bank.
Realizing this, I closely worked with the rural farming communities and the NGOs who have been working at grass root level. Commenting on his career with the World Fish Center, Gupta said, “In my early years at World Fish when I started working with farmers and NGOs in Bangladesh, I was asked why I was doing development work instead of research. In another region of Asia, the lower Mekong basin countries, and at around the same time, the late 1970s, fish farmers were struggling to raise species which did not grow quickly enough. In the late 1980s Gupta worked closely with the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute to find ways to increase fish production through pioneering low-cost aquaculture technologies. With India becoming a magnet for global outsourcing, Western business and management schools are keen to send students to find out what makes India tick, writes Siddharth Srivastava. One indicator that there is something good happening in an economy is when future corporate leaders of the world make it a subject of study. The Indian software sector, with last year earnings of $22 billion (exports over $17 billion) is one enterprise in which India is a leader. Jischke felt that with globalization, multinational firms with operations around the world will and have been showing preference for candidates who have had experience in study abroad as well as exposure to different cultures.
Infosys, which is looking at attracting high-caliber professionals from around the globe, has a global internship program called InStep to introduce students around the world to Infosys and India. In an interview Prabhudev Konana, professor at the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin, said he plans to bring a large contingent of students to visit India soon. The United States Education Foundation of India too has been involved in identifying India-specific study abroad programs that give American students a view of this country. This, however, is not the first time that India has been involved in the education process of Americans.

The interest of foreigners in Indian industry has been at two-levels — one, high-end technology and multinational jobs (for example, in GE, Nokia) and two, language specific requirements further to India emerging as a hub of outsourced jobs catering to international customers.
Elsewhere, hardly a week goes by without Indian IT whiz kids hitting the jackpot somewhere in the world.
Pakistan’s Supreme Court has suspended the acquittals of five men in a notorious gang rape case.
The Supreme Court agreed to suspend the acquittals following appeals by the 33-year-old woman and the government.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry said the court would re-examine the evidence.
A village council allegedly ordered the rape because her younger brother was seen with a woman from the more influential Mastoi clan.
Every year, the average car in the United States is driven 12,300 miles and consumes about 67.8 million Btu worth of fuel. Perhaps you live in an apartment in a big city and commute to work on the train, plug in your phone and computer at work, eat out every day, shower at a gym, and only come home to sleep. If you replace your car every two years, or you have a large home that you’re constantly remodeling, chances are your true energy footprint is much larger than you will be able to calculate.
And even if you plug in at work, it’s quite possible to make a decent ballpark estimate of how much energy that takes, too.
Transportation of goods and people accounted for almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions in 2009, according to the U.S. Yes, getting to work is mandatory perhaps, but a whopping 85 percent of car trips are for shopping, errands, and social or recreational reasons, according to a 2001-2002 government survey.
Depending on the utility that supplies your power, if you have a smart meter, you may already be able to log in online and track your hour-by-hour power use on any particular day, compare weekdays to weekends, or see if the house-sitter blasted the air conditioning. While electric devices tend to be more efficient than gas-powered devices in your home, electric devices actually tend to use more energy overall because of loss of efficiency when the electricity was generated and transmitted to your home.
Our most popular, the standard 100 watt bulb, is being phased out, in part due to Clean Energy Act signed into law by President George W.
Changing the lighting plan, including adding natural light in the form of windows and skylights and solar tubes. Electric current travels through argon gas and a small amount of mercury vapor, which emit ultraviolet light. This technology is  sometimes called Solid State — even though the type of physics that the name is based upon has now changed to Condensed Matter.
Home efficiency experts can use infrared detectors to track where heat is lost, and they can use blower door tests to check how quickly air is being exchanged with the outdoors through holes and leaky ducts. If you walks through a pressurized house during the test, you can also track where air is leaking. Today, heating, refrigerators, and air conditioners are using less energy, but televisions, computers, and an ever-expanding selection of other electronics are demanding more. Rolling blackouts are in effect, train services have been scaled back, stores and businesses are using fewer lights, advertising signs and escalators have been switched off, and even some pachinko parlors have cut their hours of operation.
While readers have loved what we have provided, we have also received numerous requests to devote our focus to the dynamic and diverse South Asian community in its entirety, rather than focusing specially on technology or science. We hear you, reader, and from this month Siliconeer will become a general interest magazine for the South Asian reader. We are proud to say that the magazine is comparable in design to any mainstream periodical. Mainstream magazines have a million-dollar revenue stream from advertising and subscription, while we continue to distribute the magazine free of charge.
With s highly educated community as our readership, we have long felt the need of a section that informs our readers about the most stimulating and interesting books that are coming out. A passion for cricket is something many of us have brought with us from the old country, but looking at the mainstream media here, you wouldn’t even know the sport existed. Outside the odd fundraiser for the local lawmaker who is happy to utter the standard bromides about the model minority, the community’s knowledge or involvements in politics is abysmal. Now, nearly 60 non-government organizations are working with these farmers to maintain and improve their aquaculture practices.
Though the life was not easy, it gave me lot of satisfaction that my work could make much difference to these poor rural families, especially the women. My answer was that science by itself will not help to increase production and improve the lives of rural poor.
Gupta was the first to start to break through the yield barriers and to do it with low-cost inputs. Gupta turned to other species and found that certain species of native Indian major carps could flourish in the Mekong basin environment. The agro-ecological environment conditions differed in different parts of the country and they worked to integrate aquaculture in farming systems under these different conditions. Nearly half of the untapped resource of more than a million ponds, including seasonally-flooded ditches, and hundreds of thousands of small seasonal ponds and roadside canals were turned into a new source of food and income. Infosys officials say that they have been receiving interns from colleges like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, St Gallen (Switzerland), London Business School, Darmstadt (Germany) Hitotsubashi (Japan) and RMIT (Australia). The professor said since more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies and most other big global firms are looking at India for IT outsourcing, it is imperative for MBA programs to expose students to economic, political and cultural issues of doing business with India. Usefi has identified over 50 such packages, ranging from week-long to full-year to semester-long study options that can range from subjects such as religion and culture to law, engineering and the sciences.
In what has been termed as outsourcing of education or e-learning, Indian e-teachers tutor students from the grade of 3-9 across America, sitting at their work stations in India due to shortage of teaching manpower in the U.S. A recent research has pegged the potential demand of over 160,000 foreign language professionals in call centers and other back end operations by 2010. In the most recent instance, two IIT graduates are set to become dollar billionaires by listing their internet gambling company, Party Gaming, in London.
The Lahore High Court had earlier acquitted the five who are accused of raping Mukhtar Mai in 2002, allegedly on a village council’s order. All were of Indian descent,” the newspaper wrote in a long article that commented on the propensity of Indian Americans to excel in this most quintessential of American institutions, the National Spelling Bee.

On average, Americans use more energy in homes than for transport.  The average household uses less (around 41 million Btu worth of electricity). Somewhat heavier than standard bikes, electric bikes can still be pedaled without power on the flat or downhill, and the battery can help the rider stay sweat-free and comfortable on the uphill climb. You can see how much electricity your home draws right now, and you can turn on and off appliances to see how each one contributes.
For example, using the maximum brightness setting on a laptop computer will require more energy. Bush in 2007.  The maximum wattage incandescent bulb allowed will be 29 watts by 2014, down 70 percent from pre-2011 levels. The bulb keeps the filament in a special gas atmosphere like argon, instead of being exposed to regular air. That light, in turn, excites a phosphor (fluorescent) coating on the inside of the bulb, which then emits visible light. Extremely long-lived and very energy efficient, LED’s use around 20 percent of the energy of an incandescent for the same amount of light.
Ducts are much easier to access than replacing insulation, and they often have holes and cracks, making them a major  source of cold air infiltration, and also indoor air pollution.  Leaks suck in cold, dirty crawl space air including asbestos, dirt, and volatile chemicals (paint thinners, pesticides) that we stow or spray under the house.
Use curtains or blinds to trap heat in during the winter and block sun out during the summer.
For more about electricity in the home see the Basics of Electricity and how energy moves through the home. On Twitter, a community of graphic designers has sprung up to create posters encouraging people to save power. Yet South Asians have a vibrant league here here, and most cricket aficionados keep a keen eye on developments in the cricket world. Issues like civil rights, even when it does not directly involve South Asians, has long term implications for the community. Initially I was criticized by my peers that instead of doing research, I am doing development work. This award is a testament to the pivotal role that fisheries and aquaculture can play in improving the lives of the poor,” he said. The national mean productivity per hectare climbed from only 0.5 tons per hectare in the early 1970s to an average of over 2 tons per hectare. He introduced this species to the Mekong basin countries along with the technologies to breed and raise them. The fish raised reduced protein malnutrition among the rural poor, especially those living in flood-prone areas.
American and European students treading across to India for learning is a more recent phenomenon. Purdue has already inked deals with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Mumbai) as well as GE to arrange for short stints for students to imbibe a first-hand experience of the Indian syllabus as well as management style.
Outsourcing companies such as Career Launcher, Educomp, Datamatics and NIIT have identified this opportunity that arose after the George W.
Estimates put the number of foreigners working in India in the software and outsourcing industries to be mounting at a rapid pace, the last count, as recorded in the foreign registrar’s office in New Delhi, having crossed 50,000 and growing. However, it also doesn’t include the foreign energy used to source, assemble, and ship an endless profusion of products to the United States from other countries, like China. However, to use electricity at home, we have to generate an additional 90 million Btu of primary energy at the power plant, according to the U.S. In countries like the Netherlands, it’s ordinary to see anyone on a bike, from babies in handlebar seats to well-groomed professionals. Air conditioners will require much more energy to operate in very hot weather not only because it’s hotter outside but because the refrigerant becomes less efficient as it gets warmer, particularly if the refrigerant gets into the high nineties Fahrenheit. Tungsten halogen bulbs operate somewhat similarly, with an incandescent filament, but the bulb contains halogen gas, which helps keep the filament from burning out as quickly. For more about indoor air quality see the Environmental Protection Agency’s website here. Residents of eastern Japan are encouraged to print them out and post them where they live and work. We also plan to occasionally publish South Asian fiction, which may be contemporary or classical, or translated from Indian languages. But he was dissatisfied with the fact that his research was not translated into actual benefits for the impoverished rural folks who really needed it. There followed a proliferation of hatcheries producing fingerlings of Indian major carps species. Gupta was the first to recognize the resource and to find ways to tap the fish-growing potential of these water bodies. Those who have come till now have mostly involved themselves in subjects like Sanskrit, spirituality, yoga, Ayurveda and Indian dance forms. Bush administration signed the No Child Left Behind Act with its multi-billion dollar funding.
It is the LSE’s biggest flotation since the $29 billion listing of Orange, the mobile telephone company, four years ago.
Indian American parents are often passionately if not obsessively involved in training succssful kids. Yet, you are participating in energy use through your work, transportation, food, clothes, water, air travel, and electronic devices. They do, however, contain a small amount of toxic mercury vapor and shouldn’t be thrown into the trash. Now, in the north of Vietnam, Indian major carps have come from nil supply to comprise about 30 to 40 percent of total freshwater aquaculture production. The extraordinary entrepreneurial saga of an Internet upstart hitting the big league will redefine rules of wealth creation, and again, perhaps, provide ground for future study material.

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