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Just by taking simple actions around your home, you can save money and help protect our environment, too. We have plenty of tips, from choosing the most energy efficient appliances, to calculating heating and cooling running costs, draught-proofing and cost-effective lighting. As part of the Smarter Choice program, sales staff in electrical stores across New South Wales have been trained in advising you on the energy and water efficiency of different product.
The Energy Rating Calculator helps you choose products that provide the best value for money.

There are a number of ways that Council and the community can reduce their impact on the environment. Strategic plan that outlines Council’s energy priorities for the next five years that aim to reduce energy consumption and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions. Information about renewable energy options such as GreenPower, wind turbines solar photovoltaic (pv) and solar hot water systems.
To make a difference, click on the links below to find out about renewable energy options and making small but vital changes around the home.

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