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Unplug – Save Electricity!Everyone is talking about climate protection and energy conservation. Conventional lamps such as filament or halogen bulbs only use a very small percentage of energy to generate light.
Energy-saving lamps are the cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the above mentioned “energy hogs”. Energy-saving lamps are used for all lights of the brennenstuhl® Jet-Light product range. Energy-saving lamps convince with an up to 10 times longer service life towards halogen, which enables for a more cost-efficient operation and offers the benefi t of an infrequent change of lamps during daily work.
Energy-saving lamps release considerably less heat during operation than conventional lamps.
We can each contribute to the responsible use of energy in order to protect our environment and our wallets!Next to heating, air conditioning, laundry, cooking and lighting, no-load losses from consumer electronics are among the greatest electricity hogs in our homes.

In contrast to halogen lamp emitters, touching and moving these lights does not pose any risk for the user any longer.
The (one word) Wildlife Foundation is the name of the New Jersey Organization that protects threatened and endangered wildlife. Plants are (one word) when they are not originally from your area and compete with those that are native to your area.8. What you are creating in your backyard when you give animals safe cover, food and places to nest. The device is in standby mode while it waits for input signals from a remote control, etc.Fake power off. This type of light bulb is being replaced by the energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL).10.
Some devices continue to use electricity even though they appear to be off (example: computer, consumer electronics).

The label that indicates a product is energy efficient and helps you make energy-efficient choices is (two words) .5. The process of looking at a product from its design to its disposal is called a (one word) assessment. The guide in New Jersey that is considered a master blueprint to help declining and protected species is called the (two words) Plan.7.
The current push toward sustainability is the latest evolution of the modern (one word) movement.9.

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