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There are two different versions of this idea , the first being the Solar Water Heater using evacuated tubes.
The Solar water heater  uses the power of the sun to heat water flowing through a series of pipes and then allow you to enjoy a piping hot shower or bath without using electricity.
This system has been used extensively for low cost housing to reduce the energy cost commitment in lower income groups and is an effective system to deliver hot water for homes and families. This is an example of Solar Water Heater panels that work with your geyser to achieve energy savings by using the heat from the sun  to heat water through the series of Pipes and then feed that water back into the domestic systems to save energy by being able to switch the geyser off and allow the water to be heated through this system. By reducing the operating time on your geyser, this will save you electricity costs as well as giving you PIPING hot water – and especially in South Africa where our sun energy is abundant , this type of system makes good (Rands) and cents to have installed.

The diagram below shows how the solar water heater works in conjunction with your current geyser to improve energy efficiency in your home and reduce geyser energy usage on a daily basis.
The actual savings will depend greatly on your use of hot water , but the general consensus is that this is a long term investment that will save you ( on an average household of 4 people) around R300-R600 per month and especially as the electricity price is set to increase over the coming year, this figure may increase accordingly. Once the system is paid off and there is a rebate offered as well , the solar water heater provides a key link in the overall energy saving strategy for your home or business.
We have partnered up with Solar Boyz , a company that specialises in Solar Water Heating systems. Water flows through the manifold and collects the heat from the top of the copper heat pipe.

So, if reducing your energy costs is one of your goals for 2013, getting a Solar Water Heater should be included in that plan. Fill in the contact form below with your enquiry and let Dennis  and his team give you the best advice for your home.
The solar tube is manufactured from very hard borosilicate glass and consists of two layers.

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