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24 hour Emergency Plumbing, Heating & Drainage company covering Watford, Harrow, St Albans & all surrounding areas. Save Your Energy is the first choice for many people who are expecting a professional, reliable and speedy service for their central heating systems.
Heating and boiler repair services are available across Watford, Harrow, St Albans & the surrounding areas. Our team of heating engineers has a wealth of experience dealing with many different styles of central heating systems and boiler servicing. We offer 24hr emergency call outs for if your boiler breaks, or your heating stops working. We will view your project, give advice and then give you a personal estimate for the required work. As energy costs continue to rise, Cavity Wall Insulation remains one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing your heating bills.
A typical household with Cavity Wall Insulation will save up to A?135 per year on energy bills. If your home was built after 1924, your walls are likely to have an air gap called a cavity that could benefit from Insulation. Most installers use Cavity Insulation made from shredded mineral wool (glass fibre) that can reduce the amount of heat escaping your home by up to 35%.
Another useful indication of whether you have a cavity is if the walls are at least 10" (250mm) thick. These are estimated figures based on insulating a gas-heated, semi-detached home with three bedrooms. Born in 1964, John Swinney joined the Scottish National Party in 1979 and went on to graduate from Edinburgh University with an MA (Hons) in Politics. Prior to his election as Westminster MP for North Tayside in 1997, he held a number of posts in the SNP at local and national level. Warren McIntyre has over ten years’ experience working in the environment sector and is now manager of the public sector team at Resource Efficient Scotland, the new Scottish Government funded programme to help all businesses and organisations save money by using energy, water and material resources more efficiently. Following completion of a MSc in Environmental and Waste Management he initially worked within the private recycling industry developing resource use reduction projects and delivering training to both operational staff and senior managers. He then worked in a senior management position at Carbon Trust Scotland for four years during which time, among other achievements, he helped over 180 public sector organisations and SME’s to develop a Carbon Management Plan.
Luana has worked in Digital Delivery of transactional services for seven years and her specialism is youth engagement and innovation.
Her reach has encompassed working in a busy media centre, working in Private Office, opening the first Dept of Health Public Enquiry Office to working on the Towards Cleaner Hospitals MRSA task force. Luana previously worked for Directgov, where all essential government information and services were provided in one place, ensuring it was easy to understand for the members of the public.
Joel Bailey is a knowledgeable customer experience and service design leader, having spent over 15 years combining user-centred methodologies and business strategy to transform services in the private and public sectors.
Colin is the technology lead for the Glasgow Future Cities Demonstrator, an ambitious £24m programme funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB). Martin Dorchester is the CEO of the David MacBrayne Group and operates as Managing Director of both Argyll Ferries and Caledonian MacBrayne. Martin is a firm believer in CPD and lifelong learning and is currently completing a diploma in Economics with the Open University.
Claire Guerin is an MSc level Biological Sciences graduate, with over 12 years of experience within the environmental sector. Claire began working at Zero Waste Scotland in 2011 as a Design and Waste Prevention Manager.
Colin Henderson is the geospatial lead at Atkins, the UK’s largest design and engineering consultancy. Alex is a native Glaswegian who, after Strathclyde University, joined the Met Office in the early 1970s.
He has held a variety of posts working amongst others as a forecaster at RAF Leuchars, Glasgow Weather Centre, Senior Forecaster London Weather Centre, and Senior Forecaster for the ITV National Weather.
After London Weather Centre he moved on to manage the Met Office defence network in the south of England and the Mediterranean.
Stuart McRae is an Executive Collaboration & Social Business Evangelist for IBM Collaboration Solutions, responsible for briefing executives and IT strategists on the business value organisations can realise from the latest exceptional web experience and exceptional work experiences solutions, as well as speaking at public events on related topics. As a senior leader within the Scottish Government, Robbie Parish holds a pivotal role in building partnerships across the entire public sector in order to transform the service landscape for the people of Scotland. As a Board level Director with experience encompassing both the Private and Public sector, Robbie utilises this experience to drive forward public sector reform, and the opportunity digital presents in delivering public services which are accessible, user-friendly and cost efficient.
A digital strategist and software engineer at heart, Robbie is recognised within the industry at both a UK and international level for his ability to build award winning applications and services across a range of sectors. Since January 2013, Robbie has held the position of Director Online Services with responsibility for the delivery of digital service transformation for Scotland.
Robbie’s vision for the Scottish Digital landscape is founded on the premise that we need to put user needs at the heart of change. A keen golfer, Robbie is a lifelong fan of technology and innovation and is always on the lookout for ways to combine the two. Mark Powles is chief executive officer of Business Stream, the leading supplier of water and waste water to businesses. Since joining the company at start up stage in March 2007, he has created a major stand-alone retail business operating in the world’s first competitive water retailing market in Scotland.
He has championed the benefits of competition in the water industry and is playing an influential role in driving forward the water market reform agenda in England.Business Stream is now established as a strong, sustainable and high performing brand delivering significant value for customers, through keener prices and a range of tailored and innovative services. He brings a wealth of senior management experience from private sector companies operating in highly regulated, competitive and customer focused markets across retail, travel and financial services, with leading companies such as Sealink Stena Line, National Express Group and AEGON UK. Very often it's the creative thinking that takes place across organisations and between sectors that leads to the best results. We believe it is important, by way of communication from Solutions Inspired Ltd that our customers are aware of the legislation and directives that are in place to aid energy efficiency and energy saving opportunities. Energy Performance of Buildings Directive - The European Uniona€™s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was created so that all member states would implement energy efficient objectives in their respective countries. The Climate Change Bill is another energy saving legislation document created to move the UK towards a low carbon economy. The details of this legislation are important for us all to know, so we commit to helping the conservation of our environment.
UK carbon dioxide emission reduction targets of 80% by 2050 and between a 26-32% reductions by 2020.
The Committee on climate change is a new statutory body, which provides advice, support and guidance to the government and are an independent support function. The Government are now more effectively structured to implement policies, which will reduce carbon emissions. The Committee on climate change will provide reports to parliament in a more lucid and transparent way to enable better, more concise leadership decisions. The Government will be required to report on trends in climate change and predict relevant environmental impacts at least every 5 years.

In 2007 the Energy White Paper and the Climate Change Commitment (CRC) were introduced following the Climate Change Bill. A conservative estimate would place 5,000 organisations classified for inclusion in this agreement due to their large size. It is not just political pressure that is driving the changes for energy efficiency but also practical aspects, consumer requirements companies like Solutions Inspired Ltd. There have been many discussions by many parties including our team of electricians on the Energy Gap and what may occur in coming years. As the discussion continues, trying to quantify the exact energy gap will be difficult as the energy shortfall is dependent on the variability of demand, weather conditions, efficiency practices, security and prices in the market. The main objective of Solutions Inspired Ltd is to reduce the energy bills of our customers, through the installation of energy saving products and the promotion of energy efficient practices. Expensive utility bills are the main implication for the consumers but so are the cost implications on manufacturers, retailers and other service providers. The advisors at Solutions Inspired Ltd will offer opportunities for all customers that reduce energy consumption and are less harmful on our environment.
In October 2008, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) was formed, with the intention of creating a cohesive energy policy.
Further departments were created such as The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), which controls the Building Regulations in England and Wales. If a company, an electrician or other trades people fail to comply with any of the building regulations; it is a criminal offence and will lead to prosecution. Amendments that are due to be made to Part L of the Building Regulations in 2010, 2013 and 2016 will be the main drivers behind The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. The all encompassing effort to make a difference with climate change is a long-term challenge that requires effort from a number of parties. Part L of the building regulations is a legislative response, following a lack of progression to achieving the 2010 carbon dioxide emissions target.
It sets out to limit heat gains and losses through the utilisation of thermal elements and other aspects of the building.
The provision of energy efficient installations that have appropriate and effective control mechanisms. Our advisor will provide sufficient information about the buildings architecture, the permanent building services available and maintenance requirements for energy conservation.
The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is concerned with energy savings in existing buildings as well as new construction projects, both of which are important to Solutions Inspired Ltd. We have a fantastic reputation for being trustworthy and professional so you can feel confident when relying on our company. We are Gas Safety registered and are also Worcester Bosch & Vaillant accredited installers. We work with both commercial and domestic systems servicing, designing, installing and repairing central heating systems specific to the customers’ requirements.
It will be our engineer’s pleasure to do it for you, as it’s our main aim to see our customers happy. As Gas Safety registered plumbers you can be sure that our work is safe, reliable and fully insured. If you act fast, you could also claim a free non-repayable Government-backed Grant to cover all or most of the Installation cost. Cavity Wall Insulation is installed from the ground floor to the roof by approved professionals, resulting in big savings on your energy bills.
Cavity Wall Insulation saves up to A?135 per year on energy bills and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 610kg. Recent research by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has shown that only 58% of all properties that could benefit from Cavity Wall Insulation have been insulated. In 1999, he became the MSP for Tayside North, remaining as the constituency’s MP until standing down from Westminster at the 2001 General Election. He lives near Blairgowrie in his constituency and his hobbies include cycling and hill walking. Delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, this new service is a one-stop shop where clients can access a range of free expert advice, training and funding.
Warren then moved to Glasgow City Council where he lead in the accreditation of over 40 operational sites to the ISO 14011 standard and the development of the City’s Environment Strategy and Carbon Management Plan.
She has more than twelve years of stakeholder and change management, account as well as project management experience across government . Her specialist area is Digital Communications with particular expertise within the youth space. He is Director of Service Design at Capita, a FTSE 100 company that delivers large-scale multichannel services for private sector and public sector clients such as the BBC, the Ministry of Defence, O2 and Birmingham City Council. Prior to the Future Cities Demonstrator, Colin was responsible for Glasgow City Council’s ICT Strategy and established an enterprise architecture practice within the ACCESS Joint Venture to increase the alignment of business and IT.
In a career spanning 30 years Martin has operated nationally and internationally with organisations covering logistics, technology and finance. Martin is a supporter of Social and Community Business and chairs Firstport Ltd, a start-up funding organisation for social enterprises.
She supports the co-ordination of public, private and third sectors across Scotland so the third sector in particular can support people to make the most of digital technologies. She previously worked as an energy advisor with local authorities and community groups for the Energy Savings Trust,  and more recently as an environmental consultant to SMEs and public sector organisations with the Green Business Partnership. Her current role is as a Key Account Manager within Resource Efficient Scotland’s Public Sector Programme of Support. Colin has over 13 years' experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), including complex data analysis and modelling. Alex then became Head of London weather Centre where he lead a team of forecasters responsible for severe weather and road forecasts in the southeast of England, rail forecasts for the UK as well as overall monitoring of UK National TV and radio output.
He is particularly focused on the business impact of emerging technologies like Social Computing, Mobile Devices and Cloud Computing.
Along with responsibility for Digital Service Transformation for Scotland, Robbie is also responsible for GLOW – the national platform of web services that connects parents, students and teachers in the Scottish education system.
So if you know any apps which improve a golf handicap or would like to discuss Digital in the public sector more generally, Robbie is contactable at The Scottish Government, Online Services Division. The details of this legislation and specific directives will be provided by our advisor but an overview is provided below. As a result in 2006 Part L of the Building Regulations encompassing England and Wales was introduced. As the first country to implement such a strategy, the UK is setting the standard for other countries to follow.
The CRC sets out the mandatory emissions trading scheme, which targets organisations that are not currently incorporated in the EU ETS or Climate Change Agreements. Examples of such organisations which our advisor will confirm are schools, government departments, large supermarket chains, hotels, office based corporations and local authorities. Each of these stakeholders are impacting on the design, construction, purchase and use of both new and existing buildings within the UK.

During the course of the next decade, if projections are correct, the UK may only be able to produce about 80% of its electricity requirements. The impact it will have and what we can do to address the implications of a shortfall in energy supply have to be considered by our advisors.
How well the communication of energy efficiency is carried out by electricians and other stakeholders will ultimately have a big impact on the results. This aims to help customers with spiralling energy costs, which have been on the increase for a number of years now. As well as cost increases, there are wider implications for businesses especially in terms of economic growth. As the building regulations are an Act of Parliament, the DCLG enforce the requirements of the regulations and look at ways to improve and introduce new documents. The construction industry and in particular electrician and electrical contracting companies like Solutions Inspired Ltd need to play their part in the strategy.
Solutions Inspired Ltd understand Part L and will therefore ensure the work completed complies with the regulations. The electricians aim is to ensure that no more fuel and power is used than is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, there are clearly defined routes to save energy in dwellings and non-dwellings alike, which Solutions Inspired Ltd will discuss with you. Solutions Inspired Ltd will provide the right support to assist you in choosing the right Energy Saving Electrical Installations for your home or commercial premises. Is a leading renewable energy specialist for residential, commercial and agricultural buildings across the UK. 100% Grants are available to anyone aged 70 and above, or those in receipt of certain benefits, tax credits or allowances.
Properties built after 1982 should not need Cavity Wall Insulation, as building regulations changed to ensure it was fitted during construction. She has provided advice and guidance to organisations such as Consumer Focus, Student Loans Company, YouthNet and the Citizens Advice Bureau. Before working with the public sector, Colin spent ten years working for a telecommunications company gaining valuable experience in network, operations centre and customer care architectures, and approaches to opening up services (such as service-oriented architecture, SOA) - experience that is now valuable within the context of smart cities. As CEO of Dixon's B2B operation Martin built up the largest Apple reseller business in the UK as well as developing a £100m public sector business.
An experienced programme manager she has a background in developing and delivering large-scale social inclusion and change management programmes.
He also acts as executive sponsor for key customers and partners, helping them to maximise the business value they derive from the IBM Social Business solutions they deploy.Prior to his current role, Stuart has worked in Technical Sales, Business Transformation, Product Management, IT Architecture and Development teams in IBM and Lotus. In addition, Robbie holds the position of Executive Director and Board Member at Visit Scotland. It affects the conservation of fuel and power and with some revisions it was reissued to ensure the UK was compliant with EU directives. This type of legislation drives manufacturing practices and also the type of installations and products used by electricians and related service driven businesses.
Our advisor will explain that prices have been increasing at a greater rate recently so consumers want electrical solutions that provide energy saving capabilities. The long term objectives for economic growth are damaged if businesses and domestic customers do not consider their impact on the environment. The new regulations need to be adopted very quickly to get the results that are required so Solutions Inspired Ltd will discuss the options with you. In line with the latest technologies and government subsidies the company provides free electric, heating and hot water solutions under market regulatory bodies such as REAL, MCS and IWA.
Since Cavity Wall Insulation cannot be topped up, it is not worth applying for a Grant if you think Insulation has been installed in the past. Martin was part of the team that brought the 5 radio authorities together to create Ofcom and worked with the London Borough of Hackney on developing its infrastructure for the 2012 Olympics. Our advisor will discuss this legislation with you in more detail and exactly how it affects you. Our electricians can provide you with a wide range of options for Energy Saving Electrical Installations. These regulations, in combination with previous versions have resulted in a 40% increase in energy efficiency. Martin is also a keen lecturer and academic and has written a number of papers covering areas as diverse as CSR and Emotional Intelligence in management development. Stuart has been involved in many industry bodies, including Guide Share Europe, EEMA and the IETF. With the correct Energy Saving Electrical Installations house fuel bills can be reduced significantly. Will conduct government approved energy assessments highlighting possible energy saving opportunities matched to the solutions they provide.
It is our prime obligation to save the customer money on rising energy prices, all advise given is factually transparent and in order for a solution to be recommended the savings must outweigh the investment. The FIT meter is easy to read and it gives a sense of satisfaction to see how much money we are making. The yield we have received is very good and the panels pay for themselves…We also get free electricity.
I would recommend both getting Solar panels fitted and using Smartsave as they have given us a good service.
Everybody turned up on time and I can already see the benefit of the FIT which is paid to me by my Engergy Provider direct into my Bank Account. THis scheme is FREE and is funded by the Government, so what if Barclays earn some interest, I earn FIT payments and my electricity bill will be almost non existent.
Remember if there is a POweR CUT, you will still have electricity during the day, what a bonus. The young man told me I could have solar panels installed at no cost to me and because Deborah Meaden and Barclays were funding this government initiative!!!!! Free installation is surely "rent a roof" where the company installing for free take the feed in tariff.
Have E Mailed this company asking them to verify what the canvasser said was correct--NO REPLY.
I was contacted via a cold call on the telephone and arranged to have a meeting with their "surveyor".
I received a telephone call at 10.05 a m to advise me that their caller had double booked my time for the appointment!
No I really don't think this organisation is for me and it's their loss as I was ready to do business with them.

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