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External interference that can affect us is that people in the world don’t understand out language or how do we used words. It is rewarding to be in the flow of the generation of 'Green' Beings that are living a more sustainable lifestyle on this planet.
Be One of the millions of people that are now stepping up to turn the tables going with the flow of the changing needs of our Earth. Join us and do your part, go for the 12 steps of sustainable living and easily be 'greener'. It is be fun to be on the cutting edge of saving our earth's resources and helping others do it too!

Our Planet is a Living Being~ Going Green gives us a deeper, alive connection with Her, Mother Earth! Check out our 12 easy steps that we can all do to feel good about helping out in Greening the Planet. The ability to survive this economic change is reliant on how we adapt our lifestyle and spending. Please enjoy the pages, check out the links and sign up for our 12 month newsletter to take you step by step through the change over process.
For example, many young adults in the world have a poor language understanding or grammar understanding status, and maybe they don’t have a dictionary so they can understand the message.

If kids get the message they will think that it’s a game and they would not take this seriously. The message is that humans all around the world should be very worried about energy and to start saving it.

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