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This is a brilliant table design by Raphael Menard and Jean-Sebastien Lagrange from ZeroEnergyFurniture. The Climatic Table addresses an open problem: how solving energy efficiency and climate control issues at the furniture scale rather than at the building scale? While ordinary foil radiant barrier may reduce radiant heat transfer, it has no R-value a€“ almost no resistance at all to heat transfer from conduction or convection.
Other products offer reflectivity and R-value, but only Radiaflect, using a patented process, heat-welds its foil to both sides of its closed-cell polyethylene core for a lasting bond. Like foil radiant barrier, reflective mylar reduces radiant heat transfer but it has no R-value.
Aluminum-filled paint can be sprayed on the underside of a roof deck to reduce radiant energy transfer.
Some installers offer a product made of conventional bubble-wrap sandwiched between reflective surfaces. Even more important, mylar-on-bubble wrap should not be used over mass insulation because it cannot be perforated to allow vapor to escape from the mass insulation below. Radiaflect provides your home with a consistent R-11 insulation value a€“ even with rough handling and stapling a€“ and our attic-floor product is perforated to prevent moisture build-up and the problems it causes. Fiberglass-filled radiant barriers sandwich a thin layer of fiberglass between foil surfaces. Thata€™s one reason any barrier placed over mass insulation must be perforated to allow water vapor to escape.
Radiaflect was designed to be perforated without compromising its effectiveness, and ita€™s also safe to handle without any protective equipment or clothing. Reflective chips are small squares of reflective foil or mylar that can be blown into an attic to provide a radiant barrier over mass insulation.
Radiaflecta„? provides a better radiant barrier, it features R-11 insulation capability, it wona€™t clog your attic vents, and it can be installed on your rafters.

The secret lies into innovative use of phase-change materials (PCM), integrated between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of anodized aluminum.
As an example, for office building, it helps energy savings : up to 60% of heating needs and 30% for cooling demand ! Ita€™s the only reflective insulation that uses a patented process to heat weld highly reflective aluminum sheets to both sides of a closed-cell polyethylene core.
Radiaflect delivers unsurpassed power to stop radiant heat transfer and its unique closed-cell polyethylene core adds critical R-value a€“ as much as six inches of additional fiberglass a€“ to block conduction and convection. Its reflectivity can diminish over time, and mylar is flimsy and difficult to install, especially in rafters. It requires specialized respiratory gear and spraying equipment to be safely sprayed in an attica€™s enclosed space. The encapsulated air spaces provide some R-value, but stapling, handling and cutting can rupture them, reducing the producta€™s effectiveness.
This will breed moisture, which can reduce the efficiency of the mass installation and rot the wooden structure of your home. With fiberglass-filled radiant barrier, these same perforations could admit enough moisture to compromise the R-value of the fiberglass within the foil. This method contributes no R-value, and chips can only be used in an attic floor installation a€“ in warm climates, a rafter installation is almost always preferred. The waved geometry of the conductive aluminum fosters thermal exchanges between the room and the PCMs located inside the Climatic Table. For housing, this furniture reveals its regulator property and allows an higher comfort during hot season. This figure could be even higher if you have an old fridge.Your refrigerator is probably the 2nd highest energy consumer in your home, especially if your model is 15-20 years old. The result delivers R-11 protection against convective and conductive heat transfer in your attic a€“ and blocks 97% of radiant heat transfer.

One widely advertised foam product, made overseas, bears a superficial resemblance to Radiaflect a€“ but instead of heat welding, it uses a volatile adhesive that can delaminate over time.
Radiaflect provides a better radiant barrier, features R-11 resistance to convection and conduction, and ita€™s far easier to install, which can lower your installation cost.
The most costly reflective paint applied to the highest standard delivers only a fraction of the energy-saving reflectivity of Radiaflect. According to ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), a 1.5% increase in moisture can reduce R-value in fiberglass by 36%. It is thanks to the phase-change materials (PCM) that placed between the surface of plain wood and the folded sheet of anodized aluminum.
The folds of the light-weight sheet of aluminum give also an excellent structural rigidity and carrying strength.
The overheating is absorbed by the Climatic Table and re-emitted when room temperature is tempered.
Refrigerators made before 2001 often consume more than twice the energy the average refrigerator consumes today. This arrangement allows thermal exchanges between the room and the PCM trough the folded aluminum base. In fact, no other radiant or reflective insulation product has passed the stringent fire safety tests required for use in attics by most building codes. He recently completed his graduate work at George Mason University, But more interestingly, John has a passion for food and cooking and to provides some light-hearted tips to make people's lives greener while enjoy the good life with everyday practical tips from brewing tea, growing basil, or drinking raw milk.

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