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Motor systems can consume more than 75% of the electricity in manufacturing and processing facilities. Food, animal and dairy product manufacturers depend on temperature control to preserve inventory.
Installing new LED lighting systems and controls, replacing rooftop AC units and upgrading air compressors and controls put Honda on the fast track to industrial energy efficiency.
From lighting to turbines, continuous energy improvements in 3M’s Brockville plant received help from multiple Retrofit Program incentives. Fowler’s upgraded to a 30 hp VFD air compressor using Retrofit Program funding and was so pleased with the savings, they signed up for an energy audit to find more efficiencies. Husky replaced seven rooftop AC units with help from the Retrofit Program, saving major energy and avoiding emergency repair or replacement. Hydro One can help you identify savings opportunities and guide you through the process of completing your incentive applications, at no cost to you.
Save on Energy is powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator and brought to you by Hydro One Networks Inc.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell is possibly the most exciting product to come on to the automotive market in many years.

The fact that you are burning less fuel but still getting the same (or better) level of performance from your vehicle means less trips to the petrol station to fill up. Making London a global centre for hydrogen The Mayor wants London to be a world leader in hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle activity.Hydrogen is a universal fuel that will play a major role in our clean, sustainable energy future. We are very proud to introduce our revolutionary new Supplemental Hydrogen Fuel Cell to UK,Pakistan, India and Africa motorists for easy conversion of any car or commercial vehicle to run on Hydrogen and conventional fuels.The system can be fitted to vehicles running on petrol, diesel or even LPG.
Whether you’re breaking ground or breaking down walls, high-efficiency equipment and systems can increase property value and make your building more desirable to owners and tenants.
Interior, exterior, high bay, garage–LED upgrades in all these areas will use 75% less energy, last 25 times longer and can even improve the look of your facility. A variable frequency drive controls the speed of a motor, matching load to need, and potentially saving up to 55% in energy costs. Your HVAC system may be your largest energy-saving opportunity: it typically consumes 25-70% of a non-industrial building's monthly electricity.
Simulating energy use at various efficiency levels can help you determine the your best track to energy savings.
An attractive trade show sign lends credibility to your booth, letting visitors know your organization cares about its image.

Coupled with fuel cells, hydrogen will increasingly provide us all with clean and secure energy to power our cars, buses, homes, businesses and personal smart technologies. Hydro One can help, with incentives for building owners and design decision-makers for going high efficiency.
When you install a high-efficiency unitary air conditioner or rooftop unit, you can receive $1,000 or more in incentives, while also cutting costs, improving building comfort and reducing maintenance requirements.
Get up to 100% of the cost of modelling a building or addition for CUSTOM projects, to a maximum of $10,000.
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