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Twice each year, saveONenergy coupons are available in-store at participating retailers for instant savings across a wide range of energy-efficient products, including LED bulbs and increased incentives on specialty CFLs.
SaveONenergy COUPONS can help you save money throughout the year when you purchase and install energy-efficient products for your home at participating retailers. The Ontario Power Authority's website, Save on Energy, is an excellent online resource to learn how you can reduce your energy consumption.
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We are very happy to celebrate our new store with you with FREE shipping on orders over $150*. This score is given to products that are considered accessories to an energy efficient products. Stack this Cartwheel offer with a printable coupon and pick up a GE LED Energy Smart light bulb for just $5.00!
Many energy-efficient products can last longer and reduce the amount of time spent on replacement and upkeep.

Click on one of the printable coupons below valid until December 31, 2015, or visit the saveONenergy website for more downloadable coupons. The higher the score is, the more critical, we believe, it is for the energy efficiency of your home.

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