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A programmable thermostat allows you to pre-set your home’s heating and cooling system to work around your schedule, providing ultimate comfort for your household. CERTs and Honeywell are teaming up to offer an exclusive rebate for programmable thermostats.
Programmable thermostats can save an Upper Midwest home about $200 a year in heating and cooling costs. The average household in Upper Midwest that sets back their thermostat in the summer and winter using default settings could save around 15% on heating and 25% on cooling costs, saving around $200 annually. Jason Carlson, a homeowner in McIntosh, MN, installed a programmable thermostat in his home in 2006. Bringing you news about clean energy projects and opportunities happening across the state.
Solar Roof vent (it’s wireless)Posted on August 3, 2012 by admin • 0 CommentsHave you been told you need an attic fan but have questions?
Here’s a self-running solar roof exhaust fan that only requires a hole in your roof and lots of sunshine. A simple attic ventilation system can remove stagnate humid air from the attic and draw in fresh air. The shingles that protect your house also absorb heat, which can be great in winter but not as desirable in summer.
Properly vented roofs help prevent the formation of ice dams, which results in less damage to the interior of the house and longer lasting roofs.

Enbridge Gas Distribution teamed up with leading Ontario businesses to bring you the Community Energy Conservation Program, commonly referred in Toronto as the Enbridge rebate or the Enbridge incentive. During your energy audit, you will receive recommendations for improvements (called retrofits) that can help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort. To qualify for the post-retrofit incentive, you must have completed any retrofit upgrades and have achieved a minimum of 25% annual gas savings. It also helps you ensure efficient operation of your heating and cooling system, resulting in real energy saving and lower energy bills.
CERTs and Honeywell are teaming up to offer an exclusive rebate for up to $10 back on a new Do-It-Yourself programmable thermostat. Honeywell’s Do-It-Yourself programmable thermostats are specially designed to install in less than 15 minutes and in four simple steps. This is a great opportunity for anyone in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota who owns a home. It won’t increase your electric bill but it will help make take some of the strain off your heating and cooling systems by venting out the air collecting in your attic. An attic fan helps to cool them off and ease up on the air conditioner who thinks its their job to cool it off.
This program offers incentives to homeowners in the GTA willing to reduce their natural gas consumption. The energy auditor will advise which measures will need to be upgraded to achieve the minimum 25% annual gas savings in order to qualify of the Enbridge rebate.

Download our program announcement for the basics to share, or click here to find out about more you can do to help us spread the word. The ponding water can then back up under the roof covering and leak into the attic or along exterior walls.
Saving energy is always important, but making upgrades now will also help you prepare for the future – especially as electricity and water rates continue to rise. The energy audit will reveal areas where you can make improvements (called retrofits) to improve your home’s energy efficiency, in turn helping you conserve energy and save money.
To help you offset the cost of the recommended upgrades, be sure to check out the available incentives offered by not only Enbridge, but other utilities companies, like the Ontario Power Authority that also offers a $250 rebate on eligible furnaces. Not only will you lower your energy bills, save money and lessen the impact of your house’s energy use on the environment but you will also be protecting your home and your pocketbook against rising energy costs. Your home will be given an energy score using the Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide Rating System – the higher the score the better.

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