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Your body, for example, can change the stored POTENTIAL energy in the food you've eaten into 'work' energy, called KINETIC energy. Chemical EnergyEnergy can be stored in chemical form such as oil, coal, sugar, fat or in batteries. Renewable energyYou've probably heard about renewable energy, often also called 'alternative energy', meaning it's an alternative to polluting fuels like coal and oil. Nuclear powerNuclear power uses the enormous amount of heat produced by splitting atoms of uranium, a very heavy metal which is found in some of the Earth's rocks.
Nowadays, more and more people are using compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs for lighting because these are much more efficient and don't waste energy producing unwanted heat.
Before solar shingles, in order to harness the power of the sun to generate electricity required the purchasing of expensive solar panels that had to be mounted on top of roofs.
Energy Saving – The biggest benefit of installing this roofing material is the huge reduction of overall energy consumption. Aesthetics – While the main purpose for this shingle is centered on energy savings, the unique gloss and finish of the individual panels adds an attractive look to the house which is certainly a desirable achievement.
Easy Installation – The best thing about solar shingles is that they are very easy to install.
Tax Incentives – Installing an alternative energy source qualifies for federal and sometimes even state tax incentives which can help to offset the costs.
This new roofing material is maintenance free once installed, although it will require occasional cleaning to remove dust build up on the panels to ensure maximum light exposure. Save Energy Group's Commercial Division delivers proven, high quality Renewable Energy Systems & Services.

We have a proven record in providing solutions tailored to our clients' specific requirements - backed by efficient project management, delivery & aftersales. We assist clients through each step of the process, ensuring the integration of renewable technologies is both a positive experience and a major step forward in the long term financial independence from energy consumption and rising costs. Save Energy Group are a dynamic organisation, pushing innovation in the renewable energy sector to ensure our Commercial and Residential clients benefit from the very latest proven technologies from around the globe. Almost all the sun is made of it and it 'burns' in a very special way called nuclear fusion. Renewable energy comes directly (as heat and light) or indirectly (as wind and waves) from the sun.
Apart from the heat inside the Earth (which makes volcanoes erupt), it is the only source of energy which has nothing to do with the sun. By capturing sunlight during the daylight hours, each individual shingle generates minute amounts of electricity. Unlike traditional panels that require installation by a specialized technician, this material can be attached by any roofer. Once the installation is completed, the cost of this shingle is typically recovered in about ten years. As long as there is a steady source of sunlight, free electricity can be enjoyed throughout the life of the solar shingles. They do not just provide aesthetics but are also capable of generating considerable amounts of electricity. Schulte Roofing of Navasota services the greater Houston area and is very familiar with any roofing problem you may need handled!

Sitting on the Board of Directors for the British Photovoltaic Association (BPVA), we play an active role in ensuring the UK solar industry is well-represented within the UK national energy policy. Each panel is imbedded with photovoltaic cells in a compact form in order to condense them into a small area.
The only requirement for using this new type of roofing is adequate sunlight, which is no problem in most areas. Nuclear fusion can make enormous amounts of heat and light energy from very tiny amounts of hydrogen fuel. You use stored sugar and fat from the food you eat to 'burn' and use as KINETIC energy for moving about. Unlike conventional panels which are cumbersome, solar shingles look like and are as easy to install as their ordinary counterparts.
Installation is simply a matter of nailing each panel into place or stapling them directly to the underlayment. The benefits of this material can be enjoyed by providing an alternative source of electricity without being too obvious in its appearance.

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