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The institution is proudly geared and committed to providing a quality medical and nursing education at an affordable cost to students whom want to fulfill their life long ambition and dream of becoming a medical doctor and or a nurse and being able to practice medicine and or nursing and serve their communities in the Cook Islands, USA and abroad.A The decision to enter pursue a career in becoming a medical doctor or a nurse is a very important and life altering decision and choosing the right institution is a veryA important consideration that will significantly affect your life and career. St Louis University Medical School is located at St Louis Medical Center about 3 miles west of downtown St Louis.
Editor comment: This is the closest Residence Inn to Downtown, but it's actually in Midtown.
Mary'sA School of Medicine is in a transitioning process and will not be admitting a cohort class at this time.

MARY'S SCHOOL OF MEDICINE is registered with the 7th Edition of the World Health Organization publication and with the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. MARY'S SCHOOL OF MEDICINE was founded in 1998 and granted full accreditation by the Government of the Cook Islands to operate as a postsecondary degree granting educational institutional offering medical and nursing degree programs.
Students and graduates are eligible to take the United States Medical Licensing Examination administered by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.
The check-in clerk was polite and extremely professional, and lowered our rates since we were visiting Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

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