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Katherine Skaggs brings you sacred art of the soul, transcendent of every day reality, steeped in the mystical, ancient, future, spiritual wisdom that illuminates and transforms. Each Soul Portrait is an intuitive painting revealing aspects of your true spirit through powerful, vibrant color and energy patterns on canvas. With a deep history as artist and mystic, Katherine offers you a variety of classes, workshops, trainings and sacred circles to open to your true creative, authentic self. About KatherineKatherine Skaggs is a visionary artist, intuitive, author, teacher, spiritual counselor, shamanic practitioner and painter of souls. Juniper Wyndfyre is a healer, shamanic practitioner, intuitive reader, spiritual life coach, laughter yoga leader and teacher.
Juniper enjoys natural health topics and since 2012 has been a contributing writer for Ravenhawks Magazine.
Juniper is passionate about assisting others to live a life of love, truth, purpose, awareness, health & wellness and to bring balance and healing to the earth.
To assist people to lead authentic and purposeful lives through the spiritual healing arts and to bring balance, harmony and love to the world. Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. The procedures administered at Holistic Center of Health and Happiness (HCHH) are non medical procedures. Serving Chicagoland, North West Suburbs, North Shore Area, Northbrook, Northfield, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Glenview, Long Grove, Lake Forest, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Palatine, Barrington, Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Morton Grove, Prospect Heights, Niles, Skokie, Riverwoods, Lincolnshire, Arlington Height, Rolling Meadows, Highland Park, Evanston, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Mettawa, Winnetka, Wilmette, Highwood, Bannockburn, Barrington, Glencoe, Des Plaines, Lincolnwood, Park Ridge, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estate, Chicago, Illinois.
Reiki is a remarkable method of natural healing that uses energy channeled through a practitioner’s hands. The universal life-force energy that sets the miracle of life into motion, is naturally circulating throughout a person’s body. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, but always healing and enhancing the quality of life is Reiki. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Goddesses, Buddhas, Ascended Masters, Soul Portraits, Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Sacred Geometry, the Chakras, and so much more illuminate the canvases while bringing healing the soul heart.

Each portrait is alive with vital energy, reflecting back the higher soul essence of each person. As a Shamanic Practitioner and energy healer of 25 plus years, Katherine’s role is to utilize specific methodologies to return balance and harmony of the spirit and energy of the individual, couple, family, community, home, or land.
Each month Katherine holds New Moon Goddess Ceremonies to reset our focus on the new cycle, and to gain guidance through divination and shamanic drum journeying.
She is inspired to bring beauty, love and a vision of inspiration to others through visionary, interdimensional, archetypal art, intuitive painting classes and workshops, Artist Shaman Healer Sage Trainings, and soul portrait sessions, a process unique to Katherine and her intuitive guidance. Since childhood she has been sensitive to energy and interested in healing, magic and the spiritual world. In couple of situation, where I would be screaming at my husband and go ballistic, I was very calm and patient. They are not intended to be a treatments, prescriptions, therapeutic or corrective measures for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind and is not engaged in providing professional advice.
Reiki facilitates balance in all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The session restores health and provides a wonderful sense of well-being for both the client and the practitioner. However, no faith in the effectiveness of Reiki is required on the part of the client or practitioner.
Reiki will help those with existing health problems and provides an excellent form of preventive medicine for those who are essentially healthy. Every painting is created as a portal to the divine and mystical, activating your inner knowing and wisdom of your spiritual self. The soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating its own energy grid, giving you greater access to your higher, multi-dimensional self.
This is a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance that can be focused on anyone or anything. Later that month you can enjoy the Full Moon Shamanic Healing Circle ceremony for healing and renewal. Clients draw their perfect amount of energy from the practitioner’s hands to balance and heal themselves.

Katherine Skaggs’ art is a visual and visceral pleasure, as well as a healing experience retrieving our soul essence and helping us remember who we truly are. Soul Portraits are an avenue to connect to your true spirit, beauty and divine nature, often retrieving lost aspects of Self, and helping you recall and experience your true essence.
Katherine offers intuitive painting, drum making and trainings in creativity and shamanism regularly locally, as well as on the road. This office does not engage in the diagnosis, prescriptions or treatments of physical or mental aliments or conditions of any kind. I am taking Helen's, next Bars class (Access Consciousness), so I can learn to process my "garbage" myself and to change my life. God Bless you for having all this information available to people!Cindy T.I've been coming to Healing Session for 2nd month already.
Any medical complaints or request for diagnosis prescriptions or treatment of the human ailments should be referred to by your license physician. Every time we have 1 or 2 new people, and it looks like the whole group always need the same processing at the time. It is amazing, how it works and how the people attracted different weeks with different issues, like they know, when and where they need to come. Amazing!Viktoria O.After a private session with Melissa, I had such an understanding of my emotional patterns, that I never thought of. Every time, the new layer of emotional garbage was discovered by Melissa that I could not even think about. The last session was really special, when she discovered the emotional cruelty that I had suffered from my father that I thought I've cleared out. After the session, when I really let it go (I hope forever), my father came to me the next day and start doing thing, he never did before-helping me to clear out the snow by my house without any words of sarcasm, that was so much, not like him.

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