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Traditional Shamanic healing is a holistic approach to health encompassing body, heart, soul and Spirit. At Prism Healing, Shamanic Healing involves the client lying on a massage table, fully clothed, in a relaxing atmosphere. Dissociation – feeling as though you are observing life, rather than participating in it. During the entire session, you are fully awake and aware, yet relaxed.  Different bodily sensations may be experienced during the session, including strong emotions, visions, and sounds. Explore your spiritual and human existence within the bounds of natural imagery and look into the energies, fears, and wrong beliefs that are holding you back from having the best life possible. The Sacred Drum is a wonderful tool, it carries the beat of the Earths Heart, it permits us to feel the rhythms of our dear Mother Earth, like a foetus in the womb listening, feeling and experiencing its mothers heart beat, its mothers spirit. Drum Healing or Drum Medicine will carry you safely into the realms of yourself, it will transport you to the place you most need to be, it will carry on its rhythm like the wind carries the Eagle.
The drum is the most ancient instrument in the world, dating back tens of thousands of years. Free Consultations are offered when necessary, to decide what course of action is required in relation to what treatment you need. When we think about personal healing, we tend to think on the emotional, physical, and mental level, but we also have the spiritual level—that which relates to our energy and soul. Shamanism is an ancient form of energy healing which connects ourselves on the soul level to all of nature and the universe. Shamans who facilitate this type of healing are connected to universal wisdom and consciousness.
Although shamanic healing is tens of thousands of years old; nowadays, shamanism is practiced as a life path in modern society by individuals who are seeking a deeper meaning in their lives. Shamanic healing is one of the various types of energy therapies offered here at The Viva Center.
The Viva Center offers a variety of holistic wellness services catered to the mind, body, and spirit.

Modern research is, only recently, discovering what traditional healers have known for millennia, that disease exists not only on the physical plane but also in the emotional energetic fabric of an individual.
I have drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls, feathers, crystals, essential oils, aromas, and more at my disposal. Now’s your chance to bring “spirit” back into your healing through the Shaman’s ancient healing practices and live a longer, healthier life. Via Shamanism studies, these 44 beautifully drawn oracle cards on black background will help you learn the importance of symbolism in the human psyche. As we grow older, and especially when we have experienced fear, pain, sorrow or loss in our lives, it is possible for some of our experiences to become stored in our bodies, so that our movement and posture change; so does our connection with our bodies. It has been used within healing work, ritual & ceremony, rites of passage, celebration and for moving between the worlds. It is believed that the technique was first used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and was rediscovered in the 1900s by Dr.
Energy medicine is the healing method of clearing the human energy field to promote health, balance, and relaxation.
Shamanism is an ancient healing method that has been practiced by many different indigenous cultures across the planet. A shaman views illness and disease as the presence of negative energy or a disconnection from the soul. In fact, shamanic healing is currently experiencing a revival in the US, as many Americans describe themselves as having a loss of connection to nature and the planet. Marie Rodriguez, ND, is a Viva affiliate and licensed naturopathic physician who uses energy medicine and shamanic healing with her clients. The Shaman in history served as the communicator between the physical and the spiritual worlds through various rituals and visualizations.
Discover for yourself and others the energies surrounding situations in life that can hinder or assist you along your path of self-awareness and healing.
Shamanic coaching enables me, whether on a business or personal level to assist my client to find appropriate solutions to organisational problems.

Healing in this case is primarily to bring comfort, reassurance and support rather than for a complete healing. Just as you can feel really good around some people and really bad around others, you can also feel good or bad around places and buildings. They are not necessary prior to each treatment, you will not be able to book in for a consultation each time you come.
This work can come in many different styles, ranging from craniosacral therapy to reiki, among others. Through shamanic healing, the shaman works to create a multidimensional sacred space that supports healing. She explains, “it’s really powerful for anybody who is stuck because it works on a soul-energetic level.” It releases negative energy blocks from the body, and in doing so, re-wires the brain, enabling people to feel more confident, connected, lighter, and creative.
Whether a novice or skilled reader, the messages found in these cards and the accompanying guidebook will give you the insight, personal empowerment, and trust in your own intuitive abilities and will allow you to begin an energetic healing journey that is precisely tailored to you. In my work I use a mix of good old common sense and spiritual connection to help guide people helping them to find the answers that they need from deep within themselves. Healing for the Terminally Ill is gentle and progressive, it can bring healing on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level but it cannot work against the natural flow of life’s tides. Marie’s shamanic healing techniques include chakra cleansing, removal of heavy or intrusive energies, and soul retrieval – bringing back vitality and soul essence that is often lost due to trauma. Marie, “it’s a really wonderful way to catalyze the healing process and have people profoundly resourced. The key to healing is transforming the energy of illness into the energy of health. Same as in physics where potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy.

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