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Explore your spiritual and human existence within the bounds of natural imagery and look into the energies, fears, and wrong beliefs that are holding you back from having the best life possible. Attune Magazine is for Seekers, Mystics and Dreamers… featuring informative, educational and inspiring articles for your metaphysical and spiritual pursuits. Attune Magazine Radio supports metaphysical, spiritual, holistic, personal growth and conscious awakening topics.
Some interesting guidance has been coming through around the nature of addiction and the ways we block our capacity for love and vulnerability. The full-color deck contains a Key Card, a card for each of the 22 deities and 4 elements, and 8 composite cards that portray several deities together. Many cultures and traditions have used oracular devices such as cards, shells, corn, stones, bones, water, mirrors, and a myriad of other tools to elicit a response from spirit.
The Anubis Oracle is a companion to the recently released book, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart. Nicki Scully, who has taught Egyptian mysteries since 1983, lectures worldwide and specializes in spiritual tours to sacred sites. Linda Star Wolf, founder of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, has led transformational workshops worldwide since 1984.
Kris Waldherr is an illustrator, author, and creator of several oracle sets, including The Goddess Tarot, The Lover's Path Tarot, and The Goddess Inspiration Oracle. I just turned 52, the other day, so I hope that I am now “playing with a full deck.” Thank you so much for sharing this. This was the coolest reading deck ive seen its detailed and amazingly intuitive but not vague, very nice! Native New Englander Michelle Motuzas started painting in answer to the requests of her fellow students of Shamanism, which led to the drawings that are used in this deck. Alchemical Healing is a comprehensive healing form created by Nicki Scully during more than 20 years of research.
Available in person by phone or Skype, the sessions can include physical healing and spiritual and shamanic counseling, and are based on the work in Nicki's book. We're offering a special on private phone sessions for the month of June: $125 for the first session and $100 for those who've had a session with Nicki before. Nicki is now offering in-depth one-on-one readings so that your questions can be addressed more personally.
The first Wednesday of each month, we are holding a free Alchemical Healing Circle with Liisa Korpela at Nicki's home in Eugene, Oregon. You are looking for a way to assist your own healing with a particular illness, injury or emotional situation. You have had training in the art of Alchemical Healing and would like to practice your skills.
Nicki will be offering private sessions in various aspects of the Alchemical Healing toolbox.
During this volatile time, the principles of alchemy offer effective tools to thwart our apocalyptic bent. Why choose Mara?"I have had such a positive experience with you and the work you did with me.
I love them dearly, but it has been strained much through the years with growing up and life stresses. Ukemochi is the food goddess of the Shinto religion, who even in death produced sustenance for the people of the Earth. Your ability to transform yourself is bountifully magnified on March 16, 2016 when Jupiter trines Pluto….

Via Shamanism studies, these 44 beautifully drawn oracle cards on black background will help you learn the importance of symbolism in the human psyche. In addition to the content on our website Digital Editions of Attune Magazine are published quarterly and delivered in digital magazine format. Using the term “addiction” broadly, we may include alcohol and other drugs, but also food, a particular person, sex, anger, the need to be right or to be passive, etc. Socha, my spirit guides, say that the trauma creates a closing off of the heart, but we know that heart and mind congruence is the path to a vibrant, healthy life. These composites represent 8 major portals of initiation and complex archetypal relationships. Tarot is a modern interpretation of the ancient oracle that connected the ancestors to the divine original source. Both contain stand-alone information about the ancient neteru of Egypt, and each offers a unique set of direct experiences related to the Egyptian mysteries. Nicki is known for her deep and transformative sessions in which she artfully engages the person in his or her healing process. We can use any of the eight Anubis Oracle spreads, or simply pull cards and converse with them that way. Some of the topics include: Dealing with environmental toxins and heavy metal exposures, and pain management. For those of you who have never heard of Alchemical Healing please come early at 6:30pm for the introduction. If you wish to receive empowerments from the book and can't get to where classes are being offered, Nicki is making time to work with a few individuals by phone to assist in their progress and provide the initiation rites.
The classical arcane goal of turning lead into gold is an apt metaphor for the transformation we require now, both personally and globally. I feel a deep commitment to share with others what I have learned from my own breast cancer experience 15 years ago, and from working with others over the years since.
The first immediate thing I've noticed is a grand improvement in my relationship with my parents.
I was very burned out and since our healing work, I have discovered that I am not too exhausted to deal with them from a place of love and kindness again. She grounds you to your Earthly roots, reminds you of the fertile nature of this world, germinates the seeds of your dreams. Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 7 to 12 noon Tree of Life in Ocean Beach Diana throws a mean party – food, prizes, community and fun. Discover for yourself and others the energies surrounding situations in life that can hinder or assist you along your path of self-awareness and healing. Inner Egypt is a place of mystery, roots, ancestral wisdom, and love-home of the neteru, the deities of the Egyptian pantheon, who can guide us to the answers we seek today in our personal lives and our outer world.
The accompanying book provides detailed interpretations for each card and instructions for 8 divinatory spreads that include entering into the mystery, achieving higher love and wisdom, and identifying our sacred purpose. Although here we sometimes use the language of tarot, the Anubis Oracle is an emerging new form that is more closely related to an ancient pre-tarot paradigm.
Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt is a series of rites of passage that help us remember our true nature as divine humans with sacred purpose.
Exploring our spiritual and human existence within the bounds of natural imagery, and drawing on her background in Shamanistic studies, Michelle learned the importance of symbolism in the human psyche.
Powerful Alchemical Healing techniques weave spirit and matter, develop communications between divinity and humanity, transform experience into wisdom, and skillfully influence physical reality to achieve healing and transformation.
Regardless of the depth of the problem or the difficulty of the challenge, Nicki finds tools in her vast medicine bag of techniques and processes that bring relief and provide opportunity for continued healing beyond the immediate session.

These private readings are available now at an introductory rate of $100 for a 30-minute session, one hour for $150, and a 1½ hour session is $200. How can we enlighten the lead of depression, fear and despair that holds so many people hostage? My husband, Mark Hallert, the true visionary of the family who helped me through my intense treatment, will take a limited number of clients who are preparing for, or looking for support during their chemotherapy treatments. Whether a novice or skilled reader, the messages found in these cards and the accompanying guidebook will give you the insight, personal empowerment, and trust in your own intuitive abilities and will allow you to begin an energetic healing journey that is precisely tailored to you.
The messages are intended for our individual and collective healing, with the help of Socha, my spirit guides.
Addictive behaviors can numb the mind so that the heart has an opportunity to express and to be heard and felt.
It provides rituals, meditations, and rites of passage that allow the reader to meet his or her personal and planetary challenges with grace, wisdom, and love. The root of these symbols helps her identify what she wants to create with her art, a connection between the energy of the physical and spiritual being. Alchemical Healing permits entry into the magical realms of intuition and limitless knowledge.
By what methods can we turn the pandemic of environmentally based diseases into opportunities for a healthier and more fulfilled future? I hope you enjoy the wisdom and energies, and may they serve you well in your conscious evolution.
It creates a balance of sorts, but through a weakening of our intellect, intuition, will and life-force. This allows the neteru to reveal the answers we seek in our personal lives and in our interactions with the world by connecting us with the wisdom, guidance, and shamanic mysteries of Egypt that live within us. The shamanic initiations provided are invoked, directly experienced, and transformed into embodied wisdom that awakens consciousness and illumines the intelligence of the heart. The proud mother of two boys, Michelle also has her Masters in Shamanic Reiki and is a Certified Healer and Medium. Through Alchemical Healing we consciously enter infinite depths from which we bring forth and translate our magical experience into effective healing action.
Whether responding to global issues or specific personal needs—whether for physical healing or for spiritual growth and development, our inherent ability to recognize and utilize available intelligence is often underestimated and overlooked.
Allow your gifts to come from the truth of the soul, and if you are fortunate, recognize when others are giving the same to you, and acknowledge them!
We love to offer this by and for the community, a place to meditate, to BE, to embrace unwinding and winding, letting go and gathering. Feel free to share your vision, your energy, your insights, and perhaps even your presence as we evolve. We are entering a time of Neptunian influence which means wonderful insights and creativity are ready to flow in far more gently than the data-packed downloads from the last few months. Have fun with it, make it a game, write the “story of your life” from as wacky a perspective as possible and enjoy the lighter energy of this weekend.

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