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Why choose Mara?"I have had such a positive experience with you and the work you did with me. I love them dearly, but it has been strained much through the years with growing up and life stresses. Many people carry magickal amulets and talisman for various purposes from protection to prosperity. Materials will be made available to those who wish to make a magickal token to take home with them. Kathy Cybele was raised in an Irish household where her mother filled her days with fairy tales, Brownies (both the chocolate and the small mischievous kind) and magick.

All teachers, readers, massage therapists, and reiki practitioners are independent contractors and are not employees of Tree of Life. All images and artwork used on this site is either owned by Tree of Life, are public domain, or are used with the permission of the author. The first immediate thing I've noticed is a grand improvement in my relationship with my parents.
I was very burned out and since our healing work, I have discovered that I am not too exhausted to deal with them from a place of love and kindness again.
Join us as we look at what you should consider before you don protective token and how to make your own.

Any views expressed by them are not necessarily those of the owners or employees of Tree of Life.

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