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To make things easier for the friends willing to cheer you up, use a reaction GIF to express your emotional state. Despite the push for variety, we’ve been left with few messages in the mainstream media that reflect real representations and acceptance of women of substance. Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez have been the most famous poster-women of the “curvy” ideal. When we look at photos of women are highlighted as the curvy alternative, are they really representing a huge rebellion against mainstream beauty and body ideals? In fact, a study referenced in The Independent found only 8% of women fit the hourglass figure. While it’s important to address the overwhelming push for thinness purported by our media, the current curvy ideal can also bring up feelings of inadequacy.
Women in the US and UK are increasingly lining up for breast enhancement procedures because we are told only certain shapes of fat are sexy. In Hollywood and mainstream media, being anything over 110 pounds causes a flurry of comments, blog posts, and headlines.
Even if you and your fiance are from the same hometown and still live there now, there's no guarantee that the wedding will take place in that same location. As weddings have grown more expensive, it’s not surprising that more couples are opting to get married on a Friday or Sunday rather than the high-priced Saturday night.
There are certain groups you generally can’t break; even if you see some of your aunts and uncles a few times a month and others a few times a decade, you really should include all (or none) out of fairness.
Regarding “plus ones,” the general rule is that couples who are married, engaged, or living together must be invited together, even if you haven’t met your friend’s significant other. After receiving your save-the-date, your friend tells you that she’ll be out of town and can't make it to your wedding.
This rule confuses a lot of brides because you’re also not supposed to invite anyone to the engagement party or bridal shower who won’t be invited to the wedding. As receiving lines have gone out of fashion, more and more couples plan to visit each table during the reception instead.
We all secretly hope that we’ll get those carefully-selected items on our registries or that we’ll receive enough money to make a down payment on a house. Also: This means that you should not include registry information with your wedding invitation.
Considering that the average bridesmaid spends almost $600 between the dress, the bridal shower, the bachelorette, and attending the actual wedding, this isn’t a place where you should trim your budget.
Believe it or not, back in the 1950s -- often heralded as a time when great care was taken toward having proper manners and etiquette -- pre-printed thank-you cards were the norm. Pin your favorite ones to Pinterest and make sure to follow us on our Pinterest account here.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. After decades of being bombarded with images of extremely thin models and starving ourselves to fit the waif-mold many women and organizations–such as the author of Fat!So?, Marilyn Wann, and movements like The Body is Not an Apology, have worked to bring about size and fat-acceptance.

True, these celebrities carry more weight on their bodies, but only in socially acceptable places.
The majority of us are either top-heavy, pear-shaped, or ironically, rectangular; 47% of women are actually shaped the opposite of curvy, with a waist less than nine inches smaller than their hips or bust.
Christina Hendricks of Mad Men has said, “Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous, you get really self-conscious.
Butt lifts and implants have also seen a jump, with some women unfortunately losing their lives in the chase for the perfect voluptuous figure.
If women, who look like the closest living thing to the Barbie ideal, are continuously portrayed as body outlaws, what does that say for the rest of us?
Women in the spotlight who are curvier rock for broadening the body acceptance conversation.
Even if you think you're following all of the "rules," it's easy to overlook these less discussed -- but still important -- guidelines.
But there’s a reason Saturday is the most popular day for weddings to take place -- with Friday weddings, your guests either need to take the day off work, leave work early, or skip your ceremony altogether and just attend the reception. And if you opt for Sunday, consider an afternoon ceremony with the reception ending by 9 or 10 p.m.
Don’t leave your guests waiting just because you want to make sure no one misses your grand entrance. Now, we’re not saying you need to hire a calligrapher, but it adds such a personal touch to handwrite the addresses.
When it’s time to send your invitations, skip mailing one to this person -- sending when you know she can’t attend gives off a “gift-grabbing” vibe.
However, since you did extend the invite -- even though you didn’t send a physical invitation -- it’s acceptable in this scenario for your friend to be included in pre-wedding events. What you don't know is that most couples never make it around to every table -- you'll get sidetracked when your favorite song comes on or when your cousin drags you off to the bar for celebratory drinks, and before you know it, it's time to cut the cake and say goodbye. You can, however, include it with your bridal shower invite, since the primary purpose of the event is to shower the bride with gifts!
No, you definitely don’t have to match what they’re spending on you, but plan on about $50-150 per bridesmaid if your budget allows. Also, don’t forget thank-you gifts for your parents! We’ve fought to see a wider variety of body types in the media, and to accept that some women are fatter, flatter, and shaped in innumerable ways, but have we actually made progress? Although curvy celebrities are quoted saying loud and proud that they have curves and have nothing to be ashamed of, their fat stays in all the “right”places–flat stomachs, long necks, no sags, and no visible stretch marks, just a fuller figure than the overly-thin models, singers, and movie stars before them.
Where are the celebrities and spokespeople openly admiring their round bellies, small hips, cellulite, and sags? If women who have a more average, fatter body type are rarely shown as sexy (if they are shown at all), how does that affect our ability to appreciate our own bodies? However, the depiction of what it means to be beautiful still leaves much to be desired, and we must stop pretending that our modern understanding of “curves” is revolutionary and inclusive. With Sunday weddings, unless it’s a holiday weekend, guests won’t be able to let loose as much as they’d like, and many will leave early to get a good night’s sleep before the work week begins again.

Most guests know better than to show up right at the invite time anyway, so if you put 6:30 for a 7 o'clock ceremony, some of your guests could be waiting around for as long as an hour before you begin.
It’s perfectly acceptable to offer just beer and wine, and it's a nice touch to add a signature cocktail or two.
Check if your venue offers a “vendor meal,” which typically cost about half as much as a guest’s dinner (the vendor meal usually includes just the main course, which lowers the cost).
Our advice: Have a receiving line, even if it feels outdated and takes away from photo time.
Over the years, weddings have grown in size and cost; no longer do most of your guests live within walking distance to your venue. And for gifts sent before the wedding, try to get your thank-yous out within two weeks of receiving the gift. Is the promotion of curves a legitimate backlash against an industry with a narrow and thin definition of beauty? The few larger women, who have typical rectangular or apple body types, such as Gabby Sidibe of Precious, Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids, and Shannon Beiste from Glee are rarely pictured or portrayed as sexy, desirable, or even feminine. Others decide to include dates for anyone in a relationship, while others draw the line at just couples who have been together for a year or more.
Or, try this calligraphy cheat: Using a fancy font in a very light gray, run each envelope through your printer, and then trace over the printed address using a calligraphy pen. Or, you can sometimes provide subs, pizza, or another quick meal for your vendors (ask them!). Think about it this way: Would you rather spend 15 minutes having a receiving line after the ceremony or spend an hour (or more!) going around to every table? Guests are flying in from all over the world and spending more than $500 to attend a wedding.
Or is the promotion of curves yet another unattainable standard under the guises of caring about women’s self-esteem, health, and body image?
We can curve out at our waists, arms, legs, as well as our butts and chest, or we might not curve much at all.  Simply increasing the acceptable inch limit for boobs and hips, and calling it an alternative for the thin ideal, does no one justice.
Whatever you do, do not make an announcement that guests who want to see you can come join you on the dance floor -- yes, we’ve heard this happen many times.
Somewhere along the line, it was decided that guests deserve a more personal “thanks” for their time and effort spent on your behalf. The exception is your bridal party members -- if you can swing it, allow your single bridesmaids and groomsmen to invite dates if they choose to do so.

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