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We are able to design and manufacture a wide range of construction signs, including scaffold banners and construction safety signs. Providing a professional service with excellent attention to detail, our team can produce a number of high quality construction signs.
From men at work signs to directional signs, we are able to cater to a range of needs and budgets. Among the construction signs we design and manufacture are health and safety signs, scaffold banners and road signs.
Many businesses don't realize there is a far-reaching and organized series of laws and procedures that govern bathroom signs and handicapped signage.
Recently, the laws regulating ADA restroom signs, and all ADA signs in general, have changed.
ADA signage refers to a lot of different laws and regulations, but some of the ADA restroom signs in particular that have been significantly affected by the new rules are braille signs. ADA signage is something that's easy to overlook in the rush to get through a job, or to design your interior space in a way that's pleasing to the eye and works with your business, school, hotel, or place of business. Below you'll find a run down of many of the new ADA sign regulations that relate to industrial signage and braille signs. According to the new regulations, when you're writing in braille there are several guidelines in reference to size, height, and font.
There are minimums for how far braille must be raised above the surface of your ADA sign, and at The Sign Studio we have the precision machines to get it just right, keep you compliant, and make your signs readable and accessible. The signs in your space are important on a number of levels, but few of them are more important than respect and customer service. For instance, all ADA signs intended for use by handicapped persons have to be placed in locations free from any sort of unseen danger, such as the arc of a swinging door, or a protuberance along the wall. This regulation ensures that the characters on a given sign will conform to other characters on other signs, making them familiar and readable. All of these rules and regulations are essential in crafting the most up-to-date, ADA compliant signs possible. A: There is no cooperation with other persons, providers or sites than the legitimate stock agencies.

In any case of doubt, especially when you use and sell not your own art, you should try to determine the Creator to avoid legal action. This declaration also applies to my other illustrations offered by stock agencies (Portfolio). For more information about our construction signs or if you would a quote, please contact us on 0191 5266455. The ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, was enacted to give due diligence to making sure that all public spaces, including restrooms and places where industrial signage is needed, are accessible and familiar to the handicapped person. New legislation has brought all the old ADA signage up to modern codes, and compliance is a must. Braille signs are one of the most important aspects of restroom signage that ADA regulates, and with good reason. However, few things are more important about your ADA restroom sign than the way it speaks to the disabled. As a service to you and a guideline for how we make our signs in the future, we're placing these ADA regulations on our site - check back to reference them whenever you need. We also are completely updated and able to write in perfect Grade 2 Braille, a capability not all sign companies share. Accessible signage with descriptive materials about public buildings, monuments, and objects of cultural interest may not provide sufficiently detailed and meaningful information.
For braille users, it's important that braille signs be the same as the braille they read in texts, to cut down on confusion.
A braille sign has to be in a place where the user can feel safe standing still and reading it for any period of time. This goes for all kinds of ADA signage, and is one more way these ADA regulations make the world of interior space more palatable and easier to navigate for the handicapped. In other words, if your writing is in a light color, like white, it must be contrasted with a darker background, like blue.
Note that in any application both white and black are never absolute; thus, B1 never equals 100 and B2 is always greater than 0.
For handicapped persons and those who depend on braille, the new regulations are essential to an improved, more familiar quality of life.

There are dozens of possible pitfalls when it comes to creating a braille sign, not least among them positioning, changes in braille itself, height, and prescribed size and lettering. The right braille sign, the right ADA sign of any stripe, is designed to keep your business in good standing in two ways.
The Sign Studio is your one-stop shop for any kind of braille sign, ADA signage, or any type of state and federal law-compliant sign.
We also are well trained and well versed when it comes to all ADA signage symbolics, and all related braille sign explanations and text. Interpretive guides, audio tape devices, or other methods may be more effective in presenting such information. Confusion that could range from mere frustration to the possibility of danger, neither of which serve you, your place of work, or your guests.
The greatest readability is usually achieved through the use of light-colored characters or symbols on a dark background.
The new braille signs that will now be produced are alone worth the effort of bringing your signs up to code. For a handicapped person, it's absolutely essential that your bathroom signs speak to them in a way that they understand and are familiar with. Using literary spacing and Grade 2 braille is an important step in leveling the playing field of industrial signage.
These new laws make it that much easier to create informative, helpful, safe ADA restroom signs, and to create a braille sign that speaks to the widest possible audience as clearly as it can. Without it, your space could be subject to penalties and even lawsuits, and that's never a good thing. Without the right kind of ADA signage, your handicapped patrons will have a harder time doing what they need to do in your space. Both of those simple, very compelling reasons for updating your signs are focused on here at The Sign Studio.

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