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Doctors in Australia say a newborn's death may have been caused by herpes she contracted after being kissed by someone with a cold sore.
Thiel revealed his monetary involvement in the case in an interview with the New York Times this week, explaining that he was motivated to stop the firm 'humiliating people for sport'.
Trey Sims, 19, of Manassas, Virginia, was charged with child pornography in 2014 after sending pictures of his genitals to his then-15-year-old girlfriend. The 3-foot casket is believed to belong to a three-year-old girl, whose skin and hair, weaved with lavender flowers, were perfectly preserved.
A 46-year-old man admitted on Thursday in court to stealing more than $1million from his ex-boss after she fell into a coma. JiaJia Liang, 16, who was slashed in the throat and face by a man with a box cutter as she walked to school in Queens, New York was not the intended target of the December attack, police said. A man who kidnapped a 14-year-old girl when she accepted his offer of a ride home from school because her feet were sore, held her captive for nine months and raped her repeatedly at his trailer (pictured inset) acknowledged his crimes on Thursday and apologized. Tonya Couch was indicted on charges of hindering apprehension of a felon and money laundering, The Tarrant County district attorney's office said on Thursday.
A map by the NOAA shows the probability of 'well above average' temperatures across the country in the upcoming months.
Claire Rostron, a senior lecturer at The Open University, reveals how alcohol affects the body, helps you overcome inhibitions as well as easing pain and sending you off to sleep. Touching bodycam footage has captured the moment a sheriff's deputy rescued a one-year-old boy from a violent domestic dispute.A  Travis Connolly, 32, was using his son and six-year-old daughter as a human shield while brandishing a handgun and daring police to shoot on Tuesday night.
Jim McAlpine, founder of high running event 420 Games, says the new California gym will allow people to enjoy the benefits of working out while high and dispel the lazy stoner image.
Scientists from the University of South Florida found people who dine in restaurants with bright lighting are 16 to 24 per cent more likely to order healthy food, because they are more alert.

A man known only as Salticid who received a suspicious message on Tumblr from a potential spammer had some fun playing along in a conversation that becomes increasingly funny and surreal.
Eloise Lampton, who was born healthily on November 1 via caesarean at Mackay Hospital in far north Queensland, died last week in the arms of her parentsA Sarah Pugh, 28, and Douglas Lampton, 35'Doctors initially thought it was a feeding issue.
Ms Pugh hopes Eloise's death will help others to be more aware of the herpes virus and how it can effect newborn babies'They took the tubes out of her and we got to nurse her until she passed away.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Tony Reed, 49, (left inset) led investigators to the site four miles from their Arlington home.
The girl, who was in court to hear his admission, thanked him for eventually letting her go.
Officers had been called to the property in Pasco, Florida, after reports of an abusive confrontation. Brushing the knots out before showering, not lathering and letting them practice on a pet are all keys to success. The exchange, which was posted to Imgur, has been labelled 'a literary masterpiece' by users as he attempts to engage Stellaxo134 in a conversation about mortality despite her best attempts to lure him into signing up to a site for a naked webcam show. The city's top cop slammed their actions in a WCBS radio interview as footage emerged of the chaos that unfolded as the shots were fired inside the concert venue.
Redevelopment forced 30,000 bodies to be relocated in the 1920s, but the girl was left behind. Nathaniel Kibby (pictured main) pleaded guilty to seven counts including kidnapping, aggravated felonious sex assault and criminal threatening. Onge (all together, bottom right) a champion show skier, spent three weeks dragging their daughter Zyla around the house on the purpose-built 'baby ski' they made her.

Ewing was larger than life, Larry Hagman had a persona even more colourful than his Dallas alter ego, says his daughter Kristina (right, with her father) in a new memoir. I was devastated to know she was born healthy and then this happened,' Ms Pugh said.'They thought it could have come from me, but I didn't test positive to the disease. Tony Reed surrendered to police last week at the US-Mexico border but his brother remains at large. She is now sitting in a mortuary in Fresno while an organization works to identify her and rebury her by this summer. While she plainly adores her father, her story also highlights the fact it wasn't all non-stop fun for a young child (pictured with Larry, his wife Maj and son Preston, left).
She was in the hospital and we thought she was fine, then that night we were told she might not survive the night,' Ms Pugh said.'The machine fully took over her whole body. Police say John Reed was involved in a 'constant' dispute with the pair, but the years-long feud came to a head in recent weeks after Patenaude reported him to police for squatting on the land he used to own. Perhaps the most surprising revelation in her book is that Hagman had several extramarital affairs while claiming publicly that 'I never had the predilection or the opportunity'.
Revelers are seen running and ducking for cover while a woman is heard screaming 'my leg, my leg'.
It became like a game.' Jump to last Thursday, and Zyla is thought to have broken a world record, by being the youngest person to water ski 700 feet (top right). Authorities said Thursday that 33-year-old Ronald McPhatter was fatally shot in the stomach.

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