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If an office temperature gets cold in the fall before the boiler is on, then electric heaters can be used to bring the temperature up for comfort without turning a boiler on. It also affects your productivity because your office is dark or your equipment is not working. Continually overloading a circuit and tripping the breaker will weaken the breaker and the wiring. At work, use them only in the early fall and late spring, when the central heating system is off. Never leave a heater running during a period of extended absence, such as overnight or over the weekend. Do not use space heaters during times when other equipment is running to avoid overloading a circuit and tripping a breaker. When you buy an electric space heater, make sure it has a safety switch that will shut it off if it is tipped over. If everyone in your home gets up and leaves for the day, you can save by keeping your home thermostat set low until after the workday. Set your digital house thermostat to pre-heat the house an hour before your return from work. Daily Home Renovation Tips — Your source for home energy conservation, improvement and maintenance ideas, one home at a time. Multi-split ductless air conditioning, which utilizes inverter technology, precisely matches the amount of refrigerant being delivered to the needs of each zone. Tankless systems only use energy when it is needed, making them an efficient and eco-friendly product.
Protect water resources of the world by combing water conservation at home with the reduction of CO2 emissions. Some models use less energy than others; this Eco-Heater, for example, uses only 400 watts, compared with the 1500 watts used by most convection heaters, though its reviews on Home Depot's website are mixed. It's also worth noting that if your house isn't well insulated, you're definitely losing money and wasting energy, no matter what kind of heat you use.
Lastly, remember that space heaters can be a fire hazard: According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, some 25,000 house fires a year are linked to them.
The starting point for using solar thermal energy is to heat domestic hot water, as it is used year-round.
Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof while a small storage tank is installed in the basement.
In our drain-back system, system water is pumped through the panels and the heat exchanger only when the panels are hotter than the solar tank. With the simple effect of gravity, the system water safely returns to the drain-back tank inside the house before the panels get cold.
The absence of pressure makes for a system which is virtually maintenance free, in stark contrast to the pressurized glycol and oil systems of the early 80s.
This comprehensive system expands on the Solar Domestic Hot Water System, to also heat all or part of the house. For instance, we design our own EPDM-lined tank, which can be assembled inside a given room or basement, without any door width issues. Careful cost benefit analysis shows that dual hot water and space heating systems have a shorter payback than domestic hot water only systems. In a standard furnace, cold air from the house returns to the furnace via the return air duct. With a solar space heating system, we install a fin-coil into the existing return vent right before the furnace. The hot water from the solar storage tank is pumped to the coil in the furnace cold air return.
With 25 years of experience and fine-tuning, we have developed proprietary know-how which enables us to adapt the solar system to various furnace technologies, optimizing heat exchange and minimizing gas consumption. The interface with a radiant floor is simple to imagine: a loop carries water through the solar tank to gain heat and then into the radiant floor house zones.

Although baseboard heating can appear to be similar to radiant floors, it is quite different.
Spas can also be heated efficiently with thermal panels, typically as part of a broader system which includes space heating or hot water. If your business - small to large - is giving serious thought to solar energy, we encourage you to investigate what solar thermal can produce for you, as it is most often the logical financial choice.
Many products are included in the creation of a solar thermal system: panels, storage tanks, heat exchangers, pumps, controls and temperature monitors. In a stereo system, if a great amplifier is mounted with poor speakers, the resulting sound is poor: The quality of the sound is equal to the quality of the weakest component. Please visit our Wholesale Info page, where you can find official third-party evaluation methods and ratings for solar panels, as well as detailed manufacturer specifications on Solene Panels. Secondly, we optimize our tank for each system, with solutions ranging from external heat exchangers to stainless-steel storage tanks, to custom-built large-capacity tanks.
Below is a standard 670 gallon tank, costing less than two 120 gallon glass lined tanks and lasting many times longer. Please visit our Wholesale Info page, where you can find official third-party evaluation methods and ratings for solar panels, more information on proprietary Capitol Solar Energy tanks, as well as detailed manufacturer specifications on Solene Panels. They can also be costly devices that waste energy, cost money, and tie up maintenance time.
When the days start getting cooler in the fall, it may be cheaper to use electric heaters in isolated areas, such as offices, rather than firing up the central heating system. An electric heater is 100% efficient, which means that all of the energy it uses goes directly into the area it is heating. Permanent replacement may be needed and there is a risk of fire from an overloaded circuit. Pre-heat just the bathroom and kitchen with a pair of electric space heaters using 15 Amp appliance timer. Think about the pleasure of a warm bathroom for showering and shaving and a warm kitchen for a quick breakfast.
You will know where the savings comes from when you count the hours that your central heat thermostat is at the low temperature setting. PPG does not generate greenhouse gases or air pollutants, making it very environmentally friendly.
In general, if you only need one or two rooms to be warm, space heaters will use less energy than central heat.
Models meant to heat larger spaces often use more energy, so if the room you want to heat is tiny, you could probably get away with one of the less powerful heaters.
For more of her stories, click here.Mother Jones is a nonprofit, and stories like this are made possible by readers like you. The highly insulated rectangular, non-pressurized tank is added in the utility room, garage or basement. Our unique proprietary tank designs also greatly improve space use, insulation, simplicity, durability and heat exchange functions, all while reducing costs. Our system can save 70% of the total space heating and water heating bill of a house, offering the quickest pay-back of any solar energy home application!
We are able to create a furnace interface which is within 10% of the efficiency of a radiant floor interface (which is the most efficient). Proper interaction of pump, mixing valve (mixing cold water with the tank-heated water) and sensors make sure the water going into the floor is at the proper temperature. As a result, a solar interface with baseboard heat is less effective than other methods and must be done properly to be reasonably efficient. It’s a very low temperature application and the pool acts as a huge storage tank itself. A bit like a stereo system, a thermal solar system will perform optimally only if each component is of high quality. These panels have demonstrated top-level performance in official industry ratings, capturing up to 78% of the sun’s energy under optimal conditions!

Our heat exchange & storage solutions are also designed to maximize your return on investment and minimize long-term maintenance needs. Install radiant tubing in a new concrete slab, on top of an existing slab or in a wood floor! That way you can keep that room a little warmer and dial down the thermostat on your furnace for the rest of the house.
The longer that you can avoid running big heating equipment, the more energy and money you will save. In mild weather, boilers are about 65% efficient, meaning that we lose a lot of the energy in the conversion and distribution process. That leaves very little capacity to run computers, printers, copy machines and other office or household appliances. If you want to heat up the whole room, opt for a convection heater, which warms up the air, suggests the US Department of Energy. The only requirement for this system is that all pipes and panels must be sloped and above the tank, so that gravity empties the panels when the pump turns off. The water tank might require changing after 15 to 25 years, just like any water storage tank.
Solar heat is captured by the panels, transferred to the tank and stored in the tank, until needed to heat the house or domestic hot water. If the solar heated air is hot enough the gas remains off, if needed the gas heats side by side with the solar system. In a furnace interface, the radiator’s function is to heat the air with the hot water.
The boiler is also connected to this loop, and will activate automatically to complete the work of the solar system during the coldest weather.
Rather, they are installed at the base of the wall and must dissipate heat through the air. Therefore, panel performance can be optimized and no storage tank is necessary, significantly reducing the cost of a system. Capitol Solar Energy pays attention to all components and their interaction, to optimize your system. Please also see our Wholesale info page for more information on our proprietary tank designs. This article may help you understand when it is okay to use them and when you should avoid them.
Under the conditions we experience before the central heat is on, electric heaters provide an economic alternative. Since our central heat isn't very efficient (it is itself kind of a giant space heater), I've assumed that the room-by-room approach is best.
Radiant and convection heaters are comparable in price; both can range from about $30 to $130.
The solar system preheats the cold water before it gets to the existing gas or electric water heater. Both of our new and used panel solutions offer outstanding ratios of energy production per dollar invested – possibly the best in the country.
This works well if the house thermostat is not in the room where the space heater is being used.
When that happens an electrician must spend time to determine what caused the breaker to trip and to reset the breaker.

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