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This course explores what is considered by some to be the paranormal, while others may consider these experiences to be extraordinary and awe-inspiring but within the norm of the human experience.
Within these mystical lessons, you are invited to explore ways you may use your innate intuitive gift to communicate with your spirit guides, angels, and deceased loved ones.
This fascinating and well researched ebook takes the reader through 150 years of spiritualism. Your guardian angels, spirit guides and even deceased loved ones are indeed your spiritual teachers and helpers.
If you've ever felt vulnerable to a psychic attack – or drained by a person or location, this compelling ebook by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls provides fascinating insights and soul-lutions. Wouldn't you love to be handed a pink slip telling you exactly what to be or do "when you grow up?" But, being "told" rather than going through the process of discovery is disempowering. Today's quest for spiritual understanding and enlightenment is really no different than that of another century.
Many struggling grief have found support in this popular ebook by grief counselor, Marty Tousley. Examine the classic types of intuitive abilities including: Inspirational Thought, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, along with Clairalience. Respond to this invitation to connect and communicate more deeply with your spirit guides, angels and higher self. Linda Pendleton, medium and award winning author, has written in a variety of genres: nonfiction, mystery novels, comic book scripting, and screenplays.

Course lessons will be sent directly to your email inbox on the start date and delivery pace you select below. Once you click the "Order Now" button, you will have a chance to review your order before completing payment at Clickbank, our credit card processing center.
When you're in the midst of pain, and the rest of the world wants to gather and celebrate, you need to find ways to manage your pain and get through the day or the season with a minimum of stress. Have each lesson of this course delivered to your email inbox on the start date and at the frequency of your choosing by clicking the Enroll Now button. You are invited to discover (or re-discover) spiritualism history of the past 150 years – including Victorian Spiritualism and how this era brought with it a profound understanding of human destiny after death.
This ebook will guide you to discover, develop and fine-tune your awareness of the loving presence which accompanies you daily.
This workbook contains a series of powerful exercises to use as stepping stones on your personal journey towards your life purpose.
But why do so with a resource that can be used to help heal, solve problems, and make spiritual contact with deceased loved ones or spirit guides? Author Linda Pendleton brings content to life by weaving her own personal stories of her friendships and connections with some well-known, well regarded and gifted mediums and healers of the 20th century. This workbook is designed to help you understand and identify classic types of intuitive abilities (as well as not so common intuitive abilities), and guide you to actively tap into this valuable resource. Although most of her time is devoted to her love of writing, she also enjoys the exploration of her family's genealogical roots.

Explore the signs and symbols sent by the spirit world and the beneficial messages they carry. She has authored a number of popular Self Healing Expressions courses and ebooks over the years. Discover how these beings of love can guide you towards profound happiness, comfort, precious guidance, healing and love.
The messages are provided to us by various Spirit Guides through their Mediums or Channels. Observe and note the parallels in these messages, and see what wisdoms and truths await you.
Jaffe opens the doors to a deeper experience and understanding of what lies beyond for all seekers who continue the journey of developing divine guidance. Ibrahim Jaffe a€“ master healer and teacher who has completed over 40,000 healings and helped hundreds of people in their personal . Be Sociable, Share!Your Spiritual ToolkitA plant cannot grow without nourishment and support from a healthy environment. SIGN UPEvent CalendarWe offer many programs and events throughout the year, location based and via phone.

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