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THS has the potential to supply more than 100 phytoconstituents to students and companies for research. Herb authentication is a quality assurance process that ensures the correct plant species and plant parts are used as raw materials for herbal medicines. Medipharm tests cosmetic products for chemical and microbiological safety, and verification of the list of declared ingredients such as preservatives, colors, fragrances, and flavors. We are experienced with sunscreens, lip balms, sunless tanning mists, body lotions, lipsticks, foundations, eye color (shadow and mascara), moisturizers, shampoos, oral care, astringents, fragrances, and anti-aging products. At THS, we have carefully analyzed this problem and we are now offering more than 100 phytoconstituents available with us with complete analytical profile in ready stock, which can be conveniently used as marker compounds for ascertaining the quality of raw material or finished products.

The proper authentication of herbal raw materials is critically important to the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines. Products that have been confirmed to have bioefficacy can then be taken up for safety studies to determine possible side effects, adverse reactions and the maximum tolerable dosages. These phytoconstituents are useful for standardization of herbal raw material, extracts and formulations made from those herbs.
If stored properly, such pressed specimens can be preserved for hundreds of years.The medicinal plant herbarium comprises a unique ethnobotanical collection focusing on medicinal plants with a use in traditional or contemporary medicine. We carry out Identification and authentication of botanicals, medicinal plants and raw herbs according to Indian, British,European Pharmacopoeia by taxonomy, morphology, macroscopic, microscopic, histochemical, chemical and chromatographic techniques.

This list would be constantly upgraded to include more phytoconstituents to cater the growing need of herbal drug standardization.
An important function of the herbarium is to house voucher specimens of authentic medicinal plant material.

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