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Although home pregnancy tests are more accurate than ever before, a blood-based pregnancy test is typically performed by health practitioners to determine pregnancy.
There are typically two ways to detect the HCG levels in a woman's body to confirm or deny pregnancy. Blood-based pregnancy tests also measure the level of HCG present in a woman's body, but these are typically performed at a doctor's office or health clinic.
There are two different types of blood tests to check for pregnancy: qualitative and quantitative. The test is performed by a nurse or lab technician drawing blood from a vein in the arm, typically the forearm or hand. Although the blood-based pregnancy test is highly accurate, there are certain circumstances and conditions which can affect its results and possibly give an incorrect reading.
If you've already taken a home pregnancy test and it is positive, you will almost always still need to take an initial blood pregnancy test.
Your practitioner can determine whether the pregnancy is progressing normally and discuss any issues that may arise with you. You may need confirmation of the pregnancy for public health care or other publicly funded programs such as WIC. In addition to checking HCG levels to determine pregnancy and its normal progression, there are a number of other pregnancy blood tests that may be performed during pregnancy.
Pregnancy-Associated Plasma Protein Screening (PAPP-A): This blood test measures the levels of a certain protein produced by the placenta. Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening (AFP): This blood test is performed during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Genetic Screening: When there is a family history of genetic disorders, genetic screening tests may be performed. A blood test is the most accurate way to confirm pregnancy, and tests following the initial determination can help doctors monitor the health of you and your child.
The body produces antibodies to fight the infection when a individual is infected with HIV. STD testing for HIV can be done using a few different blood tests depending upon your needs and concerns. You can come here With Taiwanese friends if afraid communication is not clear and You can see me at the counter. Even if a woman has taken a home pregnancy test, a blood-based test is usually administered to confirm the pregnancy. A qualitative test can determine exactly what amount of HCG is present in the blood, while a qualitative test simply determines whether any HCG is present.A qualitative test may be performed to initially confirm the pregnancy. The test may show a false positive for pregnancy when it is, in fact, detecting the HCG hormones present from the treatments.
Always ask your doctor or nurse about any tests performed if you need more information or have any concerns about any blood test. The standard HIV test detects HIV antibodies in the blood and is effective typically after 90 days from possible exposure. These tests measure the amount of HCG that is present in the urine at the time of the test. It can also be scheduled if a woman suspects she is pregnant and has not yet taken an at-home test.

A quantitative test may be performed ensure that the HCG levels are increasing normally and identify potential problems.
The test may be performed at you practitioner's facility or at a medical lab at a separate facility.
This is more common in urine-based tests since a blood test can detect pregnancy hormones six to eight days after ovulation. Any early detection STD test such as Early HIV Detection (DNA PCR) Test uses polymerase chain reaction to detect HIV proviral DNA. The results of the test are sent to the appropriate section of the lab for testing and your doctor will receive the results. A standard HIV antibody blood test is highly reliable from three months after potential exposure. An early detection STD test can produce a positive or negative result after approximately 28 days from exposure. The time it takes to receive the results depend on a variety of factors, in some cases the results will be available the same day, while in other cases you may have to wait several days. There is a period of time between infection and the production of HIV antibodies during which a person can get false negative results.

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