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After Charlie Sheen announced to the world on the Today Show he was HIV positive, an anonymous dating community for STD sufferers has offered him a lifetime membership, for free.
According to the interview on the Today Show, Charlie Sheen discovered his HIV positive status around four years ago and has been taking medication every day since then.
Sheen finally decided to no longer allow himself to be blackmailed over his status and to face the reality of his medical condition.
According to a press statement by the dating website, Positive Singles has now invited Sheen to join its membership ranks of what are currently over 160,000 HIV positive members, offering him a lifetime membership for free if he will accept their offer. Cordova continued by adding that Charlie Sheen, like all others who are HIV positive, needs to talk with people who understand what he is going through without the need to divulge personal information, just like others that have joined the website.

Positive Singles stresses that should Sheen choose to join another online dating site, those created for STD sufferers would be his best option and in his case, they are offering the free lifetime membership. The article mentioned an incident at a party, when Sheen started acting in unusually eccentric ways. Another article spoke of Denise Richards, one of Charlie Sheen’s former wives, and how she is getting over the news that Sheen is HIV positive. He confessed during the interview that he had been paying cash to many people who had threatened to expose his HIV status and that he was quite depressed over his condition and his doctor Dr. Charlie Sheen also hopes that by going public with his status, he can dispel a little of the stigma of being HIV positive.

For this reason, they have offered Sheen a lifetime membership, should he choose to take it up. They quote a report by Forbes back in 2008 when Sheen was a member of the prestigious millionaire dating site, Millionaire Match.
Richards reportedly stepped out with her daughters in Los Angeles, serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless in that city.

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