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For those wanting to learn about flowers and want information fast, consulting an online flower dictionary is a great option.
Whether you are an amateur plant enthusiast or a florist with a healthy knowledge of the subject, a dictionary of flowers is beneficial.
Even if you decide you don't need extensive information, just knowing the meanings of flowers is practical knowledge to have, especially if you are buying them for someone. If you just need a quick reference on the meanings or symbolism of a certain flower, visit Pheonix Flower Shop. Do you or someone you know have an approaching wedding and want to create the perfect bridal bouquet? Listing popular names on its online flower dictionary, Flower Shop Network includes the following information when you click on the names: the scientific name, history, meaning (including colors), astrology sign of the flower and any special design qualities. Run by Ohio State University, Plant Facts is a large database of plants, flowers and gardening topics.
Using a flower dictionary is a great way to learn about flowers, their meanings and their history.

You'll find websites offering varying degrees of information, from basic data to the meanings and symbolism of flowers. For the beginner, the dictionary can provide rudimentary information to give you a working familiarity with any specific type of flower. This simple site has a few categories that include Names of Flowers, an alphabetical listing, Color Meanings and Wedding Flowers. The basic dictionary is searchable with thousands of pictures of flowers, plants, turf types, diseases and even insects. For example, if you type "rose," you'll get numerous definitions of course; but clicking on the link "rose family" gets you specific information about roses like the description and Latin name.
As you increase your knowledge, a comprehensive dictionary provides meanings, care instructions of particular flowers (which are handy for florists or gardeners) and histories. Also on the site is a section listing the meaning of roses (by color), a listing of state flowers, and various web pages on Orchids, Bonsais and other and plants.
The site touches on "florigraphy" or, the study of flower meanings, and some history on flora language as well as making bridal bouquets unique to the bride.

The site also contains over 200 videos on gardening from basic techniques and hints to advanced procedures for the experienced horticulturist.
Here you'll have pages upon pages with the meaning, origin, availability, vase life and handling information.
Check under Flower Color Meanings to see what different colors represent when giving someone a bouquet. Lastly, if you are curious about wedding flowers, click on that category to see the most common ones and their meanings.

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