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Note: In this guide, we will use the terms sexually transmitted disease (STD) and sexually transmitted infection (STI) interchangeably. In addition to those at high-risk for contracting this disease, chlamydia testing is recommended for all sexually active individuals under the age of 25.
Syphilis screening is recommended in pregnant women as well as in individuals at high risk for contracting this disease. Hepatitis B tests are recommended for individuals who are experiencing symptoms or believe that they may have been exposed to the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all individuals between the ages of 13 and 64 be tested for HIV. HIV is usually diagnosed in one of two ways: through a blood sample or via epithelial cell samples taken from the insides of the cheeks. It’s important to note that HIV antibodies may not show up in the blood until months after the initial exposure. Testing is crucial when it comes to preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Always ask your sex partner prior to having sex if they have ever had a STD or used drugs via needles. If you notice a sore, discharge, redness or a rash, don’t have sex with a person who said they didn't have an STD or used drugs via needles. Private Diagnostics was developed by a group of healthcare providers with years of experience, in both the traditional and non-traditional medical office setting. Our mission is to provide a private, personal and professional medical laboratory service to those who want to make sure that they know the results first. To insure that you receive the same quality, if not better, than you would in a traditional medical setting, we use a professional CLIA certified laboratory. Scabies is a dermatological disease caused by a minuscule, yet harmful parasite, known as Sarcoptes scabiei. Another symptom of Scabies is the appearance of rashes in the areas of the body where the skin is attacked by the parasites.
If scabies occurs in patients who have a weakened immune system, such as HIV positive patients or elderly people, the symptoms can take a more severe form. The parasites can transfer mediums very easily, and a short direct contact is sufficient for the infection to be transmitted. Even though scabies is known to be a dermatological disease, many medical treaties classify it as a sexually transmitted disease. If you fear you may have scabies, you should see your dermatologist right away and get a confirmation of the diagnosis. If you have developed rashes on your skin, the doctor will examine them in order to see if they are related to scabies or to other parasitical or dermatological conditions. But, usually, the most efficient way of establishing the diagnosis of scabies is by identifying the live parasites.
The clinic is run by one of Ireland’s most highly regarded experts in the field of sexual health, Dr. Folliculitis refers to the swelling or inflammation of one or more hair follicles that occurs on any part of the skin.
Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that this process is painful, embarrassing or otherwise and uncomfortable.
Most commonly, you will visit a doctor’s office, a clinic or in a privately-owned testing facility.

In most cases, screening is done to diagnose symptoms or as a proactive measure for individuals at an increased risk for contracting this infection. Also, due to complications during pregnancy, all expectant mothers should be screened for this infection as well.
It is often recommended in those who are high-risk, pregnant, over the age of 30 or have received abnormal pap smear results. This includes sexual partners of infected individuals, people who use intravenous drugs, babies born to mothers with hepatitis B. Through screening and the use of protection, both public and personal health are significantly improved. STDs can cause general body infections or can directly affect your reproductive and sex organs. We have seen many embarrassing situations when people other than patients access confidential medical information.
These parasites live under the skin of the human or animal carrier, causing severe itchiness. Many patients have reported that the itching tends to aggravate at nighttime, but there is no medical proof to sustain this claim. These persons will develop rashes on a larger surface of the body and they will be usually covered by a crust. The chances of getting infected through sexual contact are so high, that the disease can indeed be regarded as an STD. A specific test used in the diagnosis of scabies is the one which implies the application of a special solution on the affected area.
The doctor will use an instrument with a magnifying lens, knows as dermatoscope, which will help him observe the presence of the parasites. For example, permethrin is a substance known to successfully cure scabies, as well as other parasitical infections.
These are medications which usually fight against the symptoms of allergies, but are also efficient in diminishing the discomfort caused by scabies.
We specialise in diagnosis, testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), also referred to as Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).
It begins where there is damage to the hair follicles through friction from shaving, clothing or blockage of the follicle. Gonorrhea testing can be done in a number of ways, most of which include the collection of bodily fluids.
Those at high risk for contracting HIV include gay men, individuals with multiple sex partners, those who have unprotected sex, intravenous drug users and individuals who have been diagnosed with other STD’s. For whatever reason, you may not want to go to your family health care provider or local health clinic to be tested for a sexually transmitted disease.
If you think you have been exposed, get tested, get treated and tell your partner or partners, so they can also be tested and treated.
The disease is extremely contagious, it is common all around the world and it can affect anybody at some poit. Scientists have deemed this affirmation to be related to the increased sensitivity of the patient towards the sensation of itching caused by the state of inactivity and the lack of elements which may distract the attention of the patient. In the past, these symptoms were thought to be caused by a different infection, which was referred to as Norwegian Scabies. When exposed to a special light, this solution will reveal any marks left by the parasites along the skin.

This substance is the active ingredient in many creams which require application on the affected areas. Once you start the treatment, you will need to discard of all the bed sheets and clothes you have used during the infection, because the parasites may still be present there, putting you at the risk of re-infection.
Most tests are quick, painless, private and accurate, thus providing an enormous amount of peace of mind and preventing the spread of infectious disease. At-home tests are also available and can be purchased in pharmacies, retail outlets or online. This could mean fluids from the genitals, while in other cases it involves the collection of urine or eye fluid.
In women, a doctor will collect a sample of cervical discharge; in men, fluid is collected from the urethra. In the early stages of syphilis, testing can be performed on sores associated with this disease while late-stage syphilis often requires screening of the blood. However, they are still the result of scabies, but the manifestation of the disease is more invasive. The treatment of scabies can also be based on oral drugs, but this method is usually not recommended because any kind of medication for scabies contains substances meant to kill the parasites.
Shay Keating, a fully accredited specialist in the field of sexual health, with over 15 years experience in STD and STI screening, making him Ireland's No.
Common symptoms of folliculitis include a rash, itching, pimples and pustules close to a hair follicle in the neck or genital area. However, it’s important to note that at-home tests may require a followup in a medical setting. After that, a medical professional can determine the presence of chlamydia antigens or DNA. Once samples are collected, a medical professional can determine the presence of antibodies or bacteria associated with syphilis. In the event of a positive followup, another screen is performed in order to determine the presence of HIV proteins. It can also be associated with prostatitis, epididymitis or even rare fertility complications.
These cultures involve the use of a microscope, dyes and other substances that help diagnose gonorrhea as well as determine its severity, strain and more. At Harold's Cross Surgery, we offer Full Specialist Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infections for men and women.
In most cases, additional tests include those for cervical cancer and repeat HPV screenings.
In the absence of symptoms, screening for STD (STI) is best done 2 weeks after a sexual contact with a partner of unknown sexual health status.
However, with the new techniques used, the screening test may be positive as soon as 2 days after exposure.

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