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Gonorrhea on mouth is also called as pharyngeal gonorrhea which is also sexually transmitted disease. People are likely to get infection when they come into contact with body fluids like pus, white discharge and secretions from vagina from infected person. The symptoms of oral gonorrhea are sore throat, difficulty in swallowing food, strep throat, white spots and redness on throat.
Doctor will examine the condition of the throat and will do throat swab test for detecting the presence of N. Here’s another reason to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases  and to know your status. Free Guide to Anonymous STD TestingDon't let fear of embarrassment or disclosure prevent you from getting tested and getting treatment.

Bacterial vaginosis: info and pics - std information, The facts and detailed information about bacterial vaginosis.
This fluid will then mix with the person’s fluid like seminal or vaginal fluid and mucous membranes causing gonorrhea.
It starts usually with kissing activity since bacteria will be present on mouth cavity or even tongue. If you have a sexually transmitted disease such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis or Trichominosis and you detect it early, the treatment is generally a single dose of antibiotics.
The longer you wait and leave an STD untreated, the more complex and invasive the treatment gets.
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A single visit to the doctor for a dose of antibiotics turns into multiple visits to the doctor for a series of treatments.
There is every chance for getting HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhea and Syphillis by having oral sex and anal sex.

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